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Dabbling in Poetry
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Co-Writer EnnaStark*
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Dabbling in Poetry
A Letter to ________
Sep 6, 2016
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!pMaamCGTBCD2mUOsUHewposted on PENANA

A/N: This is part one of a two part piece of poetry. They're separate poems, but carry the same influence. I originally posted this on my journal entry piece here, but I've changed it into a letter and/or journal entry in verse. It's up to the reader to decide who "_______" is, but I had an idea in my mind when I wrote it. I'd love to hear other opinions though. As always, thanks for the patience, I've been incredibly busy with work and my lab assistant to my Advanced Creative Writing teacher. I've been majorly stressed out with a lot of work for class and trying to set up a connection between my work and LA stuff for a book signing. I'll also be doing a podcast with the author I'm building a connection with, so that should be interesting. As always, enjoy the piece, and please give feedback, it helps so much!57Please respect copyright.PENANAcILjFkQknz
copyright protection53PENANAKojVz7Olmx

Dear “____”copyright protection53PENANAcMjnWFZCzB

Dear _____,copyright protection53PENANAfcEB6s309i

I expressed all of my hopes and dreams to you. copyright protection53PENANAxUGQPgXEBk

As my confidant, copyright protection53PENANAbO6vc2bbFK

I trusted that you would handle them copyright protection53PENANANUWrw3TA33

With care. copyright protection53PENANATBYArORpss

I was always starving copyright protection53PENANAJDhQ9uSkFy

For your validation and encouragement. copyright protection53PENANA4st1UZ4OA8

You knew how I hated it copyright protection53PENANARtKQ3cEUB6

When someone told me copyright protection53PENANAnlKFbT94eP

I wasn't good enough. copyright protection53PENANADji6lc6q0G

Your words kept me breathing and creating. copyright protection53PENANAySaiIdum76

You left me torn into pieces, copyright protection53PENANAtvsdaE7jJm

Just like that poem I wrote for you. copyright protection53PENANA8nFqu1CArD

Remember? copyright protection53PENANAh0vrjdFOzN

The one you said wasn't good enough? copyright protection53PENANAU2ings2oMM

I write for myself, copyright protection53PENANAKU9qlDrYeS

But because you were so selfish, copyright protection53PENANABvS6XbjDZT

I tried to dedicate every page I wrote copyright protection53PENANAqUWIicalBW

To what you wanted. copyright protection53PENANA7lRgLcTda8

When you were satisfied copyright protection53PENANA6MEYSBacea

I felt whole. copyright protection53PENANA6E52nofyJQ

I wanted--copyright protection53PENANAuQcm6Yy0bJ

no, needed--copyright protection53PENANA9hwNgporCD

your praise. copyright protection53PENANABIiHLF50dO

That smile, copyright protection53PENANARIF34M1DNd

Paired with telling me what to write and how copyright protection53PENANAnWvTJLj8cV

Made me swallow every bit of resentment, copyright protection53PENANAMOD4wpKCqY

Any bit of pain I felt for my suppressed imagination, copyright protection53PENANAqhH6lMSnqF

And I did it. copyright protection53PENANABNB6HlS1t5

I did it for you. copyright protection53PENANAWfUAkqZ52p

In the end, copyright protection53PENANA3tHLz3xsrX

Even when I followed every direction I was pointed in, copyright protection53PENANA82LK8t51vy

It was never enough. copyright protection53PENANA6rO019q1et

You wanted more meaning, copyright protection53PENANAriW93wdBYE

More eloquence, copyright protection53PENANAz6HlQQOVRk

More emotion, copyright protection53PENANAuXLjXNsoPG

More, more, more, copyright protection53PENANARgZNq2kDEi

Always needing more. copyright protection53PENANAhdpYygOncF

I don't know how to measure up to those expectationscopyright protection53PENANAHGDs0AgtZ5

