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Anime phrases that will make you think
Writer Capt. leon
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Anime phrases that will make you think
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V – Z
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!OYzvTv07sg9fL4VUiGU1posted on PENANA

V – Zcopyright protection4PENANA7RVzNP5wQ1

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93.-  It is a great thing to love someone. Because if you have someone beautiful, you can become strong.copyright protection4PENANAsawdfr7x81

94.- Men learn many things through the pain of the body.copyright protection4PENANAzfTuPGjVda

95. Tradition, legend, aren't those words convenient? Of those who can't decide anything on their own!copyright protection4PENANAWVPXe0Q2bS

96.- Until now I have had countless experiences close to death. During those moments I cursed my incompetence. I cursed myself who was unable to do anything for those who were going to die. How sorry I was... how many things I stopped doing. Those thoughts... as I remember them, they go away. But they all never gave up until the last finale. They all tried to shine until the end. I met these great people. Because I knew them, I can't forgive those naive weaklings who leave their destinies to others!copyright protection4PENANAiD3ORigYQo

97.- A God is someone who never says anything or does anything for you. And most of all, he never expects anything in return. He just watches you. Look above the foolish humans who are lostcopyright protection4PENANA0pETUtAdpN

98.- Why this sudden desperation? We have been predestined to do certain things. No matter how high the fence is, if we don't jump over it we have no right to live. That's why we have to walk the road. Isn't that right?copyright protection4PENANAomJejXeaZq

99.- as long as we are alive, the journey will not stop.copyright protection4PENANA2i456VnnTd

100.- Is this the first time you have seen someone die? It's hard, isn't it? It's sad, isn't it? I should have done this... I should have done that... the only thing that goes through your mind is repentance... there is only one thing we living people can do... and that is to keep them in our heartscopyright protection4PENANALUDqNxToLi

101.- You do not have to contain yourself. Cry all you want.... the tears you shed for someone else are nothing to be ashamed of.copyright protection4PENANAc9EVoYTD8T

102.- It is better to look up, no matter how hard it is, instead of shrinking because you are sad. We still have our lives!copyright protection4PENANA3ac8fi3DGX

103.- I will not lose....I will not let everyone look sad anymore.....copyright protection4PENANARrRuSF2L3N

104.- Everyone must listen. No matter how desperate you are or how hard things are. Don't try to make things better by dying. An exciting and bright future awaits you all!copyright protection4PENANA4gXJclI5YQ

Vandreadcopyright protection4PENANAZ20bagueUa

.copyright protection4PENANAcLC3guJigN

.copyright protection4PENANA5l335foNln

105.- I could not believe it when I met you for the first time in the May club. I thanked Godcopyright protection4PENANADlqExBV2QP

VR May Clubcopyright protection4PENANAd2BP5SkPaB

.copyright protection4PENANACgXFj2VIQg

.copyright protection4PENANA6uCx8983bY

106.- The endless rain has ceased. But... the rain in my heart... it hasn't stopped yet.copyright protection4PENANATo0ue6mzVx

Yami to Boushi to hon no Tabibitocopyright protection4PENANAaxO7d8a9Q0

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