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Writer Capt. leon
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I am volunteering
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!8D7dfFO2ZCStmNW4jyz6posted on PENANA

ASOBI NI IKU YOcopyright protection3PENANAtmaTQxn1XC

Capítulo 3: I am volunteeringcopyright protection3PENANAW5f4jvK7xJ

After the girls congratulated me, we went back to Kio's house. As I had predicted, the house was a mess (even more so). They'd gone all over the place looking for anything that might be useful to them.copyright protection3PENANAJpd6d9axIK

Kio ran to his room and screamed.copyright protection3PENANADc6N5WltYi

The girls and I ran to see what was going on, thinking that maybe Kio had met one of the government agents.copyright protection3PENANA5VolZHQKPo

“Kio, you're all right?!” shouted Eris, worried.copyright protection3PENANAtzOHG1QRyz

Kio turned around and I could see that he was as red as a tomato and with tears peeking through his eyes.copyright protection3PENANABcLIZQFkkD

“What? They took all your adult magazines," said Manami with a face of few friends.copyright protection3PENANADqy1MyJCiz

Aoi, suddenly she ran to her room and we all followed her. Unlike Kio, she had not shouted, but she had remained stiff and with an expression of desolation on her face.copyright protection3PENANA1M9PtPRkGp

“My videos and my mangas...”copyright protection3PENANAThCF0BwFWQ

Apparently they had taken everything from Aoi's room, including her clothes. Manami ran to her room and I heard her curse all over the place. I approached Aoi and consoled her as best I could, and I was sorry to know that her entire collection was gone, I too would be shocked.copyright protection3PENANAjAhRC3qlGJ

“I don't understand, they also took our laptops and tablets, even our underwear!” shouted Manami indignantly.copyright protection3PENANAVHv4wZTnkz

“Maybe they thought you could hide something inside the fibers of the clothes, so they emptied the whole house, they just left the money," I told them.copyright protection3PENANANeRpTS1pxY

“Good thing Dr. Durel took the Captain to the ship, otherwise we'd have to put her on the ground," said Eris sadly.copyright protection3PENANAgQyxIaA8wh

We all remained silent, seeing what had once been a furnished house, they had taken everything, the flower pots, the paintings, the furniture, the mattresses and the sheets.copyright protection3PENANASrYnvvnpTI

“Kio, I'm sorry, it's our fault that your whole house was ransacked," Eris apologized sadly.copyright protection3PENANAZGWQ6QI7fg

“Don't worry, Eris, it's just material things, they can be replaced.”copyright protection3PENANA6w7E3PPEYl

“Kio!” Eris exclaimed and hugged the boy. Manami and Aoi didn't look happy.copyright protection3PENANAVQNUejpCIi

We tried to fix the place up as best we could, but it was a good thing that we had the asistedroids to help us, and in the end the house was cleared of debris and the embassy wall was repaired.copyright protection3PENANAkHZhy57hdm

I thanked the asistedroids and they put up posters answering me.copyright protection3PENANAxjTFYWuOBt

“Hey, the kanji are difficult guys," I told them and they changed the writing on their posters to hiraganas and katakanas.copyright protection3PENANAawkXrygQbZ

"Nope, sorry guys, couldn't you write in English or Spanish?”copyright protection3PENANA9vG8MfeUwr

The asistedroids stood still for a moment to download the software and then showed me posters in Spanish and English.copyright protection3PENANAh4LaJK6eyH

“Thanks a lot, guys, that's much better” I thanked them with a smile, but at the same time I wondered why the hell they didn't have a programming and a voice function. That would certainly make things much easier.copyright protection3PENANAIIe2GFBWwM

“That's because voice functions are considered to be something that would greatly humanize the asistedroids and lead to emotional conflicts with them," Eris explained to me once I told her about my doubts about our little friends. I wanted to know more about these emotional conflicts with the asistedroids, and Eris with some grief informed me how things didn't go very well with the early models of asistedroids who had a more humanoid form.copyright protection3PENANAWFiCO5S2Zo

“I see, well, now we just need to make up for everything they took," I said to change the conversation, as it was obvious that Eris was uncomfortable.copyright protection3PENANAugtfqdZwry

Eris was immediately happy and together with Kio and the girls we planned the shopping.copyright protection3PENANAeahtcX9NUF

