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RWBY Book 2: Echoes
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Writer Polydragons
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RWBY Book 2: Echoes
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Fame and Fortune
Dec 7, 2015
11 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!CldUac4rZ16uFGrep8Kwposted on PENANA

I never thought I'd get tired of the spotlight, Yang reflected from her spot in the stretched SUV. It fit her public profile, though she didn't like it. Still, it did give Jerry and Jeff a chance to be by themselves. Those two needed it. If she was tired of the spotlight, Jerry was completely wilted. Jeff, short for Geophry, was perfect. While part of her entourage Jeff was only a background character as far as the world could see. That left him separate enough that Jerry could get away from the stresses that stardom caused.copyright protection50PENANAVsFxQEcRb8

Jeff was also kinda cute, which helped. Shame he wasn't interested in girls at all. Ah well.copyright protection50PENANAGOuUIF6N65

The SUV was split into three sections, not that anyone could see that from the exterior. The front and back section is exactly what most would expect: the driver up front, the party in the back. The back was smaller than it looked like from outside however, to hide the space in the middle which contained a bed. That would be where the boys were having their fun. She envied them.copyright protection50PENANAPdzuU0Ij8t

Sure, she had affairs all over Remnant now, but that's all they were: a device to drive her ratings and to help out Phoenix. There was no emotional attachment at all. It wasn't that Jerry wasn't great. Yang really did love him. He was unique from everyone she'd ever dated. Not a warrior, not even really a lover. He was grounded though and kept her from getting full of herself with all the publicity.copyright protection50PENANAQ4VwCMaODl

Meh. Sun would be laughing his ass off if he saw her. Last she'd heard he had found a girlfriend of his own. Nora had suggested that if she was really lucky he would find love elsewhere but want her as well. She wasn't that lucky, and his girlfriend was more predatory than Yang was. Well, that's life. You didn't win every battle.copyright protection50PENANAXjardS7jFd

Seeing Club Moonlight come up she knocked on the partition. "Okay lovebirds, we're almost there. Get dressed and prepare for our public."copyright protection50PENANApurYYlZHF8

Yang suppressed a growl, barely. If I hear one more lame pickup line... I mean, I know they all think I'm a hot piece of ass and a slut, but do they have to do it five feet away from my boyfriend? Just because he can't hear it over the canned music doesn't make it any less insulting!copyright protection50PENANAbvd72PTcEw

"Really? I figured with my flames it'd be clear that I'm no angel. Think deeper," she replied to the over-dressed, under-intelligent sycophant in front of her, who was using one of the oldest, and worst, pickup lines ever devised. Like this guy has any deep thoughts.copyright protection50PENANAyBQI34Abog

She took a quick look at Jeff. He was the one really in charge of the show. Simon's handpicked manager, and she was glad to have him. For all her bluster and confidence, she knew managing her publicity was more work than it's worth. And when she decided on who she was leaving with (And drop before he got to second base), she was happy she wasn't leaving Jerry without options.copyright protection50PENANApNLQMKbLrQ

Jeff smiled and nodded, which was what she'd been looking for. The night was finally over for her. Leaning into the fool she smiled her best seductive smile and whispered, "Want to see how us devils do it?" Then she turned with an inviting shake of her tail as she headed out the back doors. Theoretically those doors would be void of the paparazzi, but of course there would be one or two ready to take a scandalous picture or two.copyright protection50PENANAUDm7KoXDAB

The horny bastard almost beat her outside, and was all hands once they made it to the ally. The photographer was good, she gave him that. Without her aura giving her a sixth sense of being watched she might have missed him. Well, let's give him his show. I'm going to need a bath tonight though, and it's not from the stench of the location.copyright protection50PENANAa9d0Sh4tss

Having an image to project, she wrapped herself around him like a python, and sank her teeth into his neck. With just the slightest of efforts she was able to push him back into a wall. She wasn't in a good mood though, and him having a good time wasn't on her list of objectives. She'd pegged this guy as the macho type that thought she just needed someone man enough for her and she'd become meek and subservient. She loved those types.copyright protection50PENANAJRfuI2eTNG

