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Worst Moment Ever
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Worst Moment Ever
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Ummm...Not Exactly
Master Of Fandoms
Dec 12, 2015
2 Mins Read
346 Words
No Plagiarism!uRSzVtKjYM7eZvF76wHjposted on PENANA

*Dramatic entrance* Hello everyone, your friendly neighborhood genderfluid here with a story about one of my worst moments and a shining example of why you don't explain gender identity to a little kid.73Please respect copyright.PENANAPiTgnnPNTW
copyright protection69PENANAuRdofHUgNk

So it's an average day. I'm at a buddy's house, and after winning yet another video game contest, I was bored and decided to steal his little sister's finger nail polish and paint my nails.copyright protection69PENANAfib8R6BCqA

Insert Princess Tiny and Princess Terror, my friend's two little sisters. copyright protection69PENANAoxOo2uv80d

"Why are you painting your nails," Elisabeth, aka Princess Tiny asked. copyright protection69PENANAsu5FTkmNBa

"Because I can."copyright protection69PENANA7QsjZkqAWQ

"But isn't that a girl thing? And your a guy?"copyright protection69PENANAbln0Kqugzu

Oh boy, i thought, here we go again. So, I look to my buddy for help, but he shakes his head, grabbing a bottle of wine from beneath the cabinet and pouring him a bit, before returning it to wherever his mother had hidden it.copyright protection69PENANAt1ZyHST4Gu

So I start explaining how some peoples gender doesn't match their sex and other such stuff, and she's listening, and I think she is finally understanding, after all she's a smart little thing. But, as we all know, kids say the darndest things.copyright protection69PENANAeOlH7k1xUX

"So when you dress like a girl, do you grow, you know girl parts?" she asked innocently.copyright protection69PENANAo5jL53cAjL

"Um...Um...n-no" I manage to stammer. Meanwhile, my buddy is choking from laughing so hard, and I'm ready to hide, because of all the bad moments in my life, trying to explain that to a child had to be the worst!!copyright protection69PENANA4NN4luWfyD

So I did the smart thing and pulled my sleeves out of my hoodie, turned it around, and covered my face with the hood. Except the kid wouldn't let me hide in peace, because she pulls the hood down, and smiles sweetly.copyright protection69PENANAJNr4uypv6k

"I found you. And I'm still confused. What happens when you dress like a girl?"copyright protection69PENANAtupNgvQs5a

*Facepalms* so friends, this is why you don't try to explain gender fluid to a child, especially not one under the age of ten.copyright protection69PENANAeaY1fjwbz5

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