.copyright protection3PENANAAQlSt9XlcW

.copyright protection3PENANAJGcdWDqWaS

Antonia gave us a lot of money and the asistedroids took care of almost all the things, in the end, the house was left as if nobody had robbed it.copyright protection3PENANAuo2MSfJ12D

Aoi and Manami thanked Antonia very much for giving them enough money to buy new sound equipment and computers for them, and it was a shame that the contents of their hard drives were something that could not be recovered with money.copyright protection3PENANAGCt2vWcsho

I was talking to Eris about how impressed I was with Cathia's technology and the safety measures they had put in place for her ship, I mean, it wasn't every day that a mother ship was headed to crash into an inhabited planet, but even so, they had designed a system to make the ship vaporize in the event of such an impossible situation.copyright protection3PENANAp15Cf1fFXp

“We put that system in place after one of our mass transit ships crashed into an uninhabited planet, so we figured we could put that system in place to prevent that eventuality in our motherships.”copyright protection3PENANAysOAeHPYIS

I nodded as I explained, the same thing happened on Earth, only after air or sea catastrophes happened, only after the government introduced measures to prevent these accidents from happening again.copyright protection3PENANABpv5r02Dtk

Eris and I were still talking about Cathia, when Captain Kuune and Dr. Durel arrived, they were joined by two catgirls I had never seen before, they were very young and beautiful. It was Chaika and Melwin.copyright protection3PENANA1Sl6vA8Lg6

Melwin had short blue hair and was the deputy captain of the ship, while Chaika had pigtails and her hair was Alice Blue, the same hair color as Rei Ayanami's in the anime of Neon Genesis Evangelion.copyright protection3PENANAaOzZpOGeMp

“Chaika is the deputy commander of the Earth mission, so she has a higher rank than Melwin," said Kuune, "but in matters relating to the ship it is Melwin who is in charge.”copyright protection3PENANA7oOCtfDvS6

“I see, that's why Melwin was in charge when the Dogisians attacked," I said, flushed by the presence of Chaika, who looked at me with a smile like Melwin.copyright protection3PENANAPUZb1uM9f2

“Are you okay, do you look very red?” Durel asked worried.copyright protection3PENANAgqRPqgE7vq

“Ha, you already blushed," said Manami with a sneer, who had just entered the room with Aoi and Kio.copyright protection3PENANAwDOkfiASOs

“Manami, Aoi, I'm telling you right now," I'll try to sound serious and poise, "never trust a man who doesn't blush, since does mean he's so used to using and throwing away women that anything is okay with him.”copyright protection3PENANAZEnYQotCyJ

Manami looked at me with surprise and was about to reply when Captain Kuune rose and bowed as the other Cathianas thanked me for taking care of her for two days.copyright protection3PENANAFOawEBNiIi

“You don't have to thank Captain Kuune, it was a pleasure.”copyright protection3PENANAJfVxzbQ94E

“I heard you confronted those men," Melwin suddenly said to me.copyright protection3PENANAC4jZ39owLW

“I also heard how you took good care of the Captain before that," Chaika told me.copyright protection3PENANAgrLrYq2LJK

I could feel my face getting hotter and hotter so I decided to change the subject.copyright protection3PENANA4s000AcQKg

“Excuse me, Captain, have you already received an apology from the American and Japanese governments regarding the news they broadcast on the Internet?”copyright protection3PENANAvmkOmnYLUK

“No, we also did not receive any of the other countries that leaked the news of the ship's fall.”copyright protection3PENANAIbbtC9UEUD

“Then, people still believe that all this trouble was caused by Cathia," I concluded, and the Captain and the other girls exchanged sad looks.copyright protection3PENANApZ5pZ5ZbWK

“What could we do to change this?” asked Eris, but no one seemed to have the answer. After a moment I intervened.copyright protection3PENANAsr7Ngtaef5

“We can't expect any government involved to admit that this problem was caused by dogisian, nor can we buy Internet sites because they would be erased immediately. The only possible solution is for Antonia to buy some television, print and radio media and to inform the world population that even though the ship was heading towards Earth in a collision, the planet was not in any danger.”copyright protection3PENANAYXgaqSjlxe

“That's an excellent idea, but I heard that Antonia's father doesn't want to help us," said Chaika.copyright protection3PENANAYWd4md9mo6

“We'd better get in touch with Antonia and ask her if she can help us.”copyright protection3PENANA6QydDOHO3W

