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Starfall Initiative Competition
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“I challenge you to a… character competition!”

Write a short story about a new character/species out of your imagination in any kind of world of any genre. Describe your species or character in the most descriptive way you can. Whoever gets the most likes will have their species or character displayed in a chapter of Starfall Initiative, and possibly be in the future books of the series.​​​​​​​

Starfall Initiative Lore:

It is 3256, the Golden Age for economics and science. Together in harmony, they have formed a market of spaceships as flocks of new civilised species take to the skies under permission of Starbound. They have also collaboratively formed a brand new military for the galaxy; the Sol Defence Corps.

Faction Information:

Starfall Initiative:A former elite rebellion that split up following its leader’s death. This group invited people of every culture, ethnicity, species and belief to rebel against the Red Star Riders. It did not judge, and had a widely respectable reputation for being bold and endearing in the war efforts against the RSR. Even their enemies showed respect for them! Despite falling apart and its members divided once more, it seems more and more likely that there is a resurgence like nothing nobody has seen before…

Sol Defence Corps:The Sol Defence Corps, also known briefly as the SDC, are the military for the Milky Way Galaxy. They are the combination of almost all of Earth’s militaries into one, multiple space faring alien’s militaries and also armies from other colonies. There are more and more spacefaring aliens being let into the SDC, and more cadets for them to use in the war against the Red Star Riders thanks to their conflicting ideologies and morals. The SDC were established in late 3002, having been disbanded a couple of times since. It was rebuilt in 3216 after being given the newly-formed War Council’s seal of approval.

Red Star Riders:The opposing force of the SDC and Starbound, the RSR are a rebellion formed of people originally that disagreed with the idea of Starbound’s militaristic division being a War Council. A leader was quickly formed, known as the Prism. All assassination attempts against the Prism failed, and the Red Star Riders quickly gained unethical morals thanks to the Prism’s preaching to its people. It then became spacefaring, and considering how it enslaves other people who do not believe in what they do, it is almost surprising that for the most part their army has high morale…

Starbound:The government and mega corporation that controls Earth’s colonies, over half the population on its colonies believe Starbound to be a good cause. Led by one leader from each division and each sector of space to lead the people of the Milky Way Galaxy, only the best can achieve these ranks that lead with time and experience. Bribery doesn’t work on these people, folks.

Sol Intelligence Service:A cohort of the Sol Defence Corps, the SIS remain a proactive part of leading the SDC and training its finest troops. They are rather shady and the troops that know the most of this are its line of super soldiers; genetically modified and forced into war, these humans have become cyborgs with enhanced abilities. They are used in the art of war to try and turn the tide against the Red Star Riders. They come in numerous classes, such as Lockheeds which are essentially walking tanks. They have direct line to the War Council that lead the Sol Defence Corps.

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