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Dabbling in Poetry
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Co-Writer EnnaStark*
Beta Reader oneminusheart
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Dabbling in Poetry
An Apology to Anonymous
Sep 6, 2016
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!5NUscf5dJPDVCl05rswsposted on PENANA

A/N: This is the second part of the two part thing. Again, interpretation is up to you lovelies. Thanks for reading! As always, feedback is appreciated and welcome! 102Please respect copyright.PENANAocGC04UTND
copyright protection98PENANAYMGHa4efCQ

An Apology to Anonymous102Please respect copyright.PENANAmMoUuqDeNn
copyright protection98PENANA9HE4aRkg44

I know, okay? copyright protection98PENANA5H0I30Nusk

I know I messed up. copyright protection98PENANAXr6E8hJnwl

I'm the one to blame. copyright protection98PENANAdG3RLdI5tN

Always have been. copyright protection98PENANAazvaiyb53E

Always will be. copyright protection98PENANAp05wEdNnBj

I just need to feel again. copyright protection98PENANAJOZMGKZpQt

When I had your approval copyright protection98PENANAd03Iblgnrk

Or your scrutiny, copyright protection98PENANA1Rk7nZlanW

I could strive for something. copyright protection98PENANAu6LtTsdTS4

But you left me in the dust, copyright protection98PENANAm55qNhM4Ee

Telling me I wasn't good enough, copyright protection98PENANAoG5JNtI8E6

That I wasn't going to make a difference. copyright protection98PENANA58dQB6jPZb

I'm stumbling blindly about, copyright protection98PENANAUmgZN4gz8V

And I don't even know if I'm on a path anymore, copyright protection98PENANANxBThpm0x0

Or if I'm walking back the way I came,copyright protection98PENANA6D8jtKpMAp

Or if I'm just lost. copyright protection98PENANAXuLetyiK7r

When your eyes lit up,copyright protection98PENANAFVZhOgGage

Seeing something they liked in my work, copyright protection98PENANAbmRkFk457F

That moment was my oxygen, copyright protection98PENANAu59fjCOCnW

Keeping me alive.copyright protection98PENANA33R2kFi0Qy

But your eyes never lit up brightly enoughcopyright protection98PENANAe2V5mAqrGy

To light my way out of the prison copyright protection98PENANA6aDgqXTezg

You locked me in. copyright protection98PENANAaCj2EDIXEz

I couldn't see four feet ahead of me copyright protection98PENANAwTBrYY2pqI

And you laughed at me, copyright protection98PENANAXxTBNjyHy7

Trying to stay on my feet in the dark, copyright protection98PENANAXJJhLoVtmz

Trying to find some way into the world copyright protection98PENANA2SsEkrCmQ3

Outside of these bars. copyright protection98PENANA5OAYpoiX5Q

I relied on what you said copyright protection98PENANA43zOkkdfOA

And did what you wanted, copyright protection98PENANAPQthuNI79z

And for one glorious moment copyright protection98PENANAbenMdNbvKh

I was able to feel! copyright protection98PENANAlPkVEFfSU3

How do I continue livingcopyright protection98PENANAsKUV1pIKxS

When I've lost every reason to go on? copyright protection98PENANAkI7IukvGQf

Maybe if I apologize, copyright protection98PENANAXc5h7JWmBR

That would help.copyright protection98PENANAq4ClZDKIoh

I doubt that any words will make anything better, copyright protection98PENANABI0Jqv4WbU

But I can try. copyright protection98PENANAb86gqd0nAC

So, I'm sorry, okay? copyright protection98PENANAf1GRmGv7pT

I know you hate me, copyright protection98PENANAp0CpJ3VOZ6

And you're justified in doing so, copyright protection98PENANAIbfPsG3s3E

But I need your presence. copyright protection98PENANA5jFLa2rG9Q

How am I supposed to write without you? copyright protection98PENANAAyRcYBgTpf

Come back, copyright protection98PENANA08rfXTW0mZ

Please, copyright protection98PENANAErjkctmEaw

I'm begging. copyright protection98PENANAvK5mW3YdXo

I know I write only for you and myself, copyright protection98PENANAsXwTdtN9u9

But I can change that, copyright protection98PENANA99AsuMWRr6

I swear. copyright protection98PENANAnWQsjNwh0t

Please, just help me again. copyright protection98PENANAFtrcnEGaOa

I need to feel comfortable in my own mind again, copyright protection98PENANAkYkUqOHnG8

Despite what you say copyright protection98PENANAu35lwo83G9

And despite the fact that you tore down the walls copyright protection98PENANAxmDYy1Decr

I worked so hard to build. copyright protection98PENANApwpJqQy8de

You made me feel comfortable with myself, copyright protection98PENANAgHil2PKbTr

And without you I can't even pick up a pen copyright protection98PENANAlqNZom01Ac

Without feeling a weight on my chest. copyright protection98PENANAt0JTK9JjiW

I can't do the thing I want most to do. copyright protection98PENANAxyEQUHGFTz

Did you abandon me copyright protection98PENANA6eZTeoffqQ

To find someone with more skill? copyright protection98PENANAsTRbMBlwUD

More talent? copyright protection98PENANAtsc7j6PZLI

You wanted more, copyright protection98PENANAzRXzLbX1ro

So did you finally find that? copyright protection98PENANASThJ44lqAf

If you did, copyright protection98PENANA33Ifb2m117

Are you happy now? copyright protection98PENANAJBZHaKT8Mk

Or is it still not enough? copyright protection98PENANAwEdOoiSJIt

Just return to me. copyright protection98PENANAZLxH1JJnKL

I promise I will finally measure up to your expectations. 102Please respect copyright.PENANA0iQnN1V26B
copyright protection98PENANAvtnuaxf4G1

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