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Writer Capt. leon
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Gift and temporary solution
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
9 Mins Read
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ASOBI NI IKU YOcopyright protection3PENANAQ8shJjXlPf

Capítulo 5: Gift and temporary solutioncopyright protection3PENANA1wraOsA1nh

Kuune, seeing that the situation with the governments of the Earth and the people who inhabited the planet was not improving, considered talking to Cathia's council to move things along.copyright protection3PENANA442CWFpCMq

“It's a gift for the people of Earth” that was all she told us at the embassy one day when she came to visit.copyright protection3PENANANCyfUhySDo

The girls, Kio and I, wanted to know what it was about but Kuune told us to be patient as we would soon find out what it was about, that the surprise would come just on Christmas Eve.copyright protection3PENANA7FUzQI1rKp

.copyright protection3PENANAIPuLrrqR3c

.copyright protection3PENANAhQPQ6K8FCL

“So Christmas is understood as a festival where there is snow," Chaika told me when she came to visit on Christmas Eve.copyright protection3PENANA3KrYjhGlIq

“Well, in Japan it's taken as a holiday, but in the western world it's more of a religious thing, but yes, there too Christmas is taken with a rather mercantilist and consumerist aspect.”copyright protection3PENANALqgfbHGCzK

“Too bad it doesn't snow in Okinawa, so that it would look like Christmas on TV," Chaika told me.copyright protection3PENANAPQAEGGpOm1

“By the way, Chaika, speaking of Christmas, I would like to show you an aspect of the culture of the Earth.”copyright protection3PENANAApL2n5j4r1

“And what's that one?”copyright protection3PENANAvcsLsEt9g2

I told her and took her by the hand, I took her under a mistletoe that the girls had placed inside the house, with the aim of kissing Kio, a goal that the girls could not achieve because he always escaped.copyright protection3PENANAT5StKza9ow

Once under the mistletoe, I stroked Chaika's beautiful hair and right ponytail, and she began to blush.copyright protection3PENANAbZWX1k2lou

“What are you doing?” She asked me and I explained to her about the custom of kissing under the mistletoe as I looked into her beautiful eyes.copyright protection3PENANAnUHPF9u8iL

Chaika and I approached and shared a chaste kiss.copyright protection3PENANAabR3FCDQL2

“Hey, how can you kiss knowing that every house on the block is watching and listening to us with spying devices," said Manami, who looked in a terrible mood.copyright protection3PENANAmX2jU3EXp3

“Manami, the fact that Kio escapes every time you want to kiss him under the mistletoe is no reason for you to take your frustration out on us," I said grimacingly and Manami annoyed left the room.copyright protection3PENANArMX8BCh6LA

Chaika and I were willing to continue the kiss when the boys shouted.copyright protection3PENANARWLJ0rlEh7

“I see Cathia's gift came just in time.”copyright protection3PENANAHE4JXYNBVc

“The gift?”copyright protection3PENANAEnYCvAfNH0

“Come on, let's go out and see.”copyright protection3PENANAnzX9iYADCS

Descending from the skies, a colossal structure came down that left me, like the others, with my mouth open.copyright protection3PENANAKkwP3uOQ6J

“That is the space elevator, with which humanity will make a technological leap and begin to relate to everyone in the universe," Chaika told me.copyright protection3PENANA3L61nCCCpj

As the gigantic structure descended, it trapped the condensation from the atmosphere and at the end seemed to have the shape of a gigantic snow-covered Christmas tree with flashing, multicolored lights all over its surface.copyright protection3PENANADNSBXazyOc

I took Chaika in my arms and kissed her tenderly, we both just opened our eyes to notice that our faces were covered with delicate snowflakes that gave the whole atmosphere a magical and romantic look, snow... in Okinawa.copyright protection3PENANAqzwXpArdrx

I never believed that the beautiful and peaceful scene before my eyes would be the prelude to the chaos and human decay that would follow.copyright protection3PENANAWuj3wGG8j6

