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Dabbling in Poetry
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Co-Writer EnnaStark*
Beta Reader oneminusheart
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Dabbling in Poetry
A Letter to ________
Sep 6, 2016
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!ppaBPdsMpZxAqy8AZc6tposted on PENANA

A/N: This is part one of a two part piece of poetry. They're separate poems, but carry the same influence. I originally posted this on my journal entry piece here, but I've changed it into a letter and/or journal entry in verse. It's up to the reader to decide who "_______" is, but I had an idea in my mind when I wrote it. I'd love to hear other opinions though. As always, thanks for the patience, I've been incredibly busy with work and my lab assistant to my Advanced Creative Writing teacher. I've been majorly stressed out with a lot of work for class and trying to set up a connection between my work and LA stuff for a book signing. I'll also be doing a podcast with the author I'm building a connection with, so that should be interesting. As always, enjoy the piece, and please give feedback, it helps so much!72Please respect copyright.PENANAUXGbJ5WAkN
copyright protection68PENANAmudyNxQQhC

Dear “____”copyright protection68PENANACG2MiR0LDp

Dear _____,copyright protection68PENANALbZbJ8MJlS

I expressed all of my hopes and dreams to you. copyright protection68PENANAcHmqgaX70f

As my confidant, copyright protection68PENANAJCWMpeDp0h

I trusted that you would handle them copyright protection68PENANAPLsPXcYJVj

With care. copyright protection68PENANAB81Yyh8wo8

I was always starving copyright protection68PENANAM8LIUaXyAX

For your validation and encouragement. copyright protection68PENANAPqJifGudqq

You knew how I hated it copyright protection68PENANAx1zy07P8Ee

When someone told me copyright protection68PENANAhrm29gc7PN

I wasn't good enough. copyright protection68PENANA4EdOWsvrGV

Your words kept me breathing and creating. copyright protection68PENANAReWqMXyC5d

You left me torn into pieces, copyright protection68PENANAQmEcoOtBVi

Just like that poem I wrote for you. copyright protection68PENANAo0XCOT5jlM

Remember? copyright protection68PENANAec0bDM8cpe

The one you said wasn't good enough? copyright protection68PENANAqfA4sZTWBO

I write for myself, copyright protection68PENANAe0PcCD5HXr

But because you were so selfish, copyright protection68PENANAtcEuohhxuG

I tried to dedicate every page I wrote copyright protection68PENANALUVmZnmSjX

To what you wanted. copyright protection68PENANAHyXwKAaQi8

When you were satisfied copyright protection68PENANAhLkWgJexgI

I felt whole. copyright protection68PENANAd2D9oCxKvR

I wanted--copyright protection68PENANAIdpGKagU1y

no, needed--copyright protection68PENANA3jkofB7t8n

your praise. copyright protection68PENANAcmqPvOs2zX

That smile, copyright protection68PENANATibjYVufQv

Paired with telling me what to write and how copyright protection68PENANAOTP8h4JpyS

Made me swallow every bit of resentment, copyright protection68PENANANKedzJ21MC

Any bit of pain I felt for my suppressed imagination, copyright protection68PENANAZGUb0T6u8X

And I did it. copyright protection68PENANA0WRQ59VPyt

I did it for you. copyright protection68PENANAHmeVzNFBPs

In the end, copyright protection68PENANAdP881917E9

Even when I followed every direction I was pointed in, copyright protection68PENANA5E6Wub6q0F

It was never enough. copyright protection68PENANATH17DAVjcL

You wanted more meaning, copyright protection68PENANALqBUyC3zKH

More eloquence, copyright protection68PENANAJPmPMR1Sh1

More emotion, copyright protection68PENANAybJzinaeGm

More, more, more, copyright protection68PENANAZsMBmldqVX

Always needing more. copyright protection68PENANA8ENvuzmvsE

I don't know how to measure up to those expectationscopyright protection68PENANAx0PhA8FKmm

