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Ballistic Writing
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Ballistic Writing
Submission Closed
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Summer Is Officially Over?- Poem
Aug 7, 2017
1 Min Read
211 Words
No Plagiarism!QZ2LRHr4pc2AhnzWTRiTposted on PENANA

copyright protection54PENANAdHNZOKQUQo

Today is August seventh 58Please respect copyright.PENANAc3rQdLkYNK
copyright protection54PENANAXHo0sfHUj6

But the blue skies have been replaced58Please respect copyright.PENANAplNVnoXprT
copyright protection54PENANA7mHoJhlD8E

With clouds of grey58Please respect copyright.PENANAFLVoj2WIRJ
copyright protection54PENANAxmlkma5c4W

Drizzle falls down58Please respect copyright.PENANAC4M3V0OfYC
copyright protection54PENANAB2DZ26eJ0y

Cats sit indoors on the bed with a frown58Please respect copyright.PENANA0nXNjlchLE
copyright protection54PENANAQ7VywEPRhY

Their adventures disrupted 58Please respect copyright.PENANAbqp6OJ8Ls0
copyright protection54PENANAvOlR9H1eT6

Chill breeze forms58Please respect copyright.PENANAu45h80hXgg
copyright protection54PENANAau8OtaUIUU

Forget the bare arms and legs on show58Please respect copyright.PENANAzgEx4XSgfE
copyright protection54PENANAgK1cjyQ9p8

Bring out the winter clothes58Please respect copyright.PENANAUq4kwT3FFw
copyright protection54PENANA7VXsN6aOl3

Smell of freshly brewed green tea58Please respect copyright.PENANAGaALrJLJG2
copyright protection54PENANAVwx3k1deJ8

Fills the kitchen58Please respect copyright.PENANAZgiENmCGCR
copyright protection54PENANA90SbccJ3l9

Drowning out complaints58Please respect copyright.PENANAkxhpROjVuY
copyright protection54PENANAcs49VSg5HB

Of a missing summer and any other blues58Please respect copyright.PENANArb82WzLIjr
copyright protection54PENANA8C8GFsHTHr

Minutes tick on by58Please respect copyright.PENANAKjH3Xvpzb2
copyright protection54PENANA1QrU2E6LHr

As she sits down at the computer58Please respect copyright.PENANArwAIWrxfm2
copyright protection54PENANAVTU03PSjVz

To type58Please respect copyright.PENANAdOdlQ9VBSf
copyright protection54PENANAV4b4KRwsKe

Release the words of stories58Please respect copyright.PENANA2DyKGvf55r
copyright protection54PENANATL5lG7ZMTH

That she wants to write58Please respect copyright.PENANA8wXIfUaM9x
copyright protection54PENANAdOB7OEXGYS

Escape from the stresses58Please respect copyright.PENANAPnl2JbcEN4
copyright protection54PENANAgUXrYIiva3

Of a dimmed daylight58Please respect copyright.PENANATQHsAoXPu3
copyright protection54PENANAJ4OOpvWphP

A small yawn58Please respect copyright.PENANAgCzelO9vBi
copyright protection54PENANA6vDICsnA8l

Escapes from her mouth58Please respect copyright.PENANA3qFotpAF3n
copyright protection54PENANAtpgqQe89Jj

Wondering what friends are up to58Please respect copyright.PENANAKXesqOQoEk
copyright protection54PENANActn1hMwecO

Off on their travels abroad58Please respect copyright.PENANArUX09jPiOr
copyright protection54PENANA3jjH1W9owi

During the heatwave58Please respect copyright.PENANABRShglGR0K
copyright protection54PENANAJZHZqyezHX

Of over forty degrees celsius 58Please respect copyright.PENANAfLHtd8h4wV
copyright protection54PENANASUrfWI2tWe

Warnings made front page news58Please respect copyright.PENANAoXQmYZFOiu
copyright protection54PENANAi0xBHyxRW3