.copyright protection3PENANAsWTkyRv8pk

.copyright protection3PENANAkQURNjrfwS

Multiple shots from different types of weapons echoed through the environment, wielded by men, women and children. All of them willing to die before allowing alien technology to be taken over by the countries they regarded as enemies.copyright protection3PENANAMtm6wTMd15

In the great religious headquarters of the world, conclaves were held to try to distort any kind of influence that might be carried by extraterrestrials and undermine the faith of their faithful.copyright protection3PENANAju2dOB4kJu

The world economic world had not seen such a crisis since the great depression of the 1930s or 2008.copyright protection3PENANAE4kzV7Smmo

Mass protests all over the planet with the aim of distributing free of charge among the population the advances that the extraterrestrials would bring them and that according to the demonstrators were being hoarded by the governments of the world. Of course, no technology of any kind had yet been handed over to humans, but once word spread, nothing could be done to stop the protests and bloodshed.copyright protection3PENANAf9RCfov2Bx

.copyright protection3PENANA8V1b8QMdbv

.copyright protection3PENANAHQz2pv9hSw

“According to estimates for each country on Earth, there are some two hundred thousand dead, which gives us a global average of 40 million people who have died so far due to the repression of the rulers against their people," Chaika told Captain Kuune on the mother ship's bridge.copyright protection3PENANAG7GxKWWfYx

Kuune's face broke as her left hand twitched toward her face.copyright protection3PENANAN7tPiCG5PR

“Captain...” was trying to say Melwin at the anguish reflected on Kuune's face.copyright protection3PENANABxHbz7GJpy

“How could this have happened, there is still no opening of negotiations by the UN?” Kuune asked.copyright protection3PENANAg5GWCqTyGR

“There is no captain," I told her as I was there, as I was still teaching the crew. “The countries that won the Second World War, I mean, the UN Security Council, must agree unanimously on this issue.”copyright protection3PENANA6tZAjhcZn2

“It's been nearly a year now, why don't they do it? When it is not the United States and England that veto the opening of diplomatic relations, it is Russia and China that veto the other members," Kuune said desperately.copyright protection3PENANAQYAy9aGQT5

“Captain, when the space elevator went down, it not only meant lowering the costs of sending men and equipment into space, it also meant changing the energy matrix of the entire planet," I told Kuune. “Russia, for example, will always sabotage any attempt by Cathia to open diplomatic relations with the Earth. The rest of the European community will not intercede on our behalf because Europe cannot live without gas from Russia.”copyright protection3PENANAoaa57Nv0lb

“But we offer them free energy that is clean and unlimited," replied Kuune.copyright protection3PENANARsFQ2Y8fYv

“Russia has a lot to lose if overnight its gas was useless. As for the Europeans, they know that implementing the new energy matrix will take years, while what could they do if Russia decides to cut off their gas supply?”copyright protection3PENANAhPuRnD14tV

“Then they won't speak up?” Melwin complained indignantly.copyright protection3PENANA9S5jXc6sds

“When Russia invaded Georgia, the European governments so known for reproaching these acts remained silent. And the same thing happens with the Crimea in Ukraine, as I told you, they can't live without gas from Russia.”copyright protection3PENANAE4VkVYi4dh

“What about the United States?” Kuune asked, who took her hands to the side of her head and began to massage herself with force.copyright protection3PENANAAu64mtIoyb

“There are many economic interests at stake in North America, in the end they will always pass the ball between the allied countries of the Second World War.”copyright protection3PENANAkH3p11C8tP

“What about the other countries, for example in Central and South America?” Chaika asked.copyright protection3PENANAB8UwsQuLVI

“Some countries are rich in oil and gas and export them to other countries in the region, these countries are in the same situation as Europe," I replied. “Captain, in some of these countries, 80% of their economy is focused on exporting either gas or oil, with the energy that we offer them all these profits would vanish, profits that serve these countries to pay for or add to education, medical care and other items such as prisons.”copyright protection3PENANA2vd8AzCiYa

