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Writer Capt. leon
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Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!PsElvLN3Vtgif69HCzb7posted on PENANA

Fratello is an Italian word that means: the brothercopyright protection2PENANAmEwNpyY472

KICK ASS 3copyright protection2PENANA8WuMiZy53u

Chapter 2: Fratellocopyright protection2PENANAyjMOpWw2vH

Although all the crossfire was over, the rumbling of the guns was still ringing in the ears of the six girls in the room, that and the strong smell of burnt gunpowder made it clear that the previous battle, despite having surreal characteristics, was real.copyright protection2PENANAaRmGFLfEPm

“Who are you supposed to be?” asked a thirteen year old blonde girl with long pigtails and a strong skin tan, dressed in boys' clothes.copyright protection2PENANAGYjaLBakGe

“I told you, I'm Hit Girl, and I can know who the hell you are.”copyright protection2PENANAOfxA4WxAZ2

“The one on your right is Rico and she's 13 years old, the same age as me. My other friends are eleven years old," Triela introduced a short haired blonde girl.copyright protection2PENANAh9UEQzq6ef

"They are Angelica and Claes” the tanned blonde presented a beautiful girl with long black hair, who was next to another girl who had the same complexion, except for the fact that she had bluer hair and had just put on a pair of glasses.copyright protection2PENANAsUeM50ngk4

“I've seen you in the hallway of the hotel before," Claes told Hit Girl, as she put her glasses in place and gave her a look of mistrust that could be seen a mile away.copyright protection2PENANAu8k1JoYgYY

“There's Henrietta, and my name is Triela.”copyright protection2PENANAjg8dUYNk42

“Is your friend okay?” Asked Hit Girl when she saw the pathetic state of the little girl with the short brown hair named Henrietta, she looked like the spitting image of sadness.copyright protection2PENANAAxWPj2PHi9

“She will be, there's no other choice," answered Claes.copyright protection2PENANALNi5P1tOis

“You know, you'd look prettier without those old man's glasses and that attitude of yours," Hit Girl said, releasing the usual bad words.copyright protection2PENANAMCIUPDTDXX

Claes tried to point her gun at Hit Girl but Triela stopped her from doing this by holding her arm.copyright protection2PENANAFyvCnOFdwY

“We don't have time for this," said Triela, who was apparently the leader of the girls, "we have to leave this place, the Social Happiness Agency will soon send more troops to eliminate us. Soon a friend will come to help us, if you want weird girl you can come with us.”copyright protection2PENANAmhLFnAGRoZ

Hit Girl was polyglot, could speak several languages and Italian was one of them.copyright protection2PENANAjbB25rFY5D

“I hope that this term "weird" does not imply anything other than what I think it means," said hit Girl in a threatening tone of voice.”copyright protection2PENANAWLcrnzg3MM

“I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you, but I don't see a foreigner every day who speaks Italian and who also wears, well, so peculiar.”copyright protection2PENANA194NOsnvkM

“This..... Triela, we must hurry," said Rico nervously, and they all went to a later entrance to the hotel.copyright protection2PENANAuEY6G3xm2D

As they left the hotel they saw that the entrance to the alley was covered by a couple of guys in suits who pointed their guns at the girls as soon as they saw them.copyright protection2PENANAZZobrMLHPy

Hit Girl and the others also pointed the gun at them, but there was no need to exchange fire because a black van with striped glass had just run over the two guys.copyright protection2PENANAuRHzEw221m

“Hurry up, we don't have much time!” a boy yelled at them who somehow reminded hit girl of somebody else.copyright protection2PENANAPw0NCGRa3U

Neither short nor lazy, the six girls entered the back of the van, of course, Rico had to take Henrietta by the hand.copyright protection2PENANAO2TcekZ02P

“Hold on!” The young driver said to them, and pressing hard on the accelerator he drove like a madman through the streets of Rome.copyright protection2PENANAywGg6kN8nO

Several police patrols chased the black van, but the driver's skill left the pursuers behind and they arrived under a wide bridge.copyright protection2PENANAuclv0YbR9e

“That one over there is a vent in the sewers," the driver told them, "open it and go down to the sewers. “On the floor you will find a map that will guide you to the safe house, I will meet you later.”copyright protection2PENANALXhEawZ9x1

