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Ballistic Writing
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Ballistic Writing
Submission Closed
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Diplomat Love Issue
Jul 20, 2017
6 Mins Read
1,380 Words
No Plagiarism!316pamypgsrDCMa6RalWposted on PENANA
Author: Ihsan Iskandar (Original Work)72Please respect copyright.PENANAXas3zCq81H
In this 20 century, every country deserve to get their peace. I believe that, and that was my job as the Diplomat.
72Please respect copyright.PENANAAsldfvj6GF
 In 12th March 2011, I was the diplomat from my country German for the Turkey. But, this morning I got the call from prime minister to go to the country in South East Asia, Dompe Country. The Prime Minister want me be a witness for the treaty of contract by both of the country. the country that I will go has an issue of race discriminaton, so to protect that minority that being violent by majority, my country make an treaty of contract. 
72Please respect copyright.PENANA3hIPhamIht
For the first I thought “This gonna be a boring Journey”. How couldn’t I thought like that, country in South East Asia most of them was development country and has typical warm weather. But, because it’s a duty and my idealism “peace or all” I need to go there. 
72Please respect copyright.PENANA9eEBieeJmg
72Please respect copyright.PENANAqXJMaYhu5X
After 14 hours tiring flight. I got there, just like what I expected, so HOT it’s just like a summer, but its have higher temperature. After my departure with my bodyguards, our arrival has been waited by the police local. But immediately I’m being stunned in exit arrival door. Not because the police local, but there is a woman that wear a black suite, long black skirt and wear a hijab. Gergeous, that word even not close to express her face. But after the bodyguard ask me what happen with pale face, I back to reality and get in the car.
72Please respect copyright.PENANA98fRXw1jfi
72Please respect copyright.PENANANoxrZQFez2
2 hour in car, we arrived in the palace that will be my home for a months, I step out and trying to take my handkerchief from my pocket “this is so hot”. But, before I get my handkerchief, the girl from before give me her handkerchief to me, with flower pattern. I take her handkerchief while hold my hand from trembled. “thank you, mam” I give It back to her and she replied it with smile. OH GOD, I’m ready to die to see that smile again. After that scene, I come to my room ad trying to sleep, but because that smile, I can’t sleep at al. 
72Please respect copyright.PENANAu0ZdM9b4Dg
Tomorrow morning, I walking with hijab women to introduce me the place I will work. But, in need to be honest. I can’t concentrate what she saying. When he introduce some room for me, I just look her face, but when her looked it me back. I spontaneous look the room that she introduce. After 30 minutes, I’m in my room alone and some paper infront me. “I need to know her name, but how?” i know it looks weird for me the diplomat act like  a child. But, this person who know as the diplomat never has girlfriend, and that because I’m just too busy for study and duty. And in my 27 ages right now, and my dream has been fulfilled, I’m hungry for love, but I’m not find the one that good for me.
After thinking and thinking, I’m became thirsty, so I want go the kitchen. But thanks for me that not concentrate at all, I don’t remember where he kitchen is, after walk around for a minutes, I found a room looks like a kitchen I opened it. Unfortunetly, the lucky god not in my side, it was the hijab woman. Because I get cocky, I’m trying to go from there immediately, but that woman come to me ask what I want. “Oh Crap, what I need to say” after I think so hard. I unconsciously said “I just want to know your name mam”. 
“what the hell I am saying!!!??” im dumbfounded and silently waiting for her answer. But unexpectedly she said “hahaha you just need to call me sir from the phone, and my mistake i’m not yet introduce my self, my name is Dewi Sukma, you call me Dewi. And one more thing sir, please don’t call me mam, im not married yet” Dewi said it with chickles. I’m so relieved that she not get angry. “okay Dewi, but one more thing, pleace call me Joseph not sir, I’m still young and not married though” after that, me and Dewi getting closer.
72Please respect copyright.PENANA2NphFnOGG3
I’m never expected that this job gonna be so good, after 2 Months work in there, me and Dewi getting closer each other, I even learn about her religion. Me as atheist person who never believe in God starting to believe it. It’s not because Dewi, but there is something that can’t be explain by logic really happen and she religion can answer that. In Sunday, I’m Always go with Dewi to their city, just walk around. This is not a DATE okay!!. But, it felt like that though hehehe. 
72Please respect copyright.PENANAZurxWroCGX
After many things happen with Dewi, I want so purpose her and meet her parents tomorrow Sunday. But, unfortunately the day before Friday, the discrimination issue in this country getting worst and I gt a called by prime minister to back home. Before I get in plan, I come to Dewi who send me along, I reach her hand and give the ring. “Please keep this until I back, I promise i will bring a peace at that time” I said it and Dewi kiss my hand. In plane, I cant stop thinking about Dewi, and one thing that be my objective now. Bring the peace in Dewi Country.
72Please respect copyright.PENANAEaYDnLNzPr
After several months, no. after 1 years.  I can get the agreement with Germany prime minister and United Nation to clear the discrimination issue in Dewi Country. I back to that country immediately. “Dewi, please wait for me”. After I back there, I search for Dewi in the embassy place. I cannot find her. After asking some employer, one man knows her and tell me everything. Dewi is count as minority and need to save her parents from the chaos, its because their parents house in red zone. So, since 6 months ago they cannot contact her. I go to that red zone even my bodyguard don’t allow me, so I bring the local police along. This maybe risk for my life, but for save Dewi, its beyond than that circumstances. 1 days. even 1 weeks has passed and I didn’t find her. But, I get the information that the name of Dewi has been killed and her grave near from here. I immediately go to that cemetary and found the tombstone with name Dewi Sukma. I can’t believe In my eyes this actually happens. I’m started to crying and hug the gravestone. My bodyguard just watching it from afar with sad face. “I have back Dewi… so please…. Back to me again…. I want to see you again… your smile that make me feel warm and your voice that always make comfortable. Everything in you make me more alive. Please, I will accept anything, but please alive with me right now!...” I still hug the gravestone while said that words. Suddenly, someone hug me from behind, hug me so tightly, it’s so warm and comfortable. I heard woman crying voice who hug me from behind. without doubt, even I’m not look behind. I know she was Dewi. “But, still If this was dream, please keep me alive in this dream.” When I thought like that, Dewi hold my face and now I see her face clearly. With face that always astonish me. “I’m here and I’m alive. That was my mother gravestone, its not rarely happen the daughter have the same name so you don’t ne-!” before Dewi finish her statement, I hug her tightly and said “Please become my wife and live happily together”. Dewi replied with warm smile and said “yes I want life happily with you together”. I kiss her both hand and we make a big hug one more time.

(Author Note : Thanks for the contest, i write this today with 4 hour work. i'm trying to make story with more politic inside it. So, i hope you guys like it. Comment or critique recommended)copyright protection68PENANAA2M0swq77q

Comments ( 4 )

River - I really like the story. Great job! 
I had say you just needed to edit, as I felt a few lines were confusing and be careful while going between the past and present tense. 
Other than that, it's an amazing story! 
1 year agoreply

Iskandar - Ahhh... At last there is a comment for me! Thank you very much and i'm glad to hear your appreciation. I'm started felt lonely lately because no one replied me. 

I will try to edit it and learn the grammar more ^^. Once again thank you River
1 year agoreply

River - @Iskandar, That's totally fine. You are actually the fastest person to reply^^
1 year agoreply

Iskandar - @River,because there is nothing i do right now except this :D
1 year agoreply