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Buried Planet

After a sacred peak suddenly erupted, a special group was sent to investigate... but they weren't the only ones. An opposing faction also answered the call. Now, as they are pushed ever deeper into the bowels of this battered world by the whims of higher powers; they must also learn along the way to work together if they are to successfully complete their newfound mission.To rescue and escort back to the surface a very special young one for it is claimed that she alone might be the offering the world was longing for, and as such, there are many that would like nothing more than to lay their hands on her.

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Aurora - A Girl from the Future

*** Exciting news ***The entire first volume and the thrilling second volume will be available for purchase on Amazon.com in just one week! Beta readers: "Like Jules Verne's works, but twisted to power." Read more:

"Improves mood.""This mind-bending tale explores the power of storytelling. I couldn't put it down!""A riveting blend of science fiction and fantasy that keeps you guessing.""The strangest novel since Alice in Wonderland."

Embark on an extraordinary adventure with 'Aurora - A Girl from the Future', an educational and captivating sci-fi novel that will ignite the imaginations of young readers and their parents alike. Join Aurora as she travels through time, encountering thrilling challenges and uncovering fascinating scientific wonders.

This thought-provoking novel is not just a thrilling story; it's an immersive learning experience. With each page, readers will expand their vocabulary, develop abstract thinking skills, and ignite their imagination. The carefully crafted storyline is designed to engage young minds, fostering a love for learning and exploration.

Unlock the power of knowledge and adventure by clicking the link below to secure your copy on Amazon! (the link to Amazon in the next week).


With your generous support, I am able to dedicate my time and expertise to crafting the upcoming volumes of the novel without the worry of financial constraints. Your contributions make a significant difference, and I am incredibly grateful. Thank you!

If you would like to show your support, you can make a donation via PayPal:https://paypal.me/aurorathenovelAlternatively, you can contribute through a one-time donation or a subscription on Ko-Fi:https://ko-fi.com/aurorathenovel

The Curse of Wardoks: A Tale of Two Worlds

In a world hidden just beyond our reach, an enigmatic species called the "Wardoks" dwell, secretly observing every detail of human life. Possessing the uncanny ability to seamlessly traverse between their realm and ours, they remain unnoticed and hidden among us. However, any human who dares to uncover their existence faces a swift and merciless end.

When a cataclysmic war erupts within the wardok world, the triumphant faction devises a sinister plan to conquer humanity, launching a devastating surprise invasion that will forever change the course of history.

Dive into this heart-pounding saga, where intense battles, ingenious strategies, and personal evolution intertwine with the forging of unbreakable friendships and the blossoming of unexpected love. Unravel the secrets of the wardoks and experience the raw emotions that surface in a high-stakes game of survival and intrigue.

Be captivated by this unforgettable journey into the hidden world of the wardoks, where the veil between our reality and theirs is thinner than ever, and the consequences of discovery could be deadly. Don't miss the chance to immerse yourself in a thrilling story that will leave you questioning the very nature of the world around you.