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    David Hill
    David Hill
    David Hill --------------------------------------------------------------- writer author amateur photographer --------------------------------------------------------------- David writes fiction stories on a variety of topics and in various genres. David had the idea to start writing stories and books as a legacy to his family and to future generations of the world and that is why he started writing. When David was younger he did a lot of traveling with his parents, and he also took a lot of pictures during his travels, which helped to develop his interest in photography. --------------------------------------------------------------- David is known to be affectionate yet shy at times and likes to keep most things private, if he can. He can be open about things when asked, but questions must be within reason or within his morals, which are expressed in his noble character. He is also amiable, broad-minded, compassionate, gentle, and merciful to a point. David can be enthusiastic and more energetic when facing a new physical or intellectual adventure. helped to develop his interest in photography. --------------------------------------------------------------- my future paperback books will be listed here https://isbnsearch.org/isbn/9780578211077 --------------------------------------------------------------- microblogging and social networking websites https://davidlewishillfictionbooks.tumblr.com/ https://www.facebook.com/David-Lewis-Hill-fiction-books-2074628089319658/
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Saphrezdako and Her Origin Story

Saphrezdako thinks she is just a normal human, but she is not she is an extraordinary or abnormal Human. She goes on a trip that she had won and the trip was to outer space. The trip to outer space and her Elf DNA combined with Space Radiation and some Solar wind changed her to be stronger and more magical than before. Also, she still does not know that she has a magical bloodline.

Target Audience: Trade / general adult

Notes to Readers: Chapter 1 also covers the parents of the main character.

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