Because I don't have the strengthcopyright protection53PENANA9Qm9EMbYpP

To keep my chin up when I struggle. copyright protection53PENANAhH2HGBXvY9

I don't know how to keep writing copyright protection53PENANAbGQO8Qppjo

For your sake copyright protection53PENANAuteQCTDOS2

When you're never satisfied. copyright protection53PENANAEaKHRqiOVh

No matter how hard I try, copyright protection53PENANAX6XOV6FkvY

Will this ever be enough? copyright protection53PENANAI0sXR5RuTJ

Will I ever be enough?copyright protection53PENANAxyThfKIyzD

I can't find anything to reach for now that you leftcopyright protection53PENANAPxKMlFT0Zo

And at some point copyright protection53PENANAZIorFgxxKq

I lost my drive to keep going copyright protection53PENANAghZazeUhMu

Toward what I want instead of you. copyright protection53PENANAVB1Fomkhmk

You knew having an impact on someone's life was my dream, copyright protection53PENANAGm25NIlkf5

And that writing was my way of doing that, copyright protection53PENANALwnLGXZBeM

But even when you knew about that fragile dream, copyright protection53PENANA69n7PMta4Q

You told me it would never happen, copyright protection53PENANAuKdxP0galw

So I believed you copyright protection53PENANAg72ESJBSlQ

And let myself fall into the clutches ofcopyright protection53PENANAEr02zPO30T

Grief and hatred copyright protection53PENANATuD62s7iDt

For myself, copyright protection53PENANAOUBRyuBamX

For you, copyright protection53PENANA01p13YQS1Q

For my future.copyright protection53PENANALVlp2oR9Gv

I kept coming back to you copyright protection53PENANADvpfnYJZ86

For my daily fix, copyright protection53PENANAW98labj14l

That feeling of being complete. copyright protection53PENANASQgdfiB7si

But you left me, copyright protection53PENANAC5O1lcZ5b8

And I'm writing this, copyright protection53PENANAc8hktswNtA

Trying to find something in me copyright protection53PENANA8lqpzGHbN9

Other than this emptiness. copyright protection53PENANAupfirAurGG

I've become numb to the world copyright protection53PENANAzSORcijI6N

Because maybe if I'm numb enough copyright protection53PENANAjf9KEIqlUd

Nothing will break through and hurt me copyright protection53PENANAvoDKH4lcv1

Like your absence does.copyright protection53PENANAS5UHX6ZhP5

You lulled me into a feeling of comfort and trust,copyright protection53PENANA48keSYWjkR

Then screamed words of defeat into my ears. copyright protection53PENANAxPgaAYeVaK

And those words worked into my braincopyright protection53PENANAX3QSKOZK5O

And under my skin. copyright protection53PENANAPaXaoQ8l9t

They slid under my skin copyright protection53PENANAdGitQTs5OD

And lodged themselves under the surface like acid, copyright protection53PENANAQMGHFrvEbB

Burning me deeper and deeper. copyright protection53PENANAs1Mpbbgkxp

Your venom slowly killed all of my happiness and passion. copyright protection53PENANANK66eXZG2O

That spark burned out copyright protection53PENANAjTB0Bgr7UD

And the one thing I could rely on, copyright protection53PENANAInEvMQG2ad

My ability to express myself with a pen and paper, copyright protection53PENANAsYXy4bv4Sy

Was murdered by your verbal abuse. copyright protection53PENANASbsub3KDaF

You destroyed my sanctuary, copyright protection53PENANAgT2VoPL5RV

lit it up like a bonfire copyright protection53PENANAikTgTYso3k

And watched as my life's work turned to ash. copyright protection53PENANAXVwpqItblE

With every strike of your tongue, copyright protection53PENANAQCySyXHj2z

My soul was broken a little more copyright protection53PENANAflU9CN74ba

Until there was nothing but dust left copyright protection53PENANAp96WzxE3I0

And I no longer cared or had any drive.copyright protection53PENANAHyDgrbd8vg

A/N: That's the first half of a two part poem thing. Thank you so much for reading, lovelies! I've been a little slow updating things, so I'll hopefully post a little more before the school year gets too chaotic. I also have to apply to colleges (oh my goodness I'm going to be in college soon I'm not ready to adult) so that'll take up a good amount of time too.57Please respect copyright.PENANAk57YlyazHF
copyright protection53PENANAIKBCTep1iB

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