As Chaika feared, now that her father was against helping the catgirls, the resources available to Antonia were restricted, at the most she could help with was buying a newspaper with a non-national but official circulation, even so the time to ask for authorizations to open and operate it only in Japan was too long.copyright protection3PENANAU2Tack3wFA

“Anything smaller than that will be taken as a fanzine," lamented Melwin worried.copyright protection3PENANAKDxXHTaRfz

“Cathia's embassy is in Okinawa, can't the local authorities at least help us?” I asked.copyright protection3PENANAXlqwz4lgSo

“After the show you did in school bathing suits, don't expect any help," said Manami and I didn't understand.copyright protection3PENANAcNr5XDp194

“What do you mean?” I asked her and Manami told me all about the meeting they had with central government officials and local authorities before I came to Okinawa.copyright protection3PENANABTI9Rq22hi

“I... don't... believe... It...”copyright protection3PENANABfE2Ld66tZ

“And not only that, but also the Cathianas believe that all the clichés they read in the Kio magazines are what happens in real life," said Manami, nodding with embarrassment along with Aoi.copyright protection3PENANAvFMWLKAaLJ

“I, I already told you.... that's all fiction!” Kio suddenly intervened, waving his nervous hands along with his tail and cat ears.copyright protection3PENANAfnDXwvozyF

“Kio, just telling them that doesn't solve anything, tell me, did you at least take the trouble to explain to them what and why they were wrong?” I asked him, I was upset about the absurdity of the situation. “And the same goes for you girls. Manami, Aoi, did you explain to the Cathians the differences between Kio's adult magazines and the real world?”copyright protection3PENANAR9VwcHJiOd

The two girls and Kio looked down and I snarled in exasperation.copyright protection3PENANAhkT3gENRPz

“This whole problem with the Okinawan authorities would have been solved if you had been informed of the Earth's customs!” I shouted and the catgirls looked down in sorrow.copyright protection3PENANAB4Wf2tKq2i

"Well, there's a way around this. I am volunteering to do this.”copyright protection3PENANA6Us1qEJaXy

“What do you mean?” Aoi asked.copyright protection3PENANAneShi9V60K

“That I will teach the Captain and her crew about the history and customs of the Earth, not only of Japan but of the whole world. I will show you the evolution in the history of human thought, economics, art, architecture, music, fashion and clothing. Also, I will teach you about the political and religious situation in the world today and its evolution in history, I will not leave any subject aside.”copyright protection3PENANAGBPCQR5Bi8

“Can you do all that?” asked Kio.copyright protection3PENANATo3mqt19EY

“I'm not good at remembering names and dates, but it's a good thing we have the internet and I don't want girls to learn everything by memory that it doesn't work at all, but rather that they understand why things happen and their effect on what's around us.”copyright protection3PENANAI2dAjwJfDJ

Kuune, Durel, Eris, Chaika and Melwin, stood in awe and then bowed deeply and thanked me.copyright protection3PENANAZjkPVbG1MY

“Please teach us everything about this planet and how to get along with the earthlings!”copyright protection3PENANAaFnd2NH3Xm

“I promise you, as well as taking care of the Captain, I promise that I will not disappoint you in this respect either” I assured them in the coolest way I could.copyright protection3PENANA2FoffIMZXp

The rest of the meeting was about Kio, apparently he wanted to go back to his previous condition and not wear more tail or cat ears. The Cathians were disappointed that apparently Kio, although sickly, with cat's ears and tail was very attractive to the girls including the Captain and the doctor.copyright protection3PENANAIXI3MEetG0

“Kio is right, make him human!” Manami said decisively.copyright protection3PENANAsQGP4IDMMB

“Kio can't go back to school with ears and tail!” Aoi added very seriously.copyright protection3PENANA8Ogw4wfQvc

“No!” shouted Eris.copyright protection3PENANAfe9YhWCwqi

"I think that teaching everything about the Earth to the catgirls will be easy compared to having to live here and relate to Kio and his harem," I thought to myself by putting on my best poker face. "What the hell have I gotten myself into!"copyright protection3PENANAwS9dIeWl0I

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection3PENANAX8xdFBKUsg

Thanks for Reading dear friends, don’t forget to vote and comment pretty pleasecopyright protection3PENANA7IvhGMdijD

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