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Anime phrases that will make you think
Writer Capt. leon
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Anime phrases that will make you think
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C – F
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
1 Min Read
No Plagiarism!lkX6bMiJDXuWEedlIPSzposted on PENANA

C – Fcopyright protection3PENANA9yM60sXa6r

14.- You are a tough guy. I'd like you to be my bodyguard. You'll have everything you ever wanted and more!copyright protection3PENANAzrLxyWjRFX

Cobra Missioncopyright protection3PENANAOaTso7N7XF

.copyright protection3PENANAG6dsceVap2

.copyright protection3PENANACZuow2kQT0

15. My wings only bring misfortune, but if we do not surrender until the end, something will change.copyright protection3PENANANHaGazOXGL

16. I always looked at the sky....if I looked down, it shone too much. That's why I was looking up.copyright protection3PENANADmRRP46Kfv

17.- Since I met you, a new world has opened up before me. For someone like me that was like finding the light... after spending so much time in the dark. And all thanks to youcopyright protection3PENANAMRugf1jARd

Chrno Crusade       copyright protection3PENANABEVMl5l932

.copyright protection3PENANAUHoMyeREY6

.copyright protection3PENANAaLYF1eGlPy

18.- I don't like to be alone. But I don't want to stop being me. I'd rather die!copyright protection3PENANAyqduczAyID

Cutie Honeycopyright protection3PENANAADkZqTdixb

.copyright protection3PENANApIXnnYC4kr

.copyright protection3PENANACTRQn4pXC8

19.- Your DNA tells you that you love me, falling in love because of that is very rare! Falling in love... doesn't that come from the heart and not the body?copyright protection3PENANABdLVccOpum

20.- This is good. This is all very well. Everything went well. But... but... why? Why does my heart ache?copyright protection3PENANABT4yhsxTwR

21.- When I see her eyes filled with tears, I feel tenderness and compassion and, like the first day I saw her, my heart leaps in my chest.copyright protection3PENANAl9KcZ8ho6U

DNA2copyright protection3PENANAwH7iDjvsJZ

.copyright protection3PENANAPkTTTbmq5S

.copyright protection3PENANAhq12D1bUph

22.- Although the sun shines intensely and the earth expands infinitely, my heart lies in the depths of the soil.copyright protection3PENANAOWZWeDfJ5Z

The Hazard    copyright protection3PENANAJUjDOcOaDT

.copyright protection3PENANA2Vk4YX59Sv

.copyright protection3PENANArGrqDG3Sq9

23.- You do not hate me. That means you like me, and liking is loving. You don't need to tell me how you feel. I know it and you know it.copyright protection3PENANASa3cNSpB22

24.- You do not believe in love.[name]....I wanted to help you, I wanted to show you love at least oncecopyright protection3PENANAv5XPaVNg5F

Fatal Relationscopyright protection3PENANALwmdXZU1Sl

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