He tried to make a move to reassert his masculine dominance, and she stopped nibbling on his neck to whisper, with just the slightest hint of a growl to her voice, "simmer down and take it like a good boy. You don't want mamma to spank you, do you?"copyright protection50PENANAKIj6Q4uNH5

That revved him up, and now he really was trying. He did stand an inch taller than her, but muscle for muscle (let alone skill) he never stood a chance. Grabbing the wrist of the arm attempting to take her top off, she threw him around into a hammerlock and forced his chest and face into the wall. Leaning in again she whispered "is that the best you got? Jerry's got more fight than that." Reaching down she grabbed his crotch and smirked. "That's not the only thing he's got more of."copyright protection50PENANApRfDS7UWAn

That did it. She felt his excitement deflate beneath her fingers. "Damn, can't even keep it up? Get out of here."copyright protection50PENANApkfFOXH3Rv

She actually did feel bad for him. It wasn't his fault he believed what was on the news and her show. It's called 'reality' TV after all. That didn't mean she wanted to sleep with every clubber with a woody though. She'd never leave her bedroom if that was the case.copyright protection50PENANAKBd4I38dRP

That's what she found the most enjoyable with dating Jerry. He wasn't presumptuous. He liked her aggressive side, and wasn't just into it for the sex, her stardom, or any of the other hooks. He was delightfully normal.copyright protection50PENANAigHyTzFOwg

He was going to be delighted himself when she got back home. With a half turn to make sure the photographer got her good side, she left with a smile. De-stressing was definitely in order.copyright protection50PENANAbVArApohtg

These aren't going to do, the photographer thought. Everyone has seen pictures like this. It's not going to make me any money. copyright protection50PENANANdR0iz4qMV

Briefly he thought about manufacturing photos, but he didn't want to risk the forgeries being spotted. That would blow up in his face in a big way.copyright protection50PENANAg5bXD5xjT3

Should I follow her? She blew him off pretty quick. I wonder if she's heading somewhere else juicier? Well, it couldn't hurt. copyright protection50PENANAz5ZawzzUR2

She sensed that the paparazzi hadn't had enough with her little alley scene. Well, she was a huntress, so fuck it. Turning a corner suddenly she wall jumped up to the roof of one building and waited for him to pass. I wonder if it's within Jeff's plans for me to knock this guy out? She wasn't serious, of course. Beating up henchmen, goons and the occasional crime boss was fun, but a civilian was out.copyright protection50PENANAaEg2FyCJZp

This one was good. He didn't look at her as he passed beneath, but she knew he was aware of her. It piqued her interest. Skill had to be respected. She became as noticeable as the gravel she stood on and waited for his next move. That move turned out to be walking off, refusing to play the cat and mouse game.copyright protection50PENANAEfuQc8VKsP

It was almost disappointing, yet only made her more curious. She hoped this wouldn't be the last time they played this little game, maybe to a more satisfying conclusion.copyright protection50PENANAN2UNcqmLle

As he'd expected from someone of her caliber she wasn't so easy to shadow, but it had been fun trying. This job may be for more than just the money. He did love a challenge.copyright protection50PENANAOwT5yyEbiD

Unaware to either of them a third person was playing their game. For him it was all business however. He'd been a spy for too long to get entrenched in fun, challenge, or curiosity that would blur the lines. It had earned him the nickname "Hawk," because of his focus, and the deadliness of his attacks when he chose to strike.copyright protection50PENANAAXS5N5eJPG

Councilman Ferris would be interested in this new wrinkle. Leaving the area before he might be accidentally spotted, he didn't stop until he was safely ensconced in his home. Picking up his scroll he called his employer. "Sir, her pawn is now in play."copyright protection50PENANAyDItqUTNGf

"So she's finally making a move? Hmmmm... Not who I would think she'd be after. She is either more intelligent than I gave her credit for, or more insane."copyright protection50PENANA2vLVBktfvM

Hawk listened and waited until his boss spoke again. He did not expect to hear his reasoning, just his next set of orders which he would obey. He was paid well for excellent work, and he made sure his performance was equal to that pay. "Muddy the water for the pawn and get close to her."copyright protection50PENANAS6JLcwQqgG

