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Unreal *a Finnick Odair story*
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Writer emogirl99
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Unreal *a Finnick Odair story*
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Training: Day 3
Jul 23, 2017
15 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!cHAZyeRlF8IZDKkOQtQJposted on PENANA

Raincopyright protection14PENANA9yt6QGqYyV

I woke up to the blinding sun light reflecting off the glass ornament. I stretched and walked steadily over to the walk-in-wardrobe. Picking my Training gear up, I'm prepared for the last day of Training.copyright protection14PENANA3LCEKaSCwx

I head down to breakfast with a warming smile. Valora obviously picks up on my rational behaviour. '' Why are you so happy?'' She set down the plates and stared at me inquisitively. She's so naive it's unreal.copyright protection14PENANALexoYRcPl3

'' Can't I smile on a beautiful morning like this?'' I ask sitting down.copyright protection14PENANAyuB1AsH1rg

'' Well it is beautiful.'' She nodded. '' I suppose we should all smile today. Last day of Training.'' Finnick appears in the doorway grinning his crooked gym. I stare and blush like the stupid girl I am.copyright protection14PENANAWu1y9LJ1of

'' Yes, last day of training. Better get your game face on!'' He stalked behind me and I felt a warm pair of hands on my shoulders. I yelped and laughed knowing that it was just Finnick. He laughed along with me and sat draping his arm over my shoulders.copyright protection14PENANAz9t6ysYLhj

Valora blinked a couple of times but ignored our irrational behaviour. Carter came striding in with loads of paper. He plunked them on the table and started drawing.copyright protection14PENANAOPOqRpSzrj

'' What's-''copyright protection14PENANAPnOQWXCFZ1

'' Ssssssh!'' Carter shushed me up. '' I'm working on your outfit for the Interviews.'' I nodded gulping. There's going to be 100,000 people there watching me quiver and shiver.copyright protection14PENANAUyaoFJQEu8

Finnick laughed. '' So you're more scared of the Interviews than your test score?'' He shakes his head laughing. copyright protection14PENANAYjYMJPcCpD

'' Well maybe I am, what would you say?'' I flirted eagerly.copyright protection14PENANAWe1L5XIICH

'' Questions for answers.'' He grinned. I laughed a little crazily. Valora dropped the toast she picked up. Carter looked up from his papers. Laurette strolled in the room with Bay linked in with her arms. copyright protection14PENANAJxgUVVDMz8

'' Hello people.'' She sat eagerly. She saw the shocked expressions on Carter's and Valora's faces and stared at us.copyright protection14PENANAUxrSkbIxN7

Finnick jolted his arm away from my shoulders and ate his breakfast slowly.copyright protection14PENANAaKmbvs9dbL

'' What's the matter?'' She asked, her dark eyes lowering.copyright protection14PENANAVUibPe6s1G

Valora shook her head. '' Oh nothing. Just thinking a little out of the box.'' She regained her breath.copyright protection14PENANAAVd2Oxdx41

Laurette nodded slowly not believing her. She raised her brows suspiciously but shakes her head. '' Whatever.'' She picks her food and orders them into colour order. Valora nervously coughed. '' So last day of Training. Make allies.''copyright protection14PENANAFfL2rguAuF

'' Excuse me. I have made an ally.'' I lifted my chin proudly. Carter clucked his tongue however. copyright protection14PENANAmqAFCqTITU

'' She means a suitable ally. Not District 12! That's ridiculous. We mean 1 and 2.'' I angled my chin to Bay.copyright protection14PENANAouQCwFaJdf

'' He's made an ally with 2.''copyright protection14PENANALSuwUVNpwi

Carter clapped. '' Wonderful. Go take a leaf out of his booklet Wolfe.'' I scoffed and finished eating.copyright protection14PENANA5SIGxk6r3Z

Finnick knelt down by my ear. '' No need to make allies. You're amazing.'' I smiled gracefully.copyright protection14PENANAmstd50TfK6

Laurette stood up and glared at us. We blinked back and she strode off the lift. We glanced at the clock.copyright protection14PENANAuvZY1UUPjr

'' Cripes! It's nearly 10'oclock! We'll be late!'' Finnick grabbed my arm and Bays bicep and dragged us to the lift.copyright protection14PENANA7pkQ5Rbcje