“Be very careful," said Angelica with a worried look on her face.copyright protection2PENANAY5yFmE09Nn

“Don't worry, now go, we don't have much time!”copyright protection2PENANAYizjNzhZrr

Hit Girl could not appreciate the subject's features due to the rush and with no other choice, she followed the girls into the sewers and from there they followed the directions on the map until they reached a staircase that led to the street.copyright protection2PENANAecowRy2QIz

“There's the safe house," Triela said, "hurry up, let's take advantage of the darkness.”copyright protection2PENANASHFqm24mbS

Hit Girl was impressed that the safe house was in a building that looked a lot like the building in New York where her late father's safe house was located.copyright protection2PENANAK9ajtXTLWl

“Hey, who was the guy who helped us out earlier?”copyright protection2PENANAcbxAHp9JgS

“A good friend who rescued us from the Social Happiness Agency," answered Claes.copyright protection2PENANAj8AZyW1Djc

“What's this about the Social Happiness Agency?”copyright protection2PENANAv3mGnPDhBA

“It's a charity group belonging to the Italian government," said Triela. “Well, it's just a cover. In reality, it is an organization that uses girls like us and rebuilds them to serve as government killers, of course, all this is beyond the knowledge of the general public.”copyright protection2PENANACNM9otzydP

“Sorry, my Italian didn't turn out to be as good as I wanted it to be. What the hell were you trying to say about the government rebuilding them?”copyright protection2PENANAqwX0vvXx9g

“It means that the government implants us with artificial muscles and replaces several of our bones with ultra-armored metal, including our skull," interrupted Claes, who was cleaning her glasses.copyright protection2PENANAKFk6lHWZYx

“You're kidding, right?”copyright protection2PENANAzAklKJPjh2

“No, she doesn't," Triela frowned.copyright protection2PENANA9Hz6I5CFCL

“What... How the hell can they do something like that!” Hit Girl shouted, as she released a string of large-caliber insults.copyright protection2PENANAWmqgtLXpKW

“All of us were discarded by our relatives or something like that," Triela said, "for example, Henrietta's family was killed by the Mafia and she was abused; Angelica suffered a horrible assassination attempt by her own parents to collect the insurance money; I was sold to Russia for the organ trafficking business. The other girls have similar stories. The government saved our lives but in return they took our bodies and our lives.”copyright protection2PENANAXkxiGh1wBi

Hit Girl opened her eyes, couldn't believe what she was hearing, and uttered rude swear words that made the other girls look at her surprised and shocked.copyright protection2PENANAyK07RIctnP

"Fuck... And I thought my life was fucked up and twisted, but these girls, these girls... My life is a bed of roses compared to theirs. Well, the part where I saw my father die was horrible, but other than that these assholes beat me," thought horrified hit Girl.copyright protection2PENANAfkbFAEry4c

“The process of rebuilding ourselves gives us strength that could surpass that of an adult," Triela continued, "but it has a cost. With each gradual reconstruction we lose at least six months of memory, that and our life expectancy plummets.”copyright protection2PENANAv1x2jeklKV

Hit Girl cursed the four winds regardless of the looks of reproach from the other girls.copyright protection2PENANADiGDqxmD1K

“Do you always have to talk like that?” Claes criticized her.copyright protection2PENANAsg4EWEiodn

“Stop bothering me. Did you all go through that reconstruction?”copyright protection2PENANAAIo8KIm447

“Just for the basic one” continued Triela, “ince neither Rico nor Angélica had the courage to speak, and not to mention Henrietta “who else went through it are Angélica, Claes and Rico. Henrietta and I, not so much.”copyright protection2PENANA0HqHlQfHug

“We don't have long to live, you know," Rico said with a sad smile.copyright protection2PENANArWxvAtaTRn

“Don't worry, Rico, he promised us he would take us to a doctor in Japan," Triela reassured her.copyright protection2PENANAgs6FAQoXVs

“Japan?”copyright protection2PENANA4WauEwlTdP

“Yes, there is a doctor there named Serizawa," said Triela, "his grandfather developed the method that the Italian government now uses on us. You see, in World War II, the Japanese also wanted to create super soldiers like the Germans. In the end, when Mussolini was losing, he asked Japan for help and Japan gave Mussolini the documents containing the development to create superhuman soldiers. With the arrival of the Allies, the plan could not be carried out and the whole plan was shelved.”copyright protection2PENANAaFMHbnblg3

