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Writer Capt. leon
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I took away their innocence
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!CZjGn4PjcWgX1ECZncOMposted on PENANA

ASOBI NI IKU YOcopyright protection2PENANAVDohqvwTGj

Capítulo 4: I took away their innocencecopyright protection2PENANAMjj6ZGbPZo

Kio's house with three girls as accommodations was at full capacity, so the Asistedroids built me a small room in the courtyard of the embassy where I could live while I was there.copyright protection2PENANALglNUXNiaB

“I don't like this at all, guys," I told Kio and the girls the afternoon we opened my room, "on the Internet and on TV they still have the defamatory news against Cathia, but I don't see hordes of journalists coming up to the embassy to report our side of the story. In fact, I don't see anyone on the whole block.”copyright protection2PENANA55etnFZUzG

“It's like you said, I'm sure all the people in the houses were evicted," said Manami frowned.copyright protection2PENANAelZxsZdDOd

“Can the government do that?” asked Kio.copyright protection2PENANA2AtnonlbFv

“Believe me Kio, they can do it, I saw it," Aoi replied with a serious expression.copyright protection2PENANAMKB1eYHdTg

“Do you think the government will attempt an attack on the embassy?” asked Eris.copyright protection2PENANAU7CUE4TSII

“I hope not Eris, you girls ended the forces of dogisia, but there is no certainty that you ended the leader of the dogs, besides, there are still the political leaders who were sure to make deals with dogisia” I guessed and we all looked at the ground with concern.copyright protection2PENANA5Kiy8HVtSA

“Well, now there's nothing to be gained by worrying about, let's keep celebrating the arrival of a new friend at the embassy, shall we, guys?” Eris said to us and to the asistedroids, who put up their posters with messages of encouragement, or so I thought.copyright protection2PENANAZFlAHzzoNs

“I have to be more careful, Japanese writing is impossible. Tell me, Eris, don't you have a technology to help me understand Japanese better?” I asked, speaking clearly and slowly.copyright protection2PENANAEHAhBflv74

“Of course, we have virtual reality helmets and subliminal teaching, only about five minutes and you will speak and read perfectly any language.”copyright protection2PENANAdcPwLXdGr6

“Great, I can't wait to try those helmets!” I exclaimed excitedly.copyright protection2PENANAhqLD1scBR0

“I want to try them too," said Manami.copyright protection2PENANA4vHEMjT8P1

“What language do you want to learn?” Eris asked her.copyright protection2PENANAd2e2zZ0NGr

“English and Japanese," said Manami.copyright protection2PENANATYSFBT8OuZ

“But you already know Japanese," I replied.copyright protection2PENANAOzvwdiP7rE

“You're right, writing is very difficult and people have to practice it all their lives," said Aoi.copyright protection2PENANA9EHnHhnH54

“Now that you mention it, I once read that the main reason children in Japan wear glasses is because of the difficulty of writing," I said.copyright protection2PENANA8Z20EEUMsp

“It's true, we all wear glasses here, including Manami," said Kio.copyright protection2PENANAMgYhMczCk0

“Kio, you promised not to say it!” shouted Manami.copyright protection2PENANAhtEYRmge3l

“I never saw you wearing glasses, Manami" said Eris, surprised.copyright protection2PENANAjckldYZ7Ls

“I use them to read in my room and when the case calls for it, I wear contact lenses," answered Manami with grief.copyright protection2PENANAxxJvPwIo82

In the end we all agreed to get on Cathia's ship and test the helmets. Kio would also use it to get rid of the cat's tail and ears.copyright protection2PENANAopv3onqFCt

"Kio is weird, I wouldn't mind having a cat's tail and ears, especially since they seem to make Cathia's girls furious," I thought with annoyance at Kio's attitude.copyright protection2PENANA0VFkgTjg05

“Tomorrow would be important because I would go to Cathia's ship and start teaching the girls, we would also try the helmets and Kio would return to his condition as a simple earthling.” I closed my eyes and waited for the next day.copyright protection2PENANAJxDs3sYLQ7

.copyright protection2PENANAOfxkjWHJBj

.copyright protection2PENANAdBfTWvMgMN

The expected day arrived and Aoi was kind enough to wake me up.copyright protection2PENANAlvkZYorWai

