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Last Man to MARS
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Last Man to MARS
Submission Closed
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Home Entertainment
Nov 28, 2016
2 Mins Read
417 Words
No Plagiarism!Gq8y9SN2kgm21pcYR9Kxposted on PENANA

He found himself aboard one of the slower ships. Stailacity mentally amended that comment, this was the slowest ship ever, but Stailacity believed he could somehow pull it off. Until then--while he was on the lowest grade vessel ever, he still had a few entertainment sources, not as many as the faster vessels, but the Fortune would hardly be able to call itself a starship without a means of entertaining the crew with any type of media.copyright protection140PENANAdhzYHCjY2O

And that's where Medroids come in, a digital library capable of keeping you entertained with movies, television show, radio shows, graphic novels from all across the cultural broad.copyright protection140PENANAyJeHinA5qV

The Medroids are humanoid AI who's greatest joy it is to see the smile on the viewer/reader/listener's face as they become immersed in the alternate world created by humans, for humans, and projected/recited for humans b Medroids, who's talents are--but are not limited to--allowing you to hear an audiobook while you read that same book in lettering, while watching a documentary of said book, all while singing the theme song for that book's visual adaption, while contemplating playing the video game adaption for it with the intuitionally unintuitive controller that came with the Medroid.144Please respect copyright.PENANARktQIG04Kl
copyright protection140PENANAmMYncam3k6

The sole flaw is that each one has preferences, some may only want to read you the fairy tales of long ago, while others would only want to present the latest episode of the anime, "Sun Voyage", or show you the pages to the comic book drama of the decade, "Sun Battles", or you could end up with one that is tired of the sci-fi scene altogether, though you can--or should I say could--have an interview with your Medroid, ask it about what it does or doesn't like, but some humans--like our friend Stailacity--ran out of time, or could only have a chance at those who drifted down from the upper class's discarded Medroid stock.copyright protection140PENANABynbw5OP4Q

Stailacity's Medroids are Bob and Betsy, two of the lesser models, but they do their best to keep Stailacity entertained. Now, you may be asking yourself, why two? Because, he wasn't sure if one of them would like musical genres besides classical pieces, which frankly sounded all alike to him. As luck would have it, they both simply detested anything beyond classical. The Fortune is the most ironically named ship ever, yet...perhaps things may look up for poor Stailacity...or maybe not.copyright protection140PENANADDASlSgVYG

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