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Dabbling in Poetry
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Co-Writer EnnaStark*
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Dabbling in Poetry
Sestina: Over You
Dec 7, 2015
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!s8vL4fDcErKrnJIFXGaVposted on PENANA

A/N: I'll be adding music that I listened to while writing these soon. I've been incredibly busy with my short film, podcast, and school work, so thank you all for being patient. I'm definitely not the best at writing poetry but hopefully it's still enjoyable for you lovelies! This was probably the trickiest poem I've written along with my Villanelle (coming soon). I was strongly inspired by my own experiences and Melanie Martinez's music (I'll post a couple links when I can of the songs I listened to while writing this). Sestinas are INCREDIBLY repetitive, as every stanza must have the same repeating words at the end of each line in a certain order. Pretty tricky to lay out and write, but I've gotten it finished at least. 62Please respect copyright.PENANAYChfnVTlAL
copyright protection58PENANApx3qBgZD4D

As always, thank you lovelies! Hugs to all of you!copyright protection58PENANAqwLWhQbU2Q

62Please respect copyright.PENANAujzY1dly7o
copyright protection58PENANAmNhJwZouFz

Did you know that you’ve driven me out of my mind?copyright protection58PENANAp56tvIJulN

But instead of crying about it, this just means I can focus on me.copyright protection58PENANA8MkTJBJVwM

I’m sick of watching my mouth all the time around you,copyright protection58PENANALSz2C621AI

you’ve suddenly turned me into something violent; just look at this.copyright protection58PENANAA0NHuipdNL

But I’m still struggling to accept the way things are now.copyright protection58PENANA1WymQhXzct

I’ve gotten to used to these bladed words and I’m so tired of it.copyright protection58PENANAmXmV0Y12ZC

I’ve been pushed far enough, and I just can’t stand it,copyright protection58PENANAKzDyh7RGlE

so I’m telling you to let me erase you from my mind.copyright protection58PENANAsnA0JqhG0u

I’m throwing myself a pity party and I don’t even care now.copyright protection58PENANAanrwirukuu

I was always happy when you were with me,copyright protection58PENANAXf4ANlIE23

but now I know that I can’t comprehend this,copyright protection58PENANAjuqUuakMQl

and I’m sick of arguing only to be brought down by you.copyright protection58PENANAg1IIx1a2mE

I thought that we’d be together forever, but I just didn’t know you.copyright protection58PENANAwjTBUGWCkY

I know this isn’t right even though I don’t quite understand all of it,copyright protection58PENANAFEt6yYgTK7

but all I know is that I won’t be able to go through with this.copyright protection58PENANAe18XJGZTJl

When you’re not right by my side, I don’t even mind.copyright protection58PENANAxfErRy7Nas

You were so sweet, until the day that you didn’t need me.copyright protection58PENANAMQ6fXFdeyY

I can’t keep holding onto something that isn’t real, so we’re done now.copyright protection58PENANAlNZuKJaKCT

Finally accepted that I can stand on my own and live in the nowcopyright protection58PENANA5a9KB0iJOt

instead of lingering on my past mistakes and trying catch up to you.copyright protection58PENANAcAkjQhY4vw

If you keep treating me like a toy, then you’re nothing but a piece of meat to me.copyright protection58PENANA3Rk2l4MwPp

You still have everything you stole from me and you’ve run away with it.copyright protection58PENANAqUzAEbBXVp

Now I’m beyond mad, so this is me giving you a piece of my mindcopyright protection58PENANAq80LrR2qVy

because how am I supposed to have known that you would do this?copyright protection58PENANAXZph2LmOib

You have to actually love me if you want all of this.copyright protection58PENANAdI5NiKZTHV

If you choose me, there will be no more turning back nowcopyright protection58PENANAj73jSvaVV6

because I hate that you’re always so foggy-minded.copyright protection58PENANAtS5Ta8FwWX

I used to think that I should throw my life away for you,copyright protection58PENANAHaGNXYxWSe

but now they tell me to buy more meds at this point I’ll try it,copyright protection58PENANAScmVveqGal

because I’m still depressed, and it’s like you tried to kill me.copyright protection58PENANANEeTyo1dVY

These cotton candy memories are bittersweet to me,copyright protection58PENANAaC8Qp5PX2I

and this roller coaster can’t get any higher than this.copyright protection58PENANAbUUxPqMg6W

I used to love this carnival, but now I can’t stand it.copyright protection58PENANACUBQN9fPma

Whenever you call me stupid for the things I do now,copyright protection58PENANANxNVnd1da3

I remember that you’ve only ever made me change for you.copyright protection58PENANAVlYQTOgF4n

Before you tore me down, I used to use my heart instead of my mindcopyright protection58PENANACHhdx5mNUJ

I can’t bet my heart on it, but I hope you still love me even now.copyright protection58PENANAYIgLEEYFR8

You linger with me, but I told myself that I’m done with this.copyright protection58PENANAJNuHDnwU2B

I keep thinking I know you, but you always change your mind.copyright protection58PENANAhFiySQDfEy

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