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The Mansion
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Co-Writer Chat Noir
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The Mansion
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Chat Noir
Aug 13, 2017
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!mmQEbnUPRUUPovp60IIEposted on PENANA ~Ben's p.o.v~ 

I cant believe it!! We got the ring so quickly! Now we can free Prexa and solve the crime—! Uh, no wait.. I need to give it to Hella, then we'll solve the mystery!copyright protection96PENANAHwUB2ZkOMN

~Hella's p.o.v~copyright protection96PENANAF8avNlTHbL

Fools...they honestly believe its so easy to find that ring?!?! Hahahahaahahaahahahahahaha, Im gonna have fun playing with this new girl... I watched them return to the house and run up to our room. I went back into Prexa's body, "PREXAAAA! We got the ring!" The young girl smiled brightly, shoving it in our face. copyright protection96PENANAB6AZBZ6BIP

"Thank you." Prexa nodded, reaching out and gently picking up the ring and placing it on her finger. I glanced at it. My chaotic laugh filled the room ,roaring even louder when I saw them shiver, "YoU ReAlLy ThOuGhT ThAT WaS ThE RiNg?!?" I cackled, "YoU gUyS aRe So StUpId!!"copyright protection96PENANAgplb1oalcX

~Sam's p.o.v~copyright protection96PENANA9S5joSEhAQ

Its the wrong ring....copyright protection96PENANA2bXCbyCiak

WHAT.copyright protection96PENANA7rKtCMRN74

THE.copyright protection96PENANALgWQzlJeCj

F—!copyright protection96PENANA5Fv2hHBTZL

—okay, calm down, deep breaths..copyright protection96PENANAe7dYAPKrDS

We just have to find the new ring now, right...?copyright protection96PENANAwo9tfJOZXq

'It wont be easy~'copyright protection96PENANAj36P5nwGhw

What?copyright protection96PENANAsvDFudvfF9

I looked up at Prexa/Hella, watching her face slowly crack and form a creepy smile, turning my direction. I looked over at the others, who were just chatting and discussing away. I went up to Prexa/Hella, handing out my hand, whispering lowly, "Give me that ring demon."copyright protection96PENANA8byhEN0tNY

'No.'copyright protection96PENANAT61ZV7nsOF

I stared at her, "Give. It."copyright protection96PENANAYgbBWFPrVu

'Make me.'copyright protection96PENANAB3G9kkXlNK

Oh you little—copyright protection96PENANAjHRlHNt5fi

I grabbed her hand and tried to yank the ring off, emphasis on: 'Tried'. "Give it you demon." I threatened one last time before pulling her up to take the it. Then I instantly regretted it. The reason I regretted it was because when I pulled her up, she fell on me, her hands on either side of my head. And the others, who weren't even paying attention to us heard the loud thump and averted their attention to our awkward position.copyright protection96PENANAKeyVPvBFXw

"I ship it." Amon muttered and I swear I was gonna kill him but a force stopped me from getting up. I looked up to her...copyright protection96PENANA9yAPHUaFgY

'Youre gonna be fun to play with..~'copyright protection96PENANAqAGhWo5ptk

Suddenly I felt a rush of energy through my veins and arteries. copyright protection96PENANAHeygaoML3J

~Prexa's p.o.v~copyright protection96PENANAidhS3ZNdF3

I felt myself come back to reality, I knew I was back on earth after seeing Satan down below me. I pushed him off and stumbled backwards. "What the Hell???" I cried, "—a" Ben continued and I glared at him. I saw Crystal run over to me and Amon to Sam, "Are you okay?" she asked me, I nodded slowly, feeling woozy. She nodded and put her hand on my heart, "Okay..you can rest I think." she said calmly but went straight into panic when we heard Amon scream. copyright protection96PENANAc5ESnAgsZK

Sam wasn't getting up.copyright protection96PENANAMHYlY8KKUN

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