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Ballistic Writing
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Ballistic Writing
Submission Closed
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Silent Dubiety
Aug 2, 2017
1 Min Read
273 Words
No Plagiarism!cZ9GlEQTmfJ9i8SmZIz9posted on PENANA

You know that ringing in your ears?copyright protection93PENANAdii4rPlcSg

It isn’t silence.copyright protection93PENANA74fgKAUBuh

It’s a cause of listening to music to loudcopyright protection93PENANAReq9mjwl16

Or surrounding ourselves with crowdscopyright protection93PENANAvfoNjQDE2v

Or going to clubs or somewhere busycopyright protection93PENANAU9zaqjLlUf

‘Cause if we take a minute to ourselvescopyright protection93PENANACLt3VQmrbo

We drown.copyright protection93PENANAxHEWvXN8CP

.copyright protection93PENANADxZcHpwtLr

Silence is scary, isn’t it?copyright protection93PENANAInccr82OAe

That’s why we’ve all developed a ringing in our ears trying to avoid it.copyright protection93PENANAc8WQ4rORzq

.copyright protection93PENANAHcYGpF6V9R

Sooncopyright protection93PENANAmRfz4GI7ui

We’ll be a society that,copyright protection93PENANAlHqhyvJmmi

In an attempt to drown out anxietycopyright protection93PENANAN4vLKVrQRA

With noise,copyright protection93PENANAIdsXNwDvD8

Will become deaf to anything relevant.copyright protection93PENANANZPehnJ0K6

We poise.copyright protection93PENANAjxaPjVKKLB

Slowly, we’ll stop listening…copyright protection93PENANAluPNrDk58Y

‘Cause problems keep whispering.copyright protection93PENANAdWY3afrUgb

And if we only keep the noise oncopyright protection93PENANA0AIap25aMR

Maybe we won’t hear them.copyright protection93PENANAM7lBVNffSo

.copyright protection93PENANAe6kc9vsAqJ

We don’t let ourselves pause anymore.copyright protection93PENANAMqjvBJxGUk

If we talk, we don’t stop,copyright protection93PENANAyGsUinIxDB

We don’t let the conversation drop.copyright protection93PENANAVRHg4RMwsc

Silence is awkward and awkward is badcopyright protection93PENANAgfCzKejhUd

And bad isn’t something I wanna focus on.copyright protection93PENANABtT3ncr6J4

So we fumble and mumble like infants.copyright protection93PENANAHFWoW1gIyJ

In all actuality, are we any different?copyright protection93PENANAUOYxoILH0G

We blabber.copyright protection93PENANAUBaOFy16EK

It’s our distraction…copyright protection93PENANAblq8Kma05I

And only for a moment’s satisfaction...copyright protection93PENANAK0xIxVqjCr

.copyright protection93PENANA0x2bmIJnPn

And have you noticedcopyright protection93PENANA80Iz9tVjt0

Thatcopyright protection93PENANA2e0zWyunS7

People talk louder when they’re defending themselves.copyright protection93PENANAOTFR41zOpo

So are we all defending ourselves 24/7?  copyright protection93PENANAbxpU6zn2SR

Because people are always talking loud.copyright protection93PENANA3U64t2DYpw

Inside voices must not be allowed,copyright protection93PENANA5eqK5vLEjb

Because the moment we quiet downcopyright protection93PENANA3vItqP2OSU

We hear it.copyright protection93PENANAFWPM0jOEhe

The whisper.copyright protection93PENANAamsA6y6Sdp

The lull of dubiety.copyright protection93PENANA4gUNJkDL8v

A creeping anxiety.copyright protection93PENANAGOrvAsOp66

.copyright protection93PENANADhs6SzEYsR

Shhh.copyright protection93PENANAow8jjSDWEM

.copyright protection93PENANAslBUQbnFBu

Hear that ringing?copyright protection93PENANALfLelEO0Dh

I think one of the best things I've started to do is stay quiet and process things, even if that means not listening to music in my car for a few minutes, because noise itself makes it hard to hear sometimes. 97Please respect copyright.PENANAwDnkEIsyGw
copyright protection93PENANAS1N1k7TY4y

I hope you enjoyed! (And that it made sense?) 97Please respect copyright.PENANA6r40NvKkkb
copyright protection93PENANAKxTlrKxOq9

-LovelySheree  97Please respect copyright.PENANAuDnSIOCr3n
copyright protection93PENANAico4qKJfKm

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