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RWBY Book 2: Echoes
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Writer Polydragons
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RWBY Book 2: Echoes
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Dec 7, 2015
16 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!mdFP1MqFdykAxtWpukOxposted on PENANA

Eternal64Please respect copyright.PENANA37nFqspPbh
copyright protection60PENANA3A5kE7TTD8

Damn her! Winter crumbled up the invitation and threw it into the trash, seething. Ten years! Ten years she'd worked to get everything she was deserved, and she'd finally gotten it! Or so she thought.copyright protection60PENANAU0lAPnng2B

She finally had her father's undivided attention, and her bitch of a sister was out on her ass as she should have been to start with. If she'd had her way Winter knew Weiss would ruin their company with her righteous set of morals interfering with how a business was properly run.copyright protection60PENANAPnbmQ7LksA

It was obvious that Winter deserved to be the only heiress. She'd been working to undercut her sister's ties with their father from the moment she realized that, and truly learning to hate her as their father resisted her machinations.copyright protection60PENANASwaXQP5KII

It was her damned voice! That last shred of usefulness to him. She'd dropped just the barest of hints why it was useful to Weiss one time. She'd been right. The bitch refused to sing after. And yet still her father hung on!copyright protection60PENANASDJeezBCPE

She knew that Weiss had felt the strain on the relationship Winter was cultivating since mom had died. When she became old enough to do so her sister started training, using private instructors, to become a huntress. She clearly wanted to be as far away as possible. Winter hoped she'd die in the field if she graduated. That would accomplish all her goals.copyright protection60PENANAdF1o1SwNdZ

Then last year the final irony happened as Weiss herself ended it in spectacular fashion! Oh, she'd been watching secretly when she first heard the argument start. As Winter expected it was about her misplaced morals, and her love for their sub-human workers. Then she had the audacity to slap her father! His next statement was like music to her ears; sweeter than any song from her sister's overrated lips.64Please respect copyright.PENANA5UHK61zawj
copyright protection60PENANAn5vx2ln755

Weiss was ruined. She was nothing, just a shell of a person with no possibilities. She may act like she was okay with that lower class work, but Winter knew. She knew that without her name, her money, and her prestige she would crumble in despair. How else could it be?copyright protection60PENANAQXJzbX9NzZ

That day had been the best day of her life.copyright protection60PENANArNEscGkItx

Then one day it was official. Father changed his will to place Winter as the heir. Right afterwards he signed the paperwork that would nullify any rights Weiss may have had with the Schnee name.copyright protection60PENANAHRCdpFzMNE

She imagined what it must have been like when Weiss accepted her diploma, devoid of a last name like some abandoned orphan. What was that tattoo called? Oh, an Emblem. What would she do for that now? If it was accurate it should say loser. Oh, how she laughed at the thought!copyright protection60PENANASECBdOznB9

Then she got that... that thing! It was like Weiss knew all along what Winter was doing, and though she'd lost she still had to slap Winter in the face, telling her that she'd failed. She was going to be happy with some low life commoner. What was worse is it wasn't just her happiness; she was getting married to a girl to do it! Ruby was ruining Winter's victory maliciously.copyright protection60PENANAm3W0v8GQRa

She hated them! She hated them both!copyright protection60PENANAoz21MrGleu

"My little sister is finally getting married!" Yang cheered. "Two years of waiting for you two to get it on followed by thirteen months of nauseating romance and now we're here!"copyright protection60PENANA068CImrhJ3

"Uhg... You're more excited than I am."copyright protection60PENANAq56m6CvNtm

Her sister's grin was infectious, and Ruby had to admit that in reality her own excitement was far beyond what Yang was demonstrating. It was just tempered by annoyance at her betrothed who had gotten very secretive. It wasn't that she was distant, which in itself was odd. Weiss was acting as if the world had become nothing but roses (no pun intended) (no, really!). She still was sarcastic, but it was all good natured now, and obviously so. She had developed that mode when it was just the two of them, but now it was with anyone.copyright protection60PENANAYRV0SHsz2G

Ruby could attribute all of it to the wedding, and odds are she was right, but the quiet little discussions with Yang that suddenly stopped as soon as Ruby approached were getting outright annoying. "You two are planning something, and I know it's about the wedding," Ruby said with a glare.copyright protection60PENANA42NcFvy7Ni

