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The Mansion
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The Mansion
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Hella's game
Chat Noir
Aug 28, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!6Bal96nyMu9GQYVGHoezposted on PENANA -Crystal's p.o.v-

We all followed behind Prexa, tiptoeing down the spiral staircase when suddenly all the steps phased into the ground and it basically became a slide. The guys let out a scream while me and Prexa silently prayed and hoped for the best.copyright protection140PENANASw41diw6M9

-5 minutes later-copyright protection140PENANA7SKidUoBsb

"OW." We all cried out in sync but it was muffled by the person on top of us. Amon wiggled out and dusted himself off, helping us up one by one. "Alright." Ben chimed, "Now what?" Prexa stayed quiet for a bit then looked like a lightening bolt of idea had struck her. "Lets go North!" She commanded, I looked at her confused, "How are we supposed to see?" I queried when I remembered my phone, yanking it out and as if on cue my phone vibrated, it was a message from Sam/Hella. copyright protection140PENANA5CSWANCicQ

-Amon's p.o.v-copyright protection140PENANAR4nW6AeCH0

I saw Crystal's face pale and Im sure the others have too. "What happened Crys?" I asked her worriedly, she didnt say a word and kept her mouth shut. It was a bit difficult for me to read since my eyes hadn't actually gotten used to the light here but I managed to read: copyright protection140PENANALOTw66qvIT

'Tick-tock copyright protection140PENANAGNwyK7mmpz

Tick-tockcopyright protection140PENANAdgEBdKbrmS

Im bored, and this boy isn't as fun as I thought, lets play a game!copyright protection140PENANAs8HlENs4ia

There're three puzzles that may or may not kill you. copyright protection140PENANAYZYuyIBU50

Hehehehhe hope you die! 'copyright protection140PENANAuih8UuS5Wf

Dang. We looked towards the cave of who knows what the hell possessed this place and walked forward, using Crystal's phone as a flash light. We made our way to the first puzzle. It was strange, just two doors were there. "Haha is that it?!" I laughed, I do admit I am starting to loose my sanity as well. I walked forward but just as I was about to step through one of the passageways, Crystal yanked me back. copyright protection140PENANAYonGK1td6M

"You stupid! You cant just walk through a death trap like that!" she scolded. How is THIS of all things a death trap! "How in Hell is this a trap!" I mocked her to which she replied with a facepalm. "Never played games like Garry's Mod? Deathrun??" I nervously shook my head, "Then dont threaten my point if you have no proof against it." she concluded, backing off.copyright protection140PENANAo4Lnyj69eb

She knelt down near the so called "Trap" and analyzed it. "There isn't any visible difference," she stated and picked up a small rock, tossing it through both hollows and waiting for a minute. She sighed, "Its human sensored. How are we supposed to differienciate them now?!" Then we heard Ben bend down, he took off his bandage and handed it to her. copyright protection140PENANA9IurRoVKuR

"Try this," he offered, "It has my blood on it so it should be able to detect that as a human." he smiled sweetly at her and she smiled back. I watched her intently and quietly, why is she so smart??? She tore the crisp and bloody fabric into two pieces and flung one through each door. Me and Prexa watched in shock as one of the pieces completely got vaporized before it could even pass through. copyright protection140PENANAZtgm91oDfu

"This one!" Crystal piped up and traveled through without objection, us in pursuit.copyright protection140PENANApDyb06u6gJ

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