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Last Man to MARS
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Last Man to MARS
Submission Closed
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Ruza Dragic
No Plagiarism!18gpPY3LKarjdcdAz2sFposted on PENANA

Last Man to MARS is a book I'm planning right now, and I figure why not let some of you guys suggest some characters and objects/machines. copyright protection427PENANAMMrhi4gye6

Come up with a machine, place and character and write a short story/preview of who they are, what the place is like and how the machine works. I'll be choosing the most complex and ridiculous ones to use in the book! GET WRITING!copyright protection427PENANAXgfdF5cIQW

Note: The machines can be anything from bombs that explode kittens to frog robots that pee cola. They could also be something more rational like a self building home they would use when they get to mars.copyright protection427PENANAShg6utG3w8

WHAT IS LAST MAN TO MARS ABOUT?copyright protection427PENANAJjVaAdfQMt

Last Man to Mars is a story about the race to mars. It's been a few millenia, and world wars have come and gone, races and dynasties and religions have risen and fallen, and the most recent thing to fall- Earth. It's had enough of humans, and it's finally decided to turn into a flying ball of radiation. Everyone who has the money gets on ships and head to the closest habital(ish) planet. Mars. As per a contract made back in 4000, the first ship there gets to make the rules, government and money. Last one one there has to leave. Unfortunately, our main character Stailacity is on the slowest ship. With only a few months to come up with a way to beat everyone else there, Stailacity has to figure out how to not be a part of the last of the people to get to Mars.copyright protection427PENANAXJKcXpia88

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Kokiri-Hylian-Hero - This sounds cool. I'll make something fun...hopefully.
1 year agoreply