“Thanks Aoi, I'll get ready. Thanks you.”copyright protection2PENANA4YyBiRxZB8

I was changing, when I heard loud screams coming from the house, apparently Manami was yelling at Kio, something about being a pervert or something.copyright protection2PENANAjOKyIH4uXR

“I can't help it, it happens every morning when I wake up!”copyright protection2PENANAhjnCil1Kib

“And what were you doing in Kio's bed, Eris!”copyright protection2PENANA2m9AYssvs3

“Gosh, I'm can’t wait for the transport ships to arrive so I can get to the mother ship.”copyright protection2PENANAELSpkA7p54

Fortunately, I didn't have to wait long as two transport ships came and took us to Cathia's mother ship.copyright protection2PENANAgmoEZHZ0ri

“It is beautiful” I appreciated looking from space at the Earth, which seemed to be a living being as it was surrounded by the thin blue layer of the atmosphere.copyright protection2PENANAbuFl5DNx9f

“Hello, welcome to Cathia's ship," said Chaika, who was coming to greet us.copyright protection2PENANABN1udm4kLa

“Hello Chaika, ready for lessons?”copyright protection2PENANAp1wNGwvFwX

“Yes, all the other girls are anxious too.”copyright protection2PENANAYHrD3wgQ4p

“Chaika, how many girls are on the ship?”copyright protection2PENANA6Fd79queLf

“There are 412, including the captain and the doctor. But first, let's go to the helmets to learn the language you want, we've already downloaded all the necessary software for it.”copyright protection2PENANAoahVYXrtDX

Chaika drove us to the helmets and I was amazed to be able to speak and read Japanese after five minutes.copyright protection2PENANArBFSeIpuzt

“Unbelievable," I said in amazement.copyright protection2PENANAUF87Niyhwj

After the other girls wore the helmets as well, we headed to the captain's cabin and there Kuune proceeded to return Kio to his original state.copyright protection2PENANAxVuORsLiWp

“Excuse me, Captain, but I wouldn't mind having to wear cat tails and cat ears.”copyright protection2PENANAgn0WgfEFKe

“I'm sorry Utis, but with a whole crew of girls, it would be too much trouble if they saw you as a Cathian... even me, I don't know if I could control myself.”copyright protection2PENANA9ETiMHAkZ7

“I see," I said with a smile, "I have already planned the lessons, how will you distribute them to the crew?”copyright protection2PENANAEw28kUB6cx

“There will be two parallels so as not to neglect the work of the ship.”copyright protection2PENANAvtVwpbL3Rv

“I understand," I said, and Chaika led Eris and me to a huge room to teach the classes.copyright protection2PENANAh0abiWTThS

Eris and Chaika were talking to me when suddenly several catgirls, including the captain, came into the room.copyright protection2PENANA1Vo34JYFQa

Melwin and Dr. Durel will be on the other parallel," Chaika told me, and I introduced myself. I answered some previous questions the girls had and started the class session.copyright protection2PENANAdmD9S2kE6c

Everything was going wonderfully well, the Cathians were very interested in knowing everything about the earthlings, however, when I arrived at the part of the protocol that must be followed to attend official meetings, I had to explain that the captain and the other girls were wrong when they met with the Japanese government authorities.copyright protection2PENANA9odjAwgtpx

I explained the differences between what they had read in the Kio magazines and real life, as well as how the magazines were for adults.copyright protection2PENANAmqtLuyvsdl

The poor Kuune, Chaika and Eris were as red as a tomato by shame and murmured that they wished to be swallowed up by space at that moment and never to return.copyright protection2PENANADrHhAAkVer

To make matters worse, almost all the other catgirls whispered to each other looking sideways at the other three girls and even a couple of them couldn't help but laugh.copyright protection2PENANA7oQkIqRYUg

I called for calm and continued to teach. When it was the turn of the other parallel, this time it was Durel and Melwin who wanted to disappear and never return. Melwin looked as if he was about to leave the room because of the murmurings of the other girls, but Durel got her act together and gave the other catgirls a defiant look, and the whispering and the drowned laughter stopped.copyright protection2PENANAwgH02cyxFM

"I took their innocence away," I thought, funny after school.copyright protection2PENANASidAzNbUJp

I would have liked to have been on Cathia's mother ship, but we had to return to Okinawa to go to Kio's school as they were releasing the film their club had made for the school festival before school was out.copyright protection2PENANAlQNbbwC2vw

