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    J Lutherion
    J Lutherion
    Hi, I have a dream to be a writer and a director. I want to create masterpieces and I love art. I love writing scripts and fantasy stories. I am in the process of writing a series called The Gate Series. I really hope you guys like what I put on here!
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The Gate Chronicles: The Keeper of The Graveyard

{NaNoWriMo2016 Story}

Alazar Christian Kross Saint was murdered as a child. Because of this, his soul was left to wander the graveyard he was buried in. He grew up as a normal boy would because he was ignored by heaven and hell. His soul was left to grow and mature. When he turned 10, he found out his role in this world, as The Gatekeeper of Heaven and Hell, the gates rested in the graveyard in which he was buried. Demons and Angels come to him for guidance, they ask favors of him, they also beg for him to open the gates. Which is against all the holy orders he has received. Things change  when Lucifer visits him, he unknowingly gets thrown into a sinister plot to destroy hell and heaven. Alazar can't let that happen because he has seen the end. It ends in a blaze of fire and destruction, if it begins humanity WILL end.