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Last Man to MARS
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Last Man to MARS
Submission Closed
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Dec 6, 2016
1 Min Read
309 Words
No Plagiarism!qIAm85ZgsYgD4QtxS4NKposted on PENANA

I was stuck on the slowest ship I could have been on. It was the only thing my small wallet could possibly afford. Being a film editor of wedding videos, one does not usually make a boatload of money, and getting onto a quick starship was expensive.copyright protection39PENANAxbvLeyo389

The ship was very low quality. The air smelled of dead cats. The small amount of food provided to last through the long journey of space tasted like cat food.43Please respect copyright.PENANAlh6OaBfK3w
copyright protection39PENANATzSuV1AVh2

I guess if the cat's aren't around to eat it...copyright protection39PENANATyGYo9vgdi

I shook the thought out of my head. I should be grateful. Most people, could not afford to get on a starship at all.copyright protection39PENANA1LuxwI5VMe

But how are we going to win the race?43Please respect copyright.PENANA5ocwkke2zy
copyright protection39PENANA5FNXaJYKEf

The only thing on this stupid starship was an air freshener, and a machine that would randomly complement you to make you feel better about the lack of hope that this ship created.43Please respect copyright.PENANAmzlWkU1FCZ
copyright protection39PENANAMyOtwcC2tQ

I bought this starship from someone who was working with a team of guys building an extremely fast space ship. His name was Gorgey. He needed to raise funds for his groups ship, so using the leftover scraps from this ship, he, and his wife built a low quality ship to sell.43Please respect copyright.PENANA2Yh8MsK1cO
copyright protection39PENANAluBP17y73l

I met Gorgey when I filmed his wedding. His wife is very ugly, but every man to his own taste I suppose.copyright protection39PENANAl8186bS5Vx

We all stood lined up, our ships all stood in a row.copyright protection39PENANAlI59bCmOEP

"You can do it." The machine said.copyright protection39PENANAE0kfQmnotq

"Shut up." I told it.copyright protection39PENANAKPzLYGWQLS

It, of course, didn't respond.copyright protection39PENANAn6BtgN5CBK

I saw Gorges ship a few ships away from mine. It was huge, and very aerodynamic looking, not that aerodynamics would matter once we made it into space.copyright protection39PENANAsfLMvB9S0D

Prepare for lift off in three, two, one.copyright protection39PENANAjKsTvrzshk

All the other ships zipped past mine. My ship slowly inched forward.copyright protection39PENANAkFrV8HIekk

Ah crap.copyright protection39PENANAZMzKz5lIXm

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