In the end I didn't know what to think of the film, for example, Eris had been given a suit that emulated the star trek, which hid her tail and cat ears. Also the ships that were seen in the film were fake and I could tell that by far, even the asistedroids were disguised.copyright protection2PENANAj1N12PdAnT

“Cathia's ships and the asistedroids don't look real, they look like toys," explained Kio's companions who made the film.copyright protection2PENANAmgbAQLn1F7

“But they're real and that's what counts!” I shouted indignantly at them.copyright protection2PENANAr1Xfc9LOcg

Kio and the girls explained to me that their classmates were not satisfied with the image of the Cathians and their technology.copyright protection2PENANAlwi8xkYLVl

“Another thing is that the stupid American and Western series brainwashed you! How could you film this crap having real aliens, real alien ships and real alien robots, you look like babies who don't appreciate what they have!” I continued to scream.copyright protection2PENANAEiBQSsBguh

“But even the grown-ups have problems with the Cathians," Kio tried to reassure me.copyright protection2PENANAnVjlavuWkH

“What do you mean?” I asked him, and Kio and the girls told me what happened to the terrorist group "beautiful meeting", of which the teacher in Kyoto was the leader.copyright protection2PENANAdFdwOKQNvM

This time I did not scream, but I clenched my fists at my side and they began to tremble with fury.copyright protection2PENANA9a4K0WdCcH

“How... how could they do such a vile thing... And why, why didn't you reveal the identities of those bastards?”copyright protection2PENANATADcVOIqK3

“They helped us rescue Eris from the US military," Aoi explained calmly.copyright protection2PENANA7YJkux5kkB

“In addition, the teacher.... I didn't want to hurt her," said Kio, who looked a little intimidated.copyright protection2PENANA7uLbeL8snl

I turned around and breathed calmly, then turned around quickly to look at Kio and the other girls.copyright protection2PENANA9hVMuQAdgl

“Kio listen to me! I understand that you didn't mean to hurt your teacher, but you've started to think that next time those idiots might kill someone and leave someone in the orphanage, that they might leave a father, a mother, a wife or a husband without comfort! Kio, excessive kindness is also a flaw!”copyright protection2PENANAgojZINwN8R

We returned to the house in an uncomfortable silence and when I arrived with the help of my laptop I communicated with the mother ship.copyright protection2PENANAoflarAWz3j

“Chaika, I want you to do a thermal image sweep inside the houses on the block and transmit it to my laptop and to your ship, if you can make us listen to what's going on inside also transmit it” I asked her.copyright protection2PENANAUcBQZ6HAjX

“But we can't do that, it would mean violating people's privacy, it's forbidden by our laws.”copyright protection2PENANAWzlgy435Sc

“Don't worry Chaika, Manami told me that the houses have been evicted, so there won't be a problem.”copyright protection2PENANAXhsjrTUntX

“I don't know, even if the houses are empty.... let me check with the captain...”copyright protection2PENANAHoaieaoVLI

“Chaika, please do me that favor.”copyright protection2PENANATHhfXQk1Wc

“All right, but just this once.”copyright protection2PENANAeUtGeVA8i3

“Thank you, Chaika.”copyright protection2PENANA6ZshiHrHDd

After a few seconds, the thermal images of the inside of all the houses around the embassy were displayed on my monitor screen. None of them were empty, the sounds also came, and we all heard in horror the conspiracy proposals of the American and Japanese governments and other factions such as the CIA, MI6, MOSAD and even other illegal factions such as the "beautiful meeting" that apparently had managed to occupy one of the houses.copyright protection2PENANApxUHMSx7Uu

Everyone in the house froze at the sight and sound of the broadcast, but although dismayed, it was nothing compared to what was happening on the ship, in the end Captain Kuune sent the entire bridge to calm down and ordered the transmission to be shut down.copyright protection2PENANAk8oNOCIoL1

"Yes, I'm afraid I took away their innocence," I thought to myself this time, bitter and hurt by the situation.copyright protection2PENANAsS0V9jCB0f

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection2PENANAOqNJ7ACFHw

Thanks for Reading my dear friends, don’t forget to vote and comment pretty please. copyright protection2PENANA91FyPuaySW

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