Because I don't have the strengthcopyright protection68PENANA6mOTXbfbCa

To keep my chin up when I struggle. copyright protection68PENANA8KPVfjvCPX

I don't know how to keep writing copyright protection68PENANAhnY6EyfjiC

For your sake copyright protection68PENANAFpZujWGy8i

When you're never satisfied. copyright protection68PENANAJg2yciSHVH

No matter how hard I try, copyright protection68PENANAFc4DjJcy3u

Will this ever be enough? copyright protection68PENANAaJU9de6TMe

Will I ever be enough?copyright protection68PENANAbwve4HxWps

I can't find anything to reach for now that you leftcopyright protection68PENANAE4FIIYrUwu

And at some point copyright protection68PENANApHdkRryYll

I lost my drive to keep going copyright protection68PENANAdxRJLWrjSQ

Toward what I want instead of you. copyright protection68PENANALwVqfDpHyW

You knew having an impact on someone's life was my dream, copyright protection68PENANAcYDpivRRuc

And that writing was my way of doing that, copyright protection68PENANAcHJ4qv0ROT

But even when you knew about that fragile dream, copyright protection68PENANAIApD1FhqmQ

You told me it would never happen, copyright protection68PENANAmyO0Y7wPY0

So I believed you copyright protection68PENANA2bIMf9hg16

And let myself fall into the clutches ofcopyright protection68PENANA9JGznHeE8B

Grief and hatred copyright protection68PENANAvu9jv7r1Xq

For myself, copyright protection68PENANA20CKMRT48U

For you, copyright protection68PENANAahEQR1y6GG

For my future.copyright protection68PENANAHcbQvGYXIW

I kept coming back to you copyright protection68PENANAnKXZuJRoO0

For my daily fix, copyright protection68PENANAjYhYP90nfG

That feeling of being complete. copyright protection68PENANA3WSeNoVMmD

But you left me, copyright protection68PENANAIKnGJSpBhd

And I'm writing this, copyright protection68PENANABAcTy12yoi

Trying to find something in me copyright protection68PENANAfse8H2xCOU

Other than this emptiness. copyright protection68PENANAfxEDdovDZM

I've become numb to the world copyright protection68PENANARBn3uW4xvt

Because maybe if I'm numb enough copyright protection68PENANAQLV5UC7sfV

Nothing will break through and hurt me copyright protection68PENANAmut07GoDko

Like your absence does.copyright protection68PENANAqbZOeuLi2g

You lulled me into a feeling of comfort and trust,copyright protection68PENANALS2HXXk5pz

Then screamed words of defeat into my ears. copyright protection68PENANA1M4uMbbbPv

And those words worked into my braincopyright protection68PENANAAgGA4V5Pe7

And under my skin. copyright protection68PENANA6008HY523v

They slid under my skin copyright protection68PENANAB4hFz4RLgG

And lodged themselves under the surface like acid, copyright protection68PENANAhQWYr1TwQ7

Burning me deeper and deeper. copyright protection68PENANADX7E6PCcRG

Your venom slowly killed all of my happiness and passion. copyright protection68PENANAHtLZ8k306k

That spark burned out copyright protection68PENANAHnaDlBFe8w

And the one thing I could rely on, copyright protection68PENANAmLtupzj2Lb

My ability to express myself with a pen and paper, copyright protection68PENANAItEtsNOwNU

Was murdered by your verbal abuse. copyright protection68PENANAQuh18CDNRL

You destroyed my sanctuary, copyright protection68PENANAjdxNHXn1Z8

lit it up like a bonfire copyright protection68PENANAdICRc5E0Br

And watched as my life's work turned to ash. copyright protection68PENANAVsWct4P6SH

With every strike of your tongue, copyright protection68PENANASbVpZDmmEm

My soul was broken a little more copyright protection68PENANAvR47JgcohO

Until there was nothing but dust left copyright protection68PENANAPcgMpKQeRI

And I no longer cared or had any drive.copyright protection68PENANAVJUQ9Ttwf8

A/N: That's the first half of a two part poem thing. Thank you so much for reading, lovelies! I've been a little slow updating things, so I'll hopefully post a little more before the school year gets too chaotic. I also have to apply to colleges (oh my goodness I'm going to be in college soon I'm not ready to adult) so that'll take up a good amount of time too.72Please respect copyright.PENANAjgxd7H7Bdn
copyright protection68PENANASL0WSJd57u

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