“Gosh, gosh, what can we do? Don't you have any idea?” Kuune said to me with her face unhinged. The other members of the bridge were surprised at their captain's condition but could not blame her.copyright protection3PENANAtiRxITyl12

"The space elevator is massive and the governments of the world could not minimize our presence on the planet, perhaps if we changed the location of the space elevator...” proposed Kuune.copyright protection3PENANAaCa59DWEoS

“That won't do, captain, even though the Cold War is over, there is no country on Earth that is not dependent on the United States or Russia. Although I do think it's best to remove Okinawa's spaceport.”copyright protection3PENANAmrnzzY9cg7

“Why do you say that?” Chaika asked me.copyright protection3PENANAmKqei87Qt9

“Remember that the largest American base in the entire Pacific is right in Okinawa. As long as the elevator or Cathia's embassy stays in Okinawa, there is always the possibility of sabotage that could damage the space elevator or the embassy, we were very lucky when the Dogisians attacked the embassy, they only wanted to put the captain in a coma so they could eliminate the crew of the mother ship. But remember, humans are more assholes. If they decide to attack seriously, no one in the embassy will be saved.”copyright protection3PENANATEM4KVHGz6

“What about another place that is not under the influence of America but is also far away from Russia, where we could put the space elevator," said Melwin, "how about Cuba.”copyright protection3PENANAyWxWw7UFjb

“It wouldn't work, the American base in Guantanamo is in Cuba," I told her, and Melwin sat down in her seat. “The only place we could put the embassy is in some tiny country in Oceania, but that is also unfeasible. All these countries depend on foreign aid or tourism, of course we could give them money, but would Cathia's money in these countries have any practical value?, would it have any value as an international exchange currency? And if it had it, it would take years before its transaction with the rest of the world's currencies would be applicable, remember that the Euro was not implemented overnight, while what would the country that decided to accept us do?”copyright protection3PENANANGVdVem34P

All the girls were silent.copyright protection3PENANAcYuY2eUKVt

“The only place we could go is the South Pole because no country can claim those territories, there are only scientific bases, but why go there is the same as nothing," I said.copyright protection3PENANAQtqoqWwlCQ

Kuune seemed to meditate on everything I said and finally came to a conclusion.copyright protection3PENANAxqwsErH0uL

“It's true, we can't keep risking the lives of Kio, Manami and Aoi. We will withdraw from Okinawa.”copyright protection3PENANAQHKkFMyzwu

“Are we going to leave the Earth?” Melwin asked.copyright protection3PENANA3nYuLoqiK2

“No, we will put the space elevator at the South Pole, while we will lower the mother ship into the ocean and it will serve as our embassy on Earth. That's not against any rules regarding the mission, is it, Chaika?”copyright protection3PENANA8htEK76r7B

“You're right, Captain, it's not against any regulations, but where can we land the ship if no country accepts our presence?”copyright protection3PENANAdYiXiYKRyg

“The countries belonging to the organization of non-aligned countries are only in that organization for the photo, there is no country that is not within the sphere of influence of North America or Russia," I told Kuune, but she smiled at me.copyright protection3PENANAlCEj6qIxIs

“We will not land, we will ditch and we will not land anywhere, but in international waters. To avoid problems with nearby coastal countries, we will always be on the move," Kuune told me and I nodded with a smile, Kuune had found a temporary solution.copyright protection3PENANAAQJ3utaBVi

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection3PENANAc8gv5ztPr2

In this chapter I was inspired by the comic book "Primortals" by Leonard Nimoy (Mr. spock from star trek) and Isaac Asimov (one of the best authors of popular science writings in the world). In the comic book the aliens arrive and the chaos is unleashed from which I was inspired.copyright protection3PENANA6MEK6LaPiT

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