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The Mansion
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The Mansion
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Jul 22, 2017
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!9G9PKzDTTuuMR1mnC4lCposted on PENANA ~Meanwhile when Amon went to search for Crystal~

Prexa povcopyright protection97PENANAdfDny3AFgL

I just came downstairs from cleaning,I was exhausted so I decided to sit near the window seat that was in our room ,I looked out the window and was staring at the beautiful scenery of the forest,I was soon feeling sleepy.But I suddenly woke up with a horrible feeling that ran down my spine and a throbbing headache.I knew something off,I could sense something but not that much,it started getting closer and closer until,I heard something.It was a static kind of voice,very very soft,almost in a whisper.It said something that I clearly did not understand.I had my phone with me so I decided to record this voice,of course I couldn't record all of it but I thought it would be useful.Then suddenly everything went dead silent,I looked out the window and saw something strange.It was a dark,but faint figure.I thought maybe it was one of my friends,but no.This figure looked strange,it was crooked,it started to come closer to the window and my senses started to hurt my head.Suddenly,it disappeared.I then thought I must have been imagining things.I then turned around face to face to meet the dark figure.And that's when I actually woke up, I was feeling sweaty and scared for a second,I soon calmed down and went downstairs I just thought that it was a bad dream I had.But when I checked my phone ,I noticed that the audio that I recorded was still there.copyright protection97PENANArqsBfdaS63

~Amon pov ~copyright protection97PENANAnAPeCcCegY

I was walking down the hallways trying to find Crystal,she wasn't anywhere.Seriously,this mansion is so huge that you need a GPS just to find the bathroom.As I was walking ,I bumped into Prexa."PreXaaa!,I need your help, something is wrong with this place"copyright protection97PENANARtduRLyrrO

"What's wrong with you?You don't usually act like this when your in front of me,your usually obnoxious,but anyways I really have no time to deal with your nonsense,your always scared of the littlest things in life"She said in a bored and somewhat gloomy tone.It was strange cause she usually has a very cheerful and a little bit of an annoying and weird attitude.I noticed that her face looked very pale and had dark rings around her eyes.I wondered what's up with her,I knew she wasn't sleepy,because if she was ,the first thing she would have done is to scream at all of us like a child to keep quiet.I couldn't care less anyways so I just continued to search for Crystal.copyright protection97PENANAdSfFtuSDnY

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