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Ballistic Writing
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Ballistic Writing
Submission Closed
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John of Europe and Eve of America
Zane colwell
Jul 26, 2017
1 Min Read
281 Words
No Plagiarism!h0bkuBZ5qqAaBbZsGNDgposted on PENANA (Boston, Massachusetts 1798) Miss Neston's house

      Lucy looked upon Annie as they opened walked into the ballroom of Aunt Neston's house. Annie looked around the bartender table. "Where's Auntie?" asked Lucy in her little girlish voice. "Auntie isn't here" said the girl with blonde hair walking down the stairs, "Hello, I'm Evelyn, but you can call me Eve". Annie looked at her curiosly as if she had been lied to her whole life. "We're the Neston family, and we want to see Auntie now!" said Annie in a hard headed voice. "I'm afraid that won't be necessary" replied Eve, "The shouffer took her away hours ago". Lucy cried. "We are heading to England in the morning and I wanted to give her an early start" said Eve.copyright protection89PENANA3WAyjk77DE

(London, England 1798) the castle.copyright protection89PENANAXUE8f9Kefa

  Eve's carriage arrived at the castle of Prince John. She gave the shouffer one pound and began to walk into the castle of wonders and mysteries. When she opened the door and Mozart began to play.                                            copyright protection89PENANAFPkg0kJH8n

The Grand Ball of 1798copyright protection89PENANAXcjyKCTSJw

At the castle dance the King was not so happy. His son, Prince John, hadn't fallen in love yet. The Grand Duke told the king that falling in love at the ball was like a fairy tale, and fairy tales weren't real! Just than Eve walked into the ballroom. When the prince saw her, he asked her to dance. The King was amazed. It looked as if the prince was falling in love with her. All the girls were jealous. The couple went for a walk. They laughed and danced. And finally, they kissed, it was true love.copyright protection89PENANAxHrbQGlAUA

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Zane colwell - Thanks
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Luvina - Congratulations on your win!
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