"Yes sir."copyright protection50PENANA7PkQiKLcys

Jeff was more animated than usual. "Did you get a good look at him as he passed?"copyright protection50PENANArAXcwyx0O3

"No, that's how I knew he'd spotted me. He was very careful to make sure I never got a clear view of anything but his hat." She paused for a second in thought. "I can say for sure it's none of my regulars though. His aura didn't feel anything like the rest of the paparazzi that chases me."copyright protection50PENANAMG9vrl2iMi

He shook his head then stared into space. "I don't think there are any new gossip reporters in town. He could be someone completely new, of course, but I don't think so. The new guys don't have the skill you're talking about. He's seasoned. However you've already interacted with all of the known locals. He's definitely a mystery."copyright protection50PENANAZU8jKq4wDC

From underneath her fingertips Jerry let out a contented sigh. "You give the best scalp massages," he complemented. "Do we know for sure he's a reporter?"copyright protection50PENANAY4dWhJvOJj

"Interesting thought," his male lover acknowledged. He paused Jerry's foot massage as he ran through the possibilities.copyright protection50PENANASw011sn3Ka

Stretched out on the couch between the two Jerry pouted slightly. "And my reward for an 'interesting thought' is losing my foot rub?"copyright protection50PENANAmJ4u2PV7ly

Yang playfully stopped her massage to pop him in the back of his head. "Shush, your boyfriend's thinking."copyright protection50PENANAKjDXgUHLJr

"I thought you were supposed to be on my side? You're dating me, not him," he said with a smile.copyright protection50PENANA4BX4DYw02h

Now Yang couldn't hold in the hearty laugh. "Yeah, keep thinking that." He sighed again and Yang just grinned down at him, but returned to massaging his scalp to either side of his goat horns.copyright protection50PENANAbo0gS35Nar

The pause came to an end and Jeff said "Could be sabotage. Some of the competition trying to get something on you to reduce your ratings. The life you've been living causes all kinds of enemies who likewise would love to bring you down a few pegs." He looked down at Jerry. "Sorry lover, this means we need to cool our jets until we get a handle on this. If they find out you're as bad as she is you'll lose your fan base."copyright protection50PENANAlVLYS1TAMD

"So no more foot rubs?"copyright protection50PENANA2ReZVRYsS0

In stereo his lovers replied "Hedonist."copyright protection50PENANAJ4pKkhOp5Z

"I prefer to think I am being properly pampered,” he sniffed playfully.copyright protection50PENANAQrUCqMDjnp

Yang chuckled, but under the surface she sighed. She loved Jerry, and these little moments where she and Jeff were in sync to take care of him really did feel wonderful. They were all she could want; knowing no matter what tomorrow brought he would never be alone. No matter how stressed she became both her boyfriend and his lover would be there to share the burden.copyright protection50PENANAWphbpc3nEW

It was a mindset few could have or understand. Even Ruby still had trouble grasping how her independent bigger than life sister could share anything, let alone a man. Blake didn't openly despise it, but she had never grown comfortable with it. Out of consideration Yang didn't bring it up with her unless it was pertinent to the conversation, or outright unavoidable.copyright protection50PENANAoo0N8k5WKa

But again, she wondered if another love would ever be in the cards for her. It wasn't that she didn't think she was desirable and didn't have any possible suitors. She had enough backed up fan mail to keep her reading for the rest of her life to prove that. None of them would know the real her though. They'd know the persona, and that persona was a bitch. Would she really find any kind of romance in a guy who found that attractive? Hah!copyright protection50PENANAVBCPd2CQl0

She could risk breaking persona and letting someone see the real her, but that was ill-advised. One whisper in the wrong set of ears and the only scandal she couldn't afford would be all over not only the gossip rags, but all over the reputable news sources as well. Her career would be over, and more importantly the good press that Jerry was bringing faunus would end and possibly backfire. She couldn't do that to any of them.copyright protection50PENANAgipxuOKxcp

And what was she complaining about? She still had more love than she had a right to ask for. "Well, while we wait to find out who our shadowy mystery man is, how about Pampered gets us some popcorn. I'm in the mood for a sappy romance."copyright protection50PENANAtAOuoWOuTz

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