If a halo could magically pop up over Yang's head it would have. "I have no idea what you're talking about." Her sister smiled. "Speaking of plans though, have you picked out your tux yet?"copyright protection60PENANAaeohAvT6in

In most ceremonies it was a given who wore what. With lesbians it was a bit more free form. Sometimes one wore the tux and the other the dress, sometimes both wore a dress. Heck, sometimes both wore tuxedos. It was just a matter of preference. After only a brief talk they had decided that Ruby would wear the pants, so to speak, and Weiss would take the dress. Now every time Ruby came back with what she thought was perfect either Yang or Weiss would find some little detail that was off about it.copyright protection60PENANAshenh75KH7

The day had to be perfect; Ruby knew that, but really? "It's being altered to fit. I picked the most expensive seamstresses in Vale, so it will be flawless so you two won't reject it yet again!"copyright protection60PENANAqLaeXPKwWx

"That's good. I would hate for it not to be done in time." This had been the biggest reason to shoo her off when the two conspirators wanted her away. Ruby was bound and determined to stop that in its tracks, but failing at every turn.copyright protection60PENANAP7LeomJis1

"Gah!" Ruby yelled in frustration.copyright protection60PENANAFUiUiA1nkJ

Weiss looked over the paper in front of her, scratching out words, putting in new ones, and growing more frustrated by the second. This had to be perfect. She'd been working on it for two months now and yet it just didn't look right.copyright protection60PENANAuLuFZsuKZr

Ruby was accepting the normal way of doing things. A happy groom accepting her blushing bride as she walked down the aisle. Happy faces in all the pews, a few crying in shared joy. It's just how it was done. Weiss wasn't going to disillusion Ruby, but she had other ideas.copyright protection60PENANAhPz33YpMgR

She knew Yang was approaching from behind by her low laugh. "Oh, she's getting so frustrated with us. If we keep her in the dark much longer she may kill us in our sleep. Considering where she sleeps I'd be careful if I were you."copyright protection60PENANAOWM7R4HTr2

"Hmmph. She wouldn't dare." Weiss cracked one of her rare but suddenly common smiles. "So, has it come in yet?"copyright protection60PENANACWN6BNz6xy

Yang let out an answering smile, with interest. "Just in from Vacuo. I already have it set at the end of the aisle. She's going to flip."copyright protection60PENANAyPn7Sq6hcn

"Good, now I just need to finish this."copyright protection60PENANA90jV8b0P4s

Looking over her shoulder Yang read it to herself. "Looks done to me."copyright protection60PENANARGpFM1tm71

"Well it is done, obviously, but it needs improved on," Weiss said with some actual annoyance, all of it directed at the paper in front of her. "It just doesn't scan right."copyright protection60PENANAUGQiOIIU0V

A low chuckle escaped Yang's lips. "You're just nervous. Relax; it's going to be great."copyright protection60PENANAhaWB54M6UR

"I'll be sure to tell you that when you decide on a guy," she bit.copyright protection60PENANAzMxYrkZVG7

This time the chuckle was much deeper. "Yeah, that's not going to happen."copyright protection60PENANAWAOMTCvBxw

"I don't know how you lead them around by the nose like that," the White Bride observed. "Sooner or later they're going to get sick of it."copyright protection60PENANAxPGurMydSs

Yang struck a pose. "With all of this?"copyright protection60PENANA4reCqGWpBD

"Especially with all of that!" Weiss exclaimed.copyright protection60PENANAxxelk7YQIv

With a shake of her head that clearly said 'if you only knew' Yang said "let me worry about it. You have enough on your plate."copyright protection60PENANAmgk2KLOiZH

Now that was too true. "I'm going to go see it. Keep Ruby occupied for a half hour or so."copyright protection60PENANAL490GzHDZi

"Yeah, that'll be easy," Yang said with obvious sarcasm.copyright protection60PENANAgwQuRaBP1k

Yang waited behind the doors that would bring her and Ruby out to the fabled aisle. Today was the day and everything had gone perfectly. By her calculations Ruby should be here any moment thinking that the ceremony would start in about fifteen minutes.copyright protection60PENANAlnBFqlreEq

It wasn't. It was going to start the moment that Ruby showed up. It was an unconventional relationship, so this was going to be an unconventional wedding. There was already confusion among the guests. Weiss, bedecked in her wedding dress, was already waiting at the altar with her bride's maids where the groomsmen should be. Yang was supposed to be among those brides' maids, as far as Ruby knew at least.copyright protection60PENANAWqv5qcE7QD

Ruby entered looking resplendent in her tuxedo, her hair actually tamed for this day. Behind her came the groomsmen; Jaune, Ren, Sun, Neptune, Coco, and Fox. "What's going on?" Ruby asked anxiously as she looked around wildly.copyright protection60PENANAq6agB2rdSs

No answer was given as Yang stuck her head out and nodded once, then pulled back in. "Something special," she answered at last. Not that that helped any. It was her wedding day. By definition everything was special.copyright protection60PENANAxdQ8Tguku8

Weiss's voice rose, singing two lines without accompaniment.copyright protection60PENANALryhwZtb6j

"Mirror, tell me something,64Please respect copyright.PENANARtL10hRBms
Tell me who's the loneliest of all?"copyright protection60PENANAPxqZN11feU

The guests were instantly uncomfortable, and Ruby's confused expression went up twenty degrees. This was not a song appropriate to a wedding.copyright protection60PENANAIM7yV0Oplj

The orchestra started, adding its strength to Weiss's vocals, not that her voice needed it. Anyone familiar with this song would know that the notes were the same, but the tempo was not. It was slow, gentle, much like the wedding march. No, the beat was slower, conveying the sadness the song represented.copyright protection60PENANAy6K6ng6Rsd

"Mirror, tell me something,64Please respect copyright.PENANAbpzz5Z1vOd
Tell me who's the loneliest of all?64Please respect copyright.PENANAMU8uFevfp2
Fear of what's inside me,64Please respect copyright.PENANAyhvkiwC98Y
Tell me can a heart be turned to stone?"copyright protection60PENANAahKBhyCjNR

At this point the pace would normally slow for a moment for an operatic overture, then return to a feverish pace as the final verse was released. Instead it held even with the previous and continued without interruption. Normally haunting despite the beet, this only served to deepen the feeling of sadness.copyright protection60PENANAdvDk4zlSYG

Mirror, mirror, what's behind you?64Please respect copyright.PENANACkobTubU00
Save me from the things I see!64Please respect copyright.PENANA8MUggAvMPV
I can keep it from the world,64Please respect copyright.PENANAOockJvQlFZ
Why won't you let me hide from me?"copyright protection60PENANAbxNWEacK2F

Ruby was starting to get fidgety. Yang had mercy on her and allowed her to poke her head around the door. What she would see was Weiss, staring into an intricately designed silver mirror. The mirror had been special made for this event and would have a place of honor in the new couple's house. The frame was filled with flowers and snowflakes intertwined with a knot work design.copyright protection60PENANAXdWHOdgrw4

Weiss's face would be like ice; cold, distant, and devoid of hope. It was the face she had they day the two met, not the face of someone on the happiest day of her life. "What's going on?" Ruby asked again, now really worried.copyright protection60PENANAiJzW4Evpwu

Weiss hadn't sung publicly in seven years. The memory of the power of her voice was long since forgotten by most. Yang knew she sang to Ruby regularly, but even she hadn't heard her full range. Intimate settings didn't allow for what was coming as Weiss opened up a beautiful operatic run, its power echoing off the church's walls. After tonight's performance it would take another decade to have the memory fade. Her voice had been world class when untouched by her heart. Now it was unparalleled. The sound of the overture was filled with a sad melancholy, but by the time it ended it held a hint of hope, of joy.copyright protection60PENANA5I1SEF3Rq5

"Let's go," Yang announced.copyright protection60PENANAwnjs57Glyc

The groomsmen had lined up behind Ruby quietly so as not to alert her, then Yang looped Ruby's arm through hers and started them down the aisle as the last note of the run left Weiss's throat. The tempo had increased subtly, now matching the pace of the traditional march.copyright protection60PENANApRWZO0Dkpa

"Mirror, tell me something,64Please respect copyright.PENANAkhjJtcdE7d
Tell me who's the luckiest of all?64Please respect copyright.PENANAFf0Awha130
Hope for what's inside me,64Please respect copyright.PENANAXSo9d8F4tk
Tell me can this stone begin to beat?"copyright protection60PENANAOvSQnwwroW

Ruby was catching on quickly. Under her breath she whispered "so this is the secret?" Yang didn't change her expression at all, just basking in the joy of giving her own sister away in her father's stead. It was the first joy she'd felt thinking of dad since his passing.copyright protection60PENANAwUkQnqX3Mw

Weiss had changed her position subtly, now with her back partially towards the aisle, but Yang could see her reflection in the mirror and her eyes were on only one person. Her cold expression was thawing and her happiness was showing through, just as it was showing in her voice.copyright protection60PENANAgcocbcdPwD

Yang was the only one to have heard this version of the song before today. It had been a great honor, and Yang knew it. Weiss had only sung for Ruby since she had regained that portion of her life. Those times were special to her. The one way she was sure she was truly showing every shade of her emotions to Ruby.copyright protection60PENANA0l8ScwpIXN

That wasn't true, of course. When those two sat together, which was as often as possible, it was impossible not to notice their bond.copyright protection60PENANAFuI0k5qi8c

But perception was everything, and on this day she wanted to show the world, and do it in spectacular fashion. Well, she was accomplishing that! Really this wasn't much different than tradition. Take out the singing and replace it with the wedding march, put Ruby in the dress and Weiss in the tux, and there you go.copyright protection60PENANAOoodBApOpW

Yeah, right. This was going to be scandalous and those two were going to get teased for months by their friends. Yang couldn't wait!copyright protection60PENANAsqhAit7Ic4

"Mirror, mirror, who's behind me?64Please respect copyright.PENANA3OCmx5yKKF
Help me get the one I see!64Please respect copyright.PENANAYpVYZsfatj
I have kept it from the world,64Please respect copyright.PENANAaqbyApHgta
Why did you let me hide from me?"copyright protection60PENANAwRzeRUkics

Another operatic overture began, starting with the hope the last one had ended in, and building until Yang let go of Ruby and allowed her to take her spot beside Weiss. The music had gotten to her, so she would have been amazed if Ruby hadn't been put to tears. She wasn't let down. The speed of the final two verses reached the peak of the original, and it brimmed with pure joy bordering on ecstasy.copyright protection60PENANAu1RSetsEhS

Yang had taken her spot among the groomsmen and looked over the crowd. She was unsurprised by the attendees faces. They too were entranced by the song, dumbstruck by its raw presentation of emotion.copyright protection60PENANAAJiSkBlrkx

What did surprise her was a single person sitting in the section reserved for the bride's family. Yang hadn't expected any to show, though against Ruby's objections Weiss had invited them all. Perhaps this meant the relationship between Weiss and Winter could be patched up? Yang sincerely hoped so, but didn't trust it. She'd never had a favorable impression of Winter. To be blunt, Yang thought she was a bitch.copyright protection60PENANAwQp65h0pzd

She shied away from those unpleasant thoughts though, in favor of listening to the ending of the song. It was her favorite part.copyright protection60PENANAS4eKXtdq8v

"Mirror, tell me something,64Please respect copyright.PENANABwZdSwjrg4
Tell me who's the happiest of all?64Please respect copyright.PENANA7ft2dtutDY
Joy is what's inside me,64Please respect copyright.PENANAMNpYm0n4gR
Tell me can a heart be made to burn?"copyright protection60PENANAiIfBAAdW2x

Weiss turned slightly so she could look at Ruby directly for the first time.copyright protection60PENANAuynTFtbGSL

"Mirror, mirror, who's beside me?64Please respect copyright.PENANAeRnd5gKoH0
Thank you for the one I see!64Please respect copyright.PENANAtOgWQtqlX4
I won't keep it from the world,64Please respect copyright.PENANAkKSKJeK6j1
My heart is now forever free!copyright protection60PENANATLP8vNBJdJ

Mirror, mirror, tell me something,64Please respect copyright.PENANAXxTlLYBwni
Who's the most loved of all?"copyright protection60PENANAevst733kZ5

A slight pause, then the last line, sang directly to Ruby with all the strength of her heart and with all the gentleness of a dove.copyright protection60PENANAStEgnkJz0C

"I'm the most loved of all."copyright protection60PENANAkTna1TXDCa

The last line held in the air, so sweet and soft. The look in Ruby's eyes was all the proof that Yang needed that the effort to keep this secret from her had been worth it.copyright protection60PENANAnQGQkOTo8T

The guests were in hushed awe, as was the wedding party itself. They had all known there was a plan; none had heard what Weiss was preparing beyond their part in it. That way if someone let it slip (cough, cough, Nora, cough, cough) they could only give away the part they knew.copyright protection60PENANAu1n9hKt1jt

Weiss had accomplished her goal. She always did when she set her mind to it.copyright protection60PENANADEn0PoUN2w

Presiding over the ceremony it was upon Ozpin to break the silence. When asked by the couple to perform this sacred role the usually stoic headmaster had looked uncharacteristically touched. "That was very beautiful Weiss, if unorthodox. I do not believe there will be any who will doubt the strength of your vows. Ruby, do you have anything to add?"copyright protection60PENANAXqnEgHsa5B

Yang knew she had prepared vows of her own. She had worked on them for hours, practiced them in front of a mirror to get them just right so Weiss knew how deep her love went. All that Ruby said though was "I will never let you fall," trying to wipe away the tears that was smearing her makeup.copyright protection60PENANA3ACqJUbcVv

Ozpin smiled, and finished the ceremony without dramatics. There was nothing that could top what had already been seen and heard. "Weiss, do you take Ruby to love and to hold, in sickness and health, in times of battle and of peace, for as long as you both shall live?"copyright protection60PENANAGy93zZrtMu

"I do."copyright protection60PENANA0KUnob4Rla

He turned his attention to Ruby. "And do you Ruby take Weiss to love and to hold, in sickness and health, in times of battle and of peace, for as long as you both shall live?"copyright protection60PENANAsoK5PtZ0GU

"I- I do," she swore, choked by tears.copyright protection60PENANAvmtFp2ERwq

Rings were not traditionally worn by Huntsmen and Huntresses. They were too easily broken or lost when in the field. Instead their vows were symbolized by a bracelet chosen by the couple. Both had chosen one that was a simple unadorned white gold, hinged and latched so they would always stay in place without hindering movement. These bracelets were still called rings, and had much the same look if a tad larger.copyright protection60PENANAlwagUzrYqN

"Weiss place the ring upon Ruby's wrist and repeat after me," Ozpin intoned. "With this ring I thee wed."copyright protection60PENANA9ScTY1nX13

There was no doubt in Weiss's eyes, and though she was obviously emotional her voice was steady. "With this ring I thee wed."copyright protection60PENANASxplcPoQGV

"Ruby place the ring upon Weiss's wrist and repeat after me," the headmaster continued. "With this ring I thee wed."copyright protection60PENANAh2srjm1Klr

Ruby wasn't nearly as composed. She fumbled with the bracelet several times, her emotions overwhelming her. Finally though it was in place and latched. "With this ring I thee wed," she vowed, unable to stop the tears from growing.copyright protection60PENANAyukKniLLgN

"I now pronounce you Ruby and Weiss Rose." The Headmaster looked at Ruby. "You may kiss your bride."copyright protection60PENANAP8keux4TnK

The cheering deafened any other words that might have been said, but no words were needed. Not with that kiss.copyright protection60PENANAPENh66E7RZ

Bitch!copyright protection60PENANAzptT9RbVDr

Winter had to go, had to see with her own eyes. Surely it was a lie! Weiss's wedding was a sham. It was a desperate plea for attention. What else could it be?copyright protection60PENANAIsA3G4ALYX

That wasn't what she saw though. Weiss had even sung! Winter knew how her sister's voice had sounded. What she heard today put that to shame and left no doubt that their love was real.copyright protection60PENANAvNCj5JpJRg

Well, if she was worried that Weiss and father could ever patch up their relationship, she didn't need to any longer. His ego and bigotry would never accept a gay daughter. That wasn't the point though.copyright protection60PENANAIqFcjO4vJH

In a building filled with love and happiness, one spot of unbridled hate burned brightly.copyright protection60PENANAWs9wvQB5Bz

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