I overheard Valora say, '' But I didn't finish my speech.'' She probably pouted.copyright protection14PENANAcFHFTMGM1q

I shook my head. She is very child-like.copyright protection14PENANASwVRvXMqM5

'' Now practice the skills you want to do. You've got to get a good score on your Test. '' Finnick announced.copyright protection14PENANARUvbKB3WNm

He whispered. '' And you. No weapons and according to Carter, make an ally.'' He smirked and pushed me gently. I laughed and Bay looked shocked.copyright protection14PENANAb02SGVFmHH

'' Not going to ask.'' He mumbled. The lift door opened and all the Tributes glared at us.copyright protection14PENANAMAdHsJFe9r

I finally get a chance to actually see what they all look like.copyright protection14PENANAk0lPc6rf3f

The 1's look tough especially the lad. He has light blonde hair with hazel eyes and freckles. His jaw is sharp that can cut tables and has strong muscles. The girl is poised. Obviously very proud of herself. Her hair is black and curly, very thick with silver streaks. She also has black eyes. This is unusual for 1.copyright protection14PENANACefF7VBMhj

The 2's look like they own the Capitol. The ally Bay made, looks comical. He looks cartoon like the books we used to see when I was at school. His nose is weird and his hair is shaggy. The only uncartoonish feature is his eyes. They are grey. The girl looks very slim. With red hair. Her waves go right down her back curled at the ends. Her agile feature makes her look like she is good with a bow and arrow.copyright protection14PENANAu3TILmrqAA

The 3's look smart. The guy has short cropped brown hair and freckles. He has black glasses that are square and looks very lanky. The female however looks slinky. She has curly ginger hair that is shaped like an Afro. Her eyes are wolf like with black specs. Her hands however, are slim and look painful.copyright protection14PENANASVBeLNlc3o

5 look mysterious. The boy has a long neck that holds a round golf ball head with shaggy emo style hair. It's a dishwater blonde and has piercing blue eyes. The girl has also got an emo style hair but it's green! She must have dyed it. Her eyes are also green and reminds me of a cat.copyright protection14PENANArGCGmKBXxT

6 are just average people. Brown hair, brown eyes. Only the boys hair is in dreadlocks.copyright protection14PENANAg1X9JIva96

7 look feisty. The male looks like he will eat everyone! He looks so old he must have volunteered. Compared to the girl though, he looks like the prey. The young girl stares so piercing into everyone's eyes. It's freaky. Her hair is different lengths, the longest by her undeveloped breasts. Too feisty for my liking.copyright protection14PENANAL11mgMaBYd

8 are average too. Brown eyes, dark skin, short hair. A typical District 8 style.copyright protection14PENANAZqUC7gmJdT

9's female is average but the male is the size of a bear! He has bulky arms and abs that are popping out his shirt. Looking at him, he seems the guy who has a dozen of eggs a day.copyright protection14PENANACuVzEEi9Ps

10 look absolutely weak. The young lad looks like he will piss himself and the girl looks frightened. Easy competitors.copyright protection14PENANAgAuhWK46l3

11 are average. No surprising features.copyright protection14PENANAkltfXAvkjJ

And 12. Well 12 are magnificent. Yeah they look underfed. But they still have that poise and aura. Gauis looks so strong but feeble. The bakery must have melted his heart. The female is bony but agile.copyright protection14PENANAeWd9wROP1D

Good competition. Wide range.copyright protection14PENANAhieLAavEhR

They all looked away and back to the speaker. '' You're late.'' I glanced at Finnick and he has his charming smile on.copyright protection14PENANAHCcbR9Mnu6

'' Aw come one it's only quarter too. We're not that late.''copyright protection14PENANA6J2kTzcHoe

She grinned a quick smile. '' All the others are here.''copyright protection14PENANAlFwzr6KXK2

'' A tribute is never late. You are all just simply early.'' He winked and walked off with no reply. I smirked into my hand. Such a Finnick quote.copyright protection14PENANAOsE0DwaqTF

'' Anyway, basically just do what you want to get a good or bad score. Whatever your strategy is.'' They nodded or murmured and walked off to the stations.copyright protection14PENANAw0oylh8xZw

I however was stationary. