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Unreal *a Finnick Odair story*
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Writer emogirl99
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Unreal *a Finnick Odair story*
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Jul 23, 2017
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!lAZkoNCllIllC70QaTzLposted on PENANA

'' Thanks for the help girl.'' The villagers shouted as I go back to my house as I sell the fish the morning shipping people caught. 20Please respect copyright.PENANAC59ed95n3E
'' You're welcome!'' I shout back. I skip to the Wolfe household untying my my apron at the same time. Mom was making pastry when I enter the kitchen. Her sleeves were rolled up covered in flour. It was all over her face as well I can see. She must be working really hard. Well it might be our last night.20Please respect copyright.PENANA9kOCmyvn65
'' Is Ocean still out at school?'' I ask Mother as she rolls out some pastry.20Please respect copyright.PENANAOL1OphdQaX
'' Yeah the paperboy told me that school would be late out.'' I pick up the paper on the table The Capitol Citizen.20Please respect copyright.PENANAEN3N1gX6D0
'' Anything interesting?''20Please respect copyright.PENANAKNlzpI8U6e
'' No just the usual.'' The paper consists of the Treaty of the Hunger Games and any new laws President Snow creates. The paper doesn't really have a purpose because it's the same everyday.20Please respect copyright.PENANA0U01IpjWgu
'' So any news from the television?'' I ask.20Please respect copyright.PENANATUhWIicFoQ
'' Just saying that the Reaping will carry on as normal with no rule changes.'' Mother shrugged and sighed. '' Someday I wish that the Hunger Games never happened.'' She shuddered. Mother is a survivor of the Hunger Games. The 52nd one according to the villagers. She still has those nightmares from when she was in there and none of us could get any sleep from the screaming. I stopped with her most nights.20Please respect copyright.PENANAG9D1J2JRXP
'' Mother that would never happen. The Districts are to cowardice to say they had enough of it.'' We need a compelling voice.20Please respect copyright.PENANA6XJ6YsvhoL
'' Never say never.''   20Please respect copyright.PENANALiG3eolr3K
'' Just did.'' I sat by the table and watched mother put the pastry in the oven.'' Could you watch out for Ocean?'' She asked after a while.20Please respect copyright.PENANAhJTUKCXuuU
'' Sure, no problem.''  I jump out of the circle window and run to the primary school.20Please respect copyright.PENANAjAR3HQvc8U
I feel so sorry for mother. I mean what if one of us was picked? She couldn't cope. She wouldn't want her children to have those nightmares she had. But she lived for 2 weeks in a desert. This year it could be a tropical or a wood. Hopefully one with some water in. It would be horrible again to watch someone die from thirst or hunger.20Please respect copyright.PENANAYUcEXr2iS6
As I reach the primary school, I see Ocean. I run towards her but she gets cut from my direction by two boys.20Please respect copyright.PENANA2aPW5Az243
'' Where d'you think you're going?''20Please respect copyright.PENANAXoEPrmFXyO
'' Home.'' She tried to push them out of her way to get to me.20Please respect copyright.PENANARxJ4cGvfZo
'' I don't think so you little-'' Before he could answer I swooped behind my sister and dragged her away.20Please respect copyright.PENANAl2ybZDLyGQ
'' Oooh. Big sister coming to the rescue.'' The pair of them laughed20Please respect copyright.PENANACDehsGD8Dc
'' Leave her alone.'' I said confidently. They stopped laughing and jeering.20Please respect copyright.PENANAXvJGAWm5bm
'' Or what?''20Please respect copyright.PENANAuwp2HoGtXm
'' My brother would sort you out.'' Bay. He is 18 years old and quite strong for his height.20Please respect copyright.PENANAjzZxQsduAR
The two of them looked scared. '' Like he would do anything.'' One of them said shakily.20Please respect copyright.PENANAGxmqeWmB2x
'' He is the strongest teenager and he is 18.''20Please respect copyright.PENANAXw4mzLLffI
'' Well... umm.... we'll be going now.'' And they ran off tripping over objects in their way.20Please respect copyright.PENANAByiB693kDE
'' That was cool.''20Please respect copyright.PENANAbjbyJqu51x
'' Yep Ocean it was. But I would like to go home now. Would you?''20Please respect copyright.PENANACY4HlDs7SH
'' Yes. I want my tea.''20Please respect copyright.PENANAPug75mh8GU
'' Come on then.'' I smiled at Ocean and grabbed her hand. She started giggling. And we were off. Running at a speed like no other. She watches the world go by as me (I'm a train) runs like the speed of light.20Please respect copyright.PENANAMSdYqWoV2p
We were back at home in 2 minutes.20Please respect copyright.PENANAsFowmKaPR3
'' Wow a new record.''20Please respect copyright.PENANAxHxNPDa6LR
'' Yeah that was fun.'' Ocean jumped around me. '' Are you going inside?''20Please respect copyright.PENANA0yJdxaaW5d
'' No I'm gonna watch out for Bay. If that's alright with you?'' I stare at my sister with puppy dog eyes.20Please respect copyright.PENANAmyTL5fvf5m
'' Yes.'' She ran back inside.20Please respect copyright.PENANAiC4QqTtBZe
'' Say it to mother!'' I shout.20Please respect copyright.PENANAsZNcdlnois
'' I will!'' And she disappeared from my view.20Please respect copyright.PENANACE0vp5KVlP
I turn around and make my way to the cliff side.20Please respect copyright.PENANAiDsmtSfWte
I like this place as it's always lonely. No one dares to climb the cliff because it's quite steep and it's breaking. It's my thinking time and I always look at the view. There is always a sandy beach, the ships coming in from a catch, a red horizon and a far out ocean.20Please respect copyright.PENANAbWeZ9skwRC
I start to climb the hill, careful about treading on stray rocks. It's not much of a difficult climb if you do it everyday. I finally get to the top and watch the waves coming in.20Please respect copyright.PENANAZthZYH5JCq
20Please respect copyright.PENANAzV31hxUxto
I stare out into the sea. Everyone is working. I stand on the rock, barefoot, dress waving in the breeze. The tide was coming in. Getting stronger every time. The children screamed and ran away from the waves and they laughed and came back into their houses. I laughed and watched the sunset come down upon the sea. Orange, red and yellow came seeping in the sky reflected on the ocean. Beautiful. This is the reward from the climb. A beautiful sunset. I look at the sky. Grey clouds break the sunset. The rain will start soon. I wait a bit longer and feel the wet droplets on my head. As the rain started to fall I came back to the Wolfe household laughing as I do. Rain. I love the rain. But I am not allowed to stand outside when it is raining. Even if it is slight.20Please respect copyright.PENANAMFl1EutZ1k
Back in the household, my little sister Ocean came running to me. Quite a joyful sight as she is quite small for her age. She's twelve.20Please respect copyright.PENANAC0NU0MB5ve
'' Dinner will be done soon Rain,'' Yep Rain is my name. I love it. It's unique and different.20Please respect copyright.PENANAw49A6r70ZB
'' Thanks Ocean, what are we having?'' I ask this even though I know what's coming. We have it every time a special occasion comes.20Please respect copyright.PENANAoLgJMVegVf
'' Fish pie,'' She licked her lips.20Please respect copyright.PENANABxforgb3lH
'' My favourite!'' I picked up my pencil and sketch book. This is a rarity here as most of the supplies travel all around Panem. My father got it for mother when he apparently traveled to District 7. She gave them to me when I was 5.20Please respect copyright.PENANAhRLrrSTzST