Now the bed is calling58Please respect copyright.PENANAfTm8aCtQuu
copyright protection54PENANA9G3RGupV37

For her fragile state of mind58Please respect copyright.PENANAAJfictruxX
copyright protection54PENANATV2kaZ2dsZ

To escape and call time58Please respect copyright.PENANApVVgiTgXHy
copyright protection54PENANArK0ZmHxTzu

On this day58Please respect copyright.PENANAsXsO5DrzuV
copyright protection54PENANAXIb1zSvZNy

But defeat is not an option58Please respect copyright.PENANA35EjoQMPkj
copyright protection54PENANA6Gu90F83SB

Today is not a day of being weak58Please respect copyright.PENANAMKfH0xBhvj
copyright protection54PENANA3jm3iILQCk

Many things to do58Please respect copyright.PENANAPXgiLmVcVp
copyright protection54PENANAlA3xBDp7Cd

Playing a HAIM song58Please respect copyright.PENANA8ZuMiTD4IY
copyright protection54PENANAFJTaSUP1XH

Via Spotify58Please respect copyright.PENANAnuICcJaN0F
copyright protection54PENANAC11Z4kHQak

Some consolation 58Please respect copyright.PENANA7QCo8oK4BG
copyright protection54PENANAawUd3vQtCt

As a form of upbeat pride58Please respect copyright.PENANAuJGZvYS92A
copyright protection54PENANAGicAs5ui7s

Reminiscence of last summer58Please respect copyright.PENANA7q5Q3iAd6B
copyright protection54PENANAZKt0Jykrov

The one where she had to grow up fast58Please respect copyright.PENANATdrvBAUmFv
copyright protection54PENANALy2FM6bDzO

Bad break-up58Please respect copyright.PENANA39eJ8KH0TK
copyright protection54PENANA6g6jQzplSw

That's now in the past58Please respect copyright.PENANAA1bGReYrs4
copyright protection54PENANANRghS0Pcrd

Roll on towards the new chapter58Please respect copyright.PENANA2lhuRT5LfK
copyright protection54PENANAIcMLSzR3cr

In a never-ending life story58Please respect copyright.PENANAhiTv12gJ29
copyright protection54PENANARjHYDyy3Tq

So far, not so boring  58Please respect copyright.PENANAtDaEj2Tiul
copyright protection54PENANAzHhQY9QNmh

Stack of books58Please respect copyright.PENANAmxHE1yx7kM
copyright protection54PENANA15uOQmoHpB

Growing each day58Please respect copyright.PENANARB5L77NnQQ
copyright protection54PENANA9hVQfypOBj

Reminder to her58Please respect copyright.PENANAwjtHXNKR5e
copyright protection54PENANAeb0w1YGSM3

That she still has free time58Please respect copyright.PENANAcsLT6NsEUM
copyright protection54PENANAaO8EDY01Gq

As term isn't starting yet58Please respect copyright.PENANArLnwxvDlSt
copyright protection54PENANACPHxGX66LI

Sun still raises each day58Please respect copyright.PENANAbpNF6LtQCy
copyright protection54PENANApZTpwVocNb

But it likes to hideaway58Please respect copyright.PENANA5O1QI8DaMx
copyright protection54PENANAfYZnCDmDE3

Run outside when it comes out58Please respect copyright.PENANAWdjkKQQobI
copyright protection54PENANA3hTLPAJVGu

Warmth returning58Please respect copyright.PENANARn7F2eqv52
copyright protection54PENANAD5uxv0sUdg

Let's go58Please respect copyright.PENANA4aR50AeDK0
copyright protection54PENANA5se5QQIdun

58Please respect copyright.PENANAbHdu2YlSmx
copyright protection54PENANAhyEajtK2pq

58Please respect copyright.PENANAAeVITYWkt1
copyright protection54PENANAx3w1A123Wf

 58Please respect copyright.PENANAnybeEcPSQz
copyright protection54PENANAj1Iy6ypPMT

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