“We believe that Serizawa knows a way to extend our life Span," Claes continued, "he is our only way out.copyright protection2PENANAJxwPd6GC4B

Hit Girl stared at the weapons in the safe house as she assimilated all the information the girls gave her. The place was very similar to the safe house of Big Daddy, his father, back in New York, the only difference was that there were only varied firearms, there were no stabbing weapons of any kind.copyright protection2PENANA59ygEcM050

Hit Girl took off her mask and purple wig and looked at Henrietta, who was comforted by Angelica.copyright protection2PENANAPgFCXQZ9cg

“Why is your friend so whiny?”copyright protection2PENANAcVOIL2PrFU

“I already told you about the side effects of our reconstruction," said Triela, frowning, "you see, there is another side effect. All of us are assigned an "elder brother", a term that indicates a commander of ours who acts as our guardian and instructor, to whom we must obey at all times. After the reconstruction process each of us has a romantic fixation or rather we see the subject as a father figure.”copyright protection2PENANA3K3B1HNNHT

“Brainwashing?”copyright protection2PENANAOx9t97k9gw

“Yes," replied Triela, "the level of "adoration" we have for our "elder brother" increases with each restoration we suffer. Henrietta did not have many reconstruction operations, but she and her guardian, José, developed a serious relationship over time.”copyright protection2PENANApssebdg1FV

Hit Girl frowned and Claes handed her a folder with the pictures and data of the "big brothers". They and the girls formed something that the S.H.A. called "Fratello" as Triela explained to her.copyright protection2PENANAVIGYjHG7vo

"Most of these guys are just "dolls" dressed in very expensive costumes, more like fucking runway models than government agents," thought hit Girl, who had never seen more elegant and handsome guys. "I guess being so good-looking helps a lot with the obsessive fixation that SHA girls have."copyright protection2PENANA0jVaN5h8ey

“This guy is older than the other guys," Hit Girl pointed out to the image of Claes' guardian.copyright protection2PENANAEE17Scl9d0

“My guardian was killed when he tried to reveal our existence to the public," said Claes, who showed a pitying gesture, "in the end he could not accomplish his task, but José and the other guards rebelled against the SHA and we managed to escape.”copyright protection2PENANA58IL71tN9Y

“None of our older brothers survived," said Rico with tears streaming down her face.copyright protection2PENANAbai7k6dCer

“And who is that who helped us at the hotel?”copyright protection2PENANAaT6c0Zpl8C

“An acquaintance of Jose's," said Angelica, "look, here he comes.”copyright protection2PENANAmdL4ZT6sHf

The security camera showed how the guy who helped them entered the building.copyright protection2PENANArTqK0KQdn4

The guy looked 19 years old, with long black hair, had a somewhat athletic complexion, but not as much as his friend Kick Ass, who was also taller than the guy who had just opened the door.copyright protection2PENANAFyXMKYL9kU

“Did you all arrive safely?” asked the guy who was looking at the unknown blonde teenager with pigtails and green eyes.copyright protection2PENANAMG8yK7rRA8

The girls said yes. Hit Girl without waiting for someone to introduce her, introduced herself to the boy, and something about him seemed very familiar.copyright protection2PENANA722xM2hCgF

“Luli McMullen” Hit Girl introduced herself, preferring to use her fake name from her forged passport.copyright protection2PENANAHWdEJYDv7X

“Angelo," said the boy as he shook hit Girl's hand in a friendly way, "my name is Angelo D'Amico.”copyright protection2PENANAqUDysoGTgh

Hit Girl opened her eyes wide.copyright protection2PENANA2nj4U57cIo

“Do you have anything to do with the D'Amico family in New York?”copyright protection2PENANARpl5453HAb

Angelo noticed the blonde in the ponytails and understood everything.copyright protection2PENANAF05jzyHfsY

“So you're Mindy Macready, you're Hit Girl, the one who murdered my dear Uncle Frank and crippled my beloved cousin Chris.”copyright protection2PENANAwulPzgVHsD

CONTINUARÁ…copyright protection2PENANA6k2sq7xtO7

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