I drew the ocean and its waves. The sunset gleaming on the page. Ships sailing back with a fresh caught of fish. I hummed a little tune while drawing. I looked at my pencil. Engraved on it is a fish and the sea by my father. He died many years ago. But I don't know how. Nobody would tell me. I felt the groves in the wood.20Please respect copyright.PENANAagEr0rneIi
'' Dinner's done!'' Mom shouted. She's called River. Father's called Roman.20Please respect copyright.PENANAtjQJIiZTll
'' Coming!'' I grabbed Ocean's hand and ran to the kitchen.20Please respect copyright.PENANAADdm5FeZe7
'' Here girls, your favourite.''20Please respect copyright.PENANASpoxQoZdDH
'' Thanks mom,'' Even though Mother is old, she still has her significant beauty. Sea green eyes, honey blonde hair, full lips, she is a picture of a Goddess. I wish I looked like her. Ocean does but I follow my Father. Gingerhair and grey eyes. Not the best combination.20Please respect copyright.PENANAw70mQIFQC0
I ate my fish pie with Ocean and Mother thinking about the waves. Knock knock. That must be my brother Bay back from work. He works catching the fish. I have 1 brother and 1 sister, Bay and Ocean.20Please respect copyright.PENANAccEpzJ4OJj
'' Hi Bay,'' I said.20Please respect copyright.PENANAVBIj9yI8Ml
'' Hey Rain, Ocean. My what is this delicious smell coming from?''20Please respect copyright.PENANAPjsPGjylaa
'' Mother's fish pie,'' He stormed off.20Please respect copyright.PENANAmnn0MWKRKt
'' Gotta get my piece,'' He said. He came back later with 2 platefuls of the pie. He sat gulping it down.20Please respect copyright.PENANAaG5S0erIme
'' Now children I need you to sit and have a talk with me,'' I already know what this is about. We gathered round the table.20Please respect copyright.PENANA4cxx1dRzz2
'' Now what I want to talk about is this year's Hunger Games." 20Please respect copyright.PENANAKVp7Wc3H4O
copyright protection16PENANAgas2JT0yzq

"Great, what a surprise.'' I said sarcastically. Mother didn't notice.20Please respect copyright.PENANAbevg7vvzeS
'' Now Bay this is your last year. Rain your second and Ocean this is your first. Bay you would have more chance of making it this year.''20Please respect copyright.PENANANj4kR6yJG8
What the Hunger Games is, is that 12 girls and 12 boys are picked from a Reaping Bowel and chosen to fight in this arena to the death until one person remains. That one person is a victor and gets lots of money and lives in Victor's Village. These kids are from ages 12-18. I'm 13 so I do have a chance. It's to stop the Revolution of the fighting.20Please respect copyright.PENANALq4bx0nBHr
'' Now this is the 67th year, and they have the same Gamemaker as last year,'' Oh Him again. Mom has this major crush on Seneca Crane the Gamemaker of the Games.20Please respect copyright.PENANAqSGW9NsFmG
'' So he'll probably do the same stuff over and over again. So you will be fine.'' Yes Mom its some Dating contest its not people killing each other. `20Please respect copyright.PENANAya0CvSJ4Bp
'' Mother, we'll be fine we won't be picked.''20Please respect copyright.PENANAcmPgynhVZZ
'' Rain's right,'' Bay looked at me. '' Sorry mother but I think I would probably have the most chance I would be picked. Let Rain and Ocean go.''20Please respect copyright.PENANAnpS3l2RNHe
'' OK fine. Go to bed Ocean. And Rain?'' I looked at her questioningly. '' Stay out of trouble,'' She said.20Please respect copyright.PENANAufovSUnBYY
I came outside and watched the last bit of light say it's goodbyes. Ships started coming back. I can imagine Father coming back, kissing Mother, hugging us three. I shed a tear and went back inside. I went upstairs and stared out of my window.20Please respect copyright.PENANA1alRrTeJPd
Yep District 4's nice. But with the Games coming up, what's my chance of seeing it again? The 67th Hunger Games is about to begin. And I don't think it will be nice...20Please respect copyright.PENANAIcDAgYC8Mk
copyright protection16PENANAEV0DgorTJN

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