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Marks Of The Devil

Eihm, monk and passionate student, is one day betrayed by his teacher and shackled against his will into a cruel, violent and painful world. With naught but ashes at his back he travels with the goal of ending his suffering, and perhaps to once again find the beauty that he thought was in the world. His interminable companion is the new-found curse that writhes inside of him, a demon chained to a mortal prison.

But the monastery that created his runes is pursuing him, and as he heads deeper into the world that he was kept apart from he walks into the territories of those who would exploit the devil within him. Can he manage to survive, protect his freedom, and find a fate where he does not have to continuously suffer?

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PG-13 On Break
Kingdom Fanfic

"Wise Rulers know that their kingdom will fall, Brave Rulers do not despair. Great Rulers know that their riches can rule, and spend every coin with great care."

The fight against greed in the world has been lost. Remnants of pure humanity are scattered far and few between, cowering in despair in the wake of the monstrous forces of the Greed. A lone Queen, however, with a golden crown atop her head, riding her steed with incomparable majesty, represents a new Hope to the common people, uniting them under one banner, giving them the courage and strength that they need in order to fight the Greed which has subjugated and forced them into squalor for so long.

This is the story of the beautiful pixelated side-scroller Kingdom: New Lands, which I highly recommend (and is worth the price tag) finally told with words instead of pixels and music. Where did they characters come from? What is their story? What are the mysterious origins of the Queen? All of these questions and more answered.

It is not imperative that you have to have played the game, but I suggest that players of the game read this, because much of the references will not make sense otherwise. I have kinda built it form the ground up theough, so it is also a story in its own right, meaning you can read it without knowledge of the game quite easily. This work of fiction will incorporate not only characters, but also the very gameplay mechanics themselves. Even if you've never played the game, perhaps look up the mechanics on Wikipedia, or watch a YouTuber do a playthrough, if you're interested. Still, though, I highly recommend spending the few hours and $15.

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