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Worst Moment Ever
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Worst Moment Ever
Submission Closed
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Dec 7, 2015
2 Mins Read
469 Words
No Plagiarism!dKA0zWXKDFiPj4EATkauposted on PENANA

Once upon a time, there was a little boy who always wore a smile. He had his bubba, Daddy, and Mommy. Mommy wasn't his real mom, his Bubba told him so, but Daddy said he had to call her Mommy, and so he did.copyright protection83PENANAcMHAJK40B8

Life wasn't perfect, but it was ok. The little boy didn't go to school yet, but his bubba did. Mommy worked, but Daddy stayed home. As far as the boy knew, that was how things were supposed to be, and he accepted that.copyright protection83PENANApPS0QsXNcA

It was Friday afternoon. Mommy was still at work and Bubba wasn't home yet. Daddy sat on the couch with a can in his hand.copyright protection83PENANAsvqMz5ntpx

"When Bubba be home?" the little boy asked.87Please respect copyright.PENANAvhCJ50FVx1
copyright protection83PENANAXBjFb2qg32

"Dylan will be home when he gets here," Daddy said, taking a sip of his drink.copyright protection83PENANAotRhtHJqvV

"What drink?" copyright protection83PENANA1YrsK0y7uX

"You talk too damn much, kid."copyright protection83PENANAFrzY6K1x05

The boy had started talking young. Someone had a name for the reason for that, but it wasn't a word the boy understood. In fact, the boy didn't understand the tone his father used, only that it was mean, and loud and hurt his ears.copyright protection83PENANAzpyqH28qtD

Time passed and Dylan came home. The boy ran to him as fast as he could, demanding to be picked up by the boy who was only a bit older than him. Dylan lifted him into a hug, setting him down on his feet. copyright protection83PENANAmvBNYlOwti

Later he was doing homework, but it was the fun stuff, coloring sheets. Sometimes Dylan let him color one of the coloring sheets with him, but not today so the boy played as little boys do, running around the coffee table, until he tripped, knocking over the can on the floor.copyright protection83PENANAu8K37RN9oO

He didn't see the hand, but felt it when it landed on his face. He didn't understand the words, the tone but he was talking loud, so loud. He covered his ears when the blow landed it.copyright protection83PENANAfXeOoVQwmk

That was the beginning. Not the first time his father's hand had landed on him with force, but the first time he felt something he had never felt before, betrayal. And it wouldn't be the last time he felt betrayal, but out of all the years, the nights of stolen innocence, the pain, that one evening was the one he could never forget. It would be the night that haunted his mind for years to come, because if he hadn't spilled the beer, then maybe, just maybe Daddy would have loved him. And even though the years have passed and Daddy was gone, the betrayal went away. copyright protection83PENANAaIQLwO7llB

Author's Note: I couldn't write it in first person, i had to be able to detach myself from it, and this was the only way I knew how.87Please respect copyright.PENANAgIK6ugVCCg
copyright protection83PENANAEPKoSSfG1E

Comments ( 5 )

Kholekins2001 - Thanks for sharing this. I'm so sorry to hear that happened to you. I hope things are getting better now. :-)
2 years agoreply

XXjoeyXX - things are better, and I'm learning to cope. honestly this was no where near what i had planned to write originally until i relized that writing anything else would be ignoring what i've been trying to ignore for 15 years now. 
2 years agoreply

Kholekins2001 - I'm happy to hear things are going better. Sometimes the things you don't plan to write come out better than what you actually planned to write. That's exactly what I see here. :-)
2 years agoreply

XXjoeyXX - @Kholekins2001, thank you :-) i know it's not perfect but i'm glad I wrote it. Thank you for making this contest, it gave me a way to get something off my chest that i really needed to, and you'll never know how much that means to me

2 years agoreply

Kholekins2001 - Glad I could help. :-)
2 years agoreply