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Worst Moment Ever
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Worst Moment Ever
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Why Can't I Forget This Already?
Dec 15, 2015
2 Mins Read
423 Words
No Plagiarism!uKWbpPvYiK5CdB2jkzxuposted on PENANA

It was the fall of 2009...I think. I was in the fourth grade. My entire class was taken to a trailer parked right outside of the school where we played with packing peanuts. To teach us about global warming or something, you know...science. We were in the trailer for less than ten minutes when my head started to feel really weird. My vision was turning various shades of brown and I began to feel really dizzy. I started blinking, trying to clear my head.copyright protection58PENANA7EkugPuyeP

But to no avail, because utter embarrassment obviously cannot be stopped.copyright protection58PENANAIJAEUZtpXL

I fell right over. Right past my science partner. Who did not catch me. I think I actually hit him on my way down. Oh, and then I hit the floor as everything went black. copyright protection58PENANA92nnDqGXZe

The next thing I remember I was waking up next to my teacher who was sitting beside me on the steps leading up to the trailer. She was asking me if I was alright, but nothing was making sense. copyright protection58PENANAr6TMB9B6IQ

And then I passed out again. copyright protection58PENANAWqzw5tvyTt

When I woke up again, I realized it had only been a few minutes and she had somehow managed to get me across the street. It was there, between the trailer and the school, that I started dry heaving. My teacher held me up. copyright protection58PENANAk3vIr98778

Then I passed out againcopyright protection58PENANAmzeglQpXX8

The next time I regained consciousness, I was in the lunch lady's arms as she ran down the hall towards the nurses office, muttering reassurances to me along the way. While my mind was still extremely fuzzy, the beginning of the realization of what was happening hit me. With it came petrifying embarrassment. copyright protection58PENANAOUynqDRWcL

Finally, I was set up in the nurse's office with a juice box and crackers in my hand, my parents on the way. I was seething in mortification and self-pity. copyright protection58PENANApxPVfg5ooc

The next day was filled with questions concerning my well-being from my classmates and teachers. Even my friend, who had been absent that day, came to school knowing what had occurred. Some thought I was dying, others thought I had diabetes. No one thought it was what it really was which was a minor case of hypoglycemia. In other words, my blood sugar got too low.copyright protection58PENANAwLLK17Br5z

It has been seven years and I'm still embarrassed about this. But, at least now I can laugh about it.copyright protection58PENANAzTt8gUM8RZ

But the worst thing of all? I still have no idea what the hell we were supposed to be learning from packing peanuts.copyright protection58PENANAUhwJdMZian

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Nor - A similar thing happened to me too. Years ago there was this school drug talk and I passed out in the first five minutes. I'm usually not squeamish at all but as soon as the topic of needles came up I blacked out. I've never lived it down *shudders*
2 years agoreply