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Writer Capt. leon
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Il volo del fiore
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!4m24DdRLypaF3tKs7wi9posted on PENANA

"il volo del fiore" is an Italian phrase that comes to mean: the flight of the flower.copyright protection4PENANA4M7w9dGKML

KICK ASS 3copyright protection4PENANA8Q8bVMoMxX

Capítulo 4: Il volo del fiorecopyright protection4PENANAcHCfbmIiS0

Hit Girl had her cell phone with her and showed the girls her internet and music applications. Reactions varied depending on the personality of the girls, for example, Claes was fascinated with the internet, while Henrietta could not understand American rock music.copyright protection4PENANAsXNAtWOaHA

“I prefer classical music," said Henrietta, who was supported by Angelica.copyright protection4PENANAVPr41nQqao

“And what do you plan to do now?” asked Mindy Macready aka. Hit Girl.copyright protection4PENANAnm6ZCimkBf

“The girls and I," Triela replied, "thought we'd take a private plane to Japan, where we'd meet Dr. Serizawa and ask him to help us.”copyright protection4PENANAl4c8EF5tQM

“Triela, girls, you're making a mistake," Angelo interrupted. “The Social Happiness Agency could send agents to intercept you in Japan, so it's best that we attack the SHA.”copyright protection4PENANA3LCvQESH42

“Attack the SHA?” She said richly and apprehensively.copyright protection4PENANA5spcr1uOl6

“That's right.”copyright protection4PENANA3HafPPVViL

“Now?” Angelica said in a fearful tone.copyright protection4PENANAImxlRnZK44

“Yes.”copyright protection4PENANANawcnYeSMz

“At this very moment!” shouted Claes, who grabbed her glasses.copyright protection4PENANAYPh857X02f

“Yes, yes and yes! Look, girls, if we finish the SHA, you can breathe easy. All your personal files are in that place, according to the information José gave me, there are no digital backs or anything like that, this is so that no information regarding what the SHA does is leaked to the public. What I'm saying is, if you're not on the SHA records, you don't exist.”copyright protection4PENANAMKBj6tH6eM

The girls looked at each other, it was obvious that they did not wish to carry out the attack suggested by their friend.copyright protection4PENANAa2XHekFscr

“I don't think it's best to attack as soon as possible," said Triela, who was apparently conveying her other friends' opinions. Angelo sighed in frustration.copyright protection4PENANA2ahkjmrgnt

“I think it's a great idea," Mindy Macready suddenly said, "you see, after I rescued Kick Ass, he and I went to take down Frank D'Amico. Frank's men, even though they were in the building, were not prepared, nor did they even stand up for themselves. The surprise factor was decisive, I couldn't even take or bury my father's body.”copyright protection4PENANAw9e8tkCbqQ

“Mindy...” Angelo whispered to her.copyright protection4PENANAXBTUi7fYAs

“Call me Hit Girl.”copyright protection4PENANAqDCHXW4ocr

“...Hit Girl is right, the longer we wait, the more SHA will become an insurmountable target. We must attack now.”copyright protection4PENANASJB7S5sugS

“It's not that simple," Triela said, "even though SHA turned us and trained us to be professional killers, the girls and I are not in the best shape right now. Henrietta and Rico, are very affected by the loss of their "older brothers"; Angélica and Claes, they have not been on a field mission for a long time and are weak because of so many "reconstructions"; I am not in the best condition myself, I lost my guardian and at this moment I have my period.... It is a pity, I am the only one of all the girls who carry this of the period, the other girls do not have a uterus because of the "reconstructions" to which they were subjected.”copyright protection4PENANAldue8NmoLX

“I told you, Triela," said Henrietta, "I'd rather have my period than not have a uterus.”copyright protection4PENANAQbAtSypXWC

The girls exchanged sad looks and Hit Girl cursed low.copyright protection4PENANAoPm0We5oJl

“Well," said Angelo, "there's nothing to be done. Tomorrow morning we'll get ready to go to Japan, I guess you hit Girl, you'll be on your way.”copyright protection4PENANAh4zLjIzG7k

Mindy nodded her head in nodding, daring not to see the boy's face as she traveled to Rome for the purpose of killing Angelo's father.copyright protection4PENANADXvdqoLQlI

The safe house had a bathroom, exercise room and nothing else, so Angelo and Mindy went to get some blankets, sleepings and various snacks for the girls to spend the night.copyright protection4PENANAsKxOKu3QSM

As Hit Girl fled in a hurry from the hotel she was at, all she had was her cell phone (which she left at the safe house for the girls' amusement) and her guns.copyright protection4PENANAbaRLWbuvRB

“First things first," said Angelo, "I have to get you some clothes because you are very eye-catching with the superhero costume you're wearing.”copyright protection4PENANAPuzlI0JuQ4

Mindy thanked Angelo by sticking out her tongue and showing it to him as if to challenge him, but the boy was right, she was getting a lot of attention and more considering that it was getting dark.copyright protection4PENANAcjOK8zfbp8

“Quickly, I know a place where there's a clothing store and not so many people around!” Angelo hurriedly said once they were on the street and held Mindy's hand, with which he carried her down a less crowded side street.copyright protection4PENANAXBiPne0RKR

"What the hell, I can walk without help!", Mindy thought, as she decided to let go of the boy's hand, but that moment was postponed for a reason that Mindy Macready could not understand.copyright protection4PENANAsAl1V41EyS

In the middle of a strange city, surrounded by strangers, and walking down an unfamiliar street in the dark and dirty alleys of New York, Mindy Macready, the most dangerous girl on the planet, Mindy Macready, whose true personality was that of hit Girl, "the beater", the murderer of huge and dangerous mobsters, let herself be carried away by Angelo's warm hand.copyright protection4PENANAJLbyvj8Lvx

The alleys through which Angelo taked her were paved and also lit with baroque style lanterns or arabesques all over their surface. The multicolored lights that came out of the various stores gave a dreamy look to the whole place, and Angelo continued to hold her hand while saying something to her, words lost in the eternity of time that did not matter, only the sensual movement of the lips of the man to whom she entrusted her destiny at that moment.copyright protection4PENANATt9biwqinb

Hit Girl felt like a flower dependent on the care of a gentle Italian gardener, and she accepted it. She accepted to be Mindy Macready instead of Hit Girl, she accepted to be cared for instead of covering the backs of others, she accepted that the smile that furrowed her face in that moment had nothing cheesy, she accepted that the look in her eyes at that moment was not childish or laughable.copyright protection4PENANAaQLwSGATl8

“...Hit Girl... Hit Girl...” She heard Angelo say her name.copyright protection4PENANAM4TXDphLaM

“Hit Girl we're here, hey, you okay? Hit Girl," said the man and placed one of his hands on the girl's shoulder out of concern, "Something's wrong, are you okay?”copyright protection4PENANAj3fsfxYGQm

"What... what's wrong with me? I don't understand, this isn't me, this isn't me," thought hit Girl, as she noticed her heartbeat racing as she felt her whole face melting away.copyright protection4PENANAR0cDw5j7YF

Hit Girl let go of Angelo's hand with a sudden movement of her arm, causing the boy to look at her in surprise.copyright protection4PENANAfLK9InzZ8J

“I'm sorry... I didn't mean to... I'm sorry!” she shouted and ran fast in the opposite direction.copyright protection4PENANALrN1U3yTKo

"I'm a fool, I'm a fool, I'm a fool!" Hit Girl kept thinking, as she ran at full speed and was the object of the curious eyes of all the passers-by.copyright protection4PENANAfCpsfWxz4w

After a hurried, aimless march, hit Girl stopped at a small square that was deserted at the time.copyright protection4PENANAekhYt0l20u

"Why did I have to run away? I reacted just like a little girl.”copyright protection4PENANAMMWANRElKo

A fresh wind began to blow at that moment, it was not very strong, but it served to calm the girl's mind for a moment.copyright protection4PENANAK00asg70Pb

Mindy hadn't noticed it at first, but she had been crying and trying to find a klinex, she realized she wasn't wearing one.copyright protection4PENANAw4vO2YPo1P

“Come on, take this," said Angelo, who was standing next to Hit Girl and offering her his handkerchief.copyright protection4PENANATOBPooG3Kr

“How did you find me?”copyright protection4PENANArvrsFTIMUy

“It was easy, I just had to follow the trail of people whispering curiously because of your superhero costume, come on use my handkerchief.”copyright protection4PENANAXrCsfEr43t

Mindy wiped her face with the handkerchief and then snorted with mockery.copyright protection4PENANATWhvMGTtJE

“You must think I'm crazy or something.”copyright protection4PENANAUb9lDOflB9

“I don't know the facts why you decided to become a vigilante and I am not one to judge others.”copyright protection4PENANATyBw1QasVe

“Thanks for the handkerchief, here.”copyright protection4PENANAVPadkXTeqD

“Don't worry, give it back to me later," replied the boy and Hit Girl looked at him frowning.copyright protection4PENANASlO1HrQXNr

“Don't get it wrong," explained Ángel, "I just don't want to see you with tears on your face.... You're too pretty for your face to be furrowed with tears.”copyright protection4PENANA7H0Id1zouu

Hit Girl blushed at Angelo's words.copyright protection4PENANACqkNEFKxTb

“I don't want to see you with a face full of snot either.”copyright protection4PENANAaMwZOeqEbe

Mindy closed her eyes and punched the boy in the arm. Since Mindy didn't have much of a relationship with boys (or girls) her age, the blow was harder than the one she wanted to give.copyright protection4PENANA6iV6088zxD

“Auch!”copyright protection4PENANA493oXH3HfX

“I'm sorry! I think I went a little overboard.”copyright protection4PENANATqJppyEPcP

“Don't worry.... We'd better go get the clothes and buy something to eat because its already late, I bet you the girls are starting to worry.”copyright protection4PENANA3j7Zq88yHF

Mindy nodded as she recognized that it was her fault that she had delayed shopping, and in the end, along with Angelo, she bought new clothes for the girls and herself. Nothing special, just something simple to change clothes, Angelo also bought some clothes and appreciated the fact that Mindy was with him and she was the one who bought the underwear for the SHA girls.copyright protection4PENANAbMPfaMWeuc

“Now all we need is something to eat," said Angelo, who turned his face in every direction to find something to eat.copyright protection4PENANAbnCVN2trRG

“What would be good for the girls?” asked Mindy, who was already wearing the new outfit and therefore no longer caught the attention of passers-by.copyright protection4PENANAgVZoVpw3Ye

“From what I heard from José, the girls were given a very balanced diet, consisting of what you would eat in a fancy restaurant.... I think it's time they tried some real food, how about hot dogs and some oily fries?”copyright protection4PENANAJ90ypblmpP

“I thought you'd offer them pizza or calzone or something.”copyright protection4PENANAyAcbv0dYr5

“And you're still on the clichés," said Angelo, taking a big sigh of frustration.copyright protection4PENANAFI1E6W4D02

“I'm sorry.”copyright protection4PENANASJcShB3CXt

“Slow down, hit girl, it's not your fault. It's Hollywood's fault, who brainwashed everyone.”copyright protection4PENANAsv3EGzFTy6

The boys went to get some Wendy burgers and fries and rushed to the safe house.copyright protection4PENANAYdP0SVWWzW

“We're almost there, Hit Girl," said Angelo, "but first, let's make sure no one follows us.”copyright protection4PENANAYrGakYLnBI

“You're right, and by the way... call me Mindy.”copyright protection4PENANAR3eUIUunO2

Claes, who was the girl in the worst mood, was in charge of reprimanding Angelo and Mindy for the delay, but then she was the most delighted when she tasted the burgers her friends brought her.copyright protection4PENANAtNgjN8eK4O

“I guess I can forgive yoou this time," Claes said as sadjusted her glasses.copyright protection4PENANAG2fndzlZXW

“Thanks a lot for the clothes," thanked Angelica, as she wore her long black hair to her side. "Look Claes, we can wear this pair and if you take off your glasses, everyone could take us for twin sisters.”copyright protection4PENANAHOZVJHQd5F

“How about Henrietta? We both have short hair and a similar physiognomy," asked Rico "so we can both wear the same pair of suits and also go through as if we were sisters.”copyright protection4PENANAgzswSgF70J

“Then I guess Triela and Mindy can also wear similar clothes and pass for sisters because of their pigtails," said Henrietta and the other girls firmly affirmed.copyright protection4PENANAVHMb4ZKpYI

“No way, no fucking way, no fucker girls!” shouted Triela and Mindy at the same time.copyright protection4PENANAmGxlCg3tu8

There was a pause in which everyone looked at them with eyes like plates and then Angelo laughed hard, which was followed by the other girls, including the two blondes with ponytails.copyright protection4PENANA8LIBiASXHT

CONTINUARÁ…copyright protection4PENANAHDAtOFty5r

Thanks for Reading dear friends, don’t forget to vote and comment pretty please.copyright protection4PENANAhr8ONL5ReA

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