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Last Man to MARS
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Last Man to MARS
Submission Closed
A - A - A
Syntethic Human Interaction Technoligy (A.I)
Dec 14, 2016
1 Min Read
284 Words
No Plagiarism!kT1nsbfCpAOM0i75r9Jzposted on PENANA S.H.I.T.. XD

(I have a bad naming sense.. )copyright protection52PENANAhRqwDjp9vt

Actualy Stailacity is alone on the ship, he/she needs a friend to accompany her/him on the long journey. copyright protection52PENANAnQnoeQztsZ

Cabin fever had been a long worrisome infliction for the interstellar travelers. So they made it a rule for every ship that does not plan on, have, or need for cryogenic sleep; would have to have a form of communication or interaction with syntethic life to stay sane. copyright protection52PENANA3hL4zT903T

Stailacity has depleted his/her credits in purchasing the ship. In a final bid to complete the travel prep she/he gambled the last credits she owns. and finnaly she/he won a dumb looking stout cyborg with a very round head and a curved slit with two red lights as eyes. copyright protection52PENANAAkL0RpkhyP

It looked like a small bloated iron dwarf with an over sized golf ball for a head. it was a syntethic human inter action cyborg. just the right side of okay, Stailacity accepted it with a sigh. copyright protection52PENANALVG8kUYUnq

He/she nick named the thing DumDum, just because it was a bit clumsy and bumps in to stuff. copyright protection52PENANATrIFvhyFiB

When they talked it always mimicked the sripts of history. It turns out the A.I was first introduced as a teaching cyborg, filling young minds with old history subjets. copyright protection52PENANAzSVkSMJc4i

Stailacity: "Hey DumDum, should we fly in to that meteor storm? calculate a way around.." copyright protection52PENANA2PeJXyDVt1

DumDum: "YOLO!"copyright protection52PENANAmmt42ZlAEE

Stailacity: "DumDum, get me the coordinates.." copyright protection52PENANAbew7zoUiBY

DumDum: "Aint nobody got time fo' dat.."copyright protection52PENANAAENPnKn0GR

Staulacity: "Stay here, im going to look around this large moon.." copyright protection52PENANA23dv7gutQ9

DumDum: "its dangerous to go alone, take this with you" *Holding a picture of a kitty*copyright protection52PENANA72nD9W23fE

The internet has ruined his head.. the future looks bleak... copyright protection52PENANA1QiPFFz3Gg

:))copyright protection52PENANAUIj8dqoIUe

Comments ( 3 )

Kokiri-Hylian-Hero - So, I guess it was decommissioned as a teacher after it accepted memes as cultural history?
11 months agoreply

RandomAlex - Yep... something like that.. XD
But the history of the story would depend on the book.. maybe its real, maybe it isnt.. ;)
11 months agoreply

Kokiri-Hylian-Hero - @RandomAlex, That's true. Wow, there's just one day until the contest closes, huh? I wonder what the story will look like.
11 months agoreply