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Anime phrases that will make you think
Writer Capt. leon
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Anime phrases that will make you think
A - A - A
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A – B
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
1 Min Read
No Plagiarism!1yMSe64bbhlCu04Ejvmdposted on PENANA

Author's previous notes: no, it is not "mama goose" on the cover. The compilation list here comes from three sources: The Animes, the mangas, and the Japanese bishoujo games.copyright protection4PENANAxUL3oecTGM

Anime phrases that will make you thinkcopyright protection4PENANAKHlxAzEELP

A – Bcopyright protection4PENANAV6sq7w4r2q

1.- you never get tired of the face of someone you like very muchcopyright protection4PENANAEAlqDJFQDm

Ai yori aoshicopyright protection4PENANACo4YVExzij

.copyright protection4PENANApeqRExoIYq

.copyright protection4PENANA9D1v4FeJvS

2.- It is difficult to serve someone, but it is more difficult to bring someone to serve.copyright protection4PENANA58g96cOEM6

To Maid Storycopyright protection4PENANAXckn3ZVsIU

.copyright protection4PENANATRyUmCzBm4

.copyright protection4PENANAusdLCjYqXK

3.- I will never give up, I will always keep my head up... proud!copyright protection4PENANAwVWRj0Qesz

4.- Come on, smile. Your smile is more beautiful than hundreds of diamondscopyright protection4PENANA9mqHgNkQpG

5.- They say there are at least three people who look the same in this world.copyright protection4PENANAVU98FLsDbq

6.- Remember. Smile is the ultimate expression of silent angercopyright protection4PENANAoIllAFlrUO

7.- I haven't found anything, I can't search forever... but if it's for [name] forever it's not too muchcopyright protection4PENANA03arLre5iE

8.- God this girl is too pretty, I could do anything for hercopyright protection4PENANAMdyVmeHOST

9.- I will only keep living on my own, feeling the reality of the cold bite of the wind.copyright protection4PENANAfgBABcfXD9

10.- It is said that one cannot change one's destiny, but our love can do it. I will dare to face fatecopyright protection4PENANAMEdX5Yok4H

Amy Fantasiescopyright protection4PENANAZQVxMhMu6E

.copyright protection4PENANAnlUZWwbctP

.copyright protection4PENANAmguzdzxCUB

11.- if you go to hell, go alone!copyright protection4PENANAjTserfwdJD

Bakuretsu Tenchicopyright protection4PENANAS7ZM6Wji8N

.copyright protection4PENANA8u3C4gcCS6

.copyright protection4PENANAec0GrrWXFG

12.- I love her I will always love her. These feelings are like the stars shining in the sky, they never change. I want to treasure these feelings, even if they don't reach you.copyright protection4PENANABxNAkTwDcF

Beyond the starscopyright protection4PENANAqlauYeKaQD

.copyright protection4PENANAh4QhLhJHeo

.copyright protection4PENANAnQWarg4YUh

13.- Even your silence is beautifulcopyright protection4PENANADlCNPB2ALS

Blue friend   copyright protection4PENANAd3X3lIk5qz

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