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    16 I’ve always wanted to become a writer but I feel like my stories aren't always the best! I’d love to get your input.
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Strangers in the starlight

Ryder Young. The first person who's passed the academy's tests at age 17. Ever. The youngest legal time traveler. Also the first openly gay traveler. 2025 is going to be his year. 

Jack Dawson. The mayors 16 year old son. He's different from the rest of the kids. Sure it's because he's the mayors only son, but it's something more. 1939 is definitely not going to be his year- but neither have any of the others. 

Izzy Young. Ryders overprotective twin sister who also goes to TTA. She is going to kill him. 

William Flynn. The man in the chair of sorts. He wouldn't change his job for the world. He's really good at stopping Izzy. Sometimes. 

When Ryders first solo trip goes haywire and he ended up getting stuck in 1939. Thank god he knows the protocol. 

1- interact with as few people as possible

2- don't tell them you're from the future.

3- don't draw attention to yourself. 

4- don't let the normals see the ship. 

5- make sure to not bring anything from the past back. 

Of course that goes haywire when the cutest boy he's ever seen in his life. Like EVER catches him and decides to try to help him get back home but in return- Ryder has to stay with Jack and his family until it's fixed. Never did he think he'd fall in love with Jack. 

⚠️mild cursing⚠️

Reposting my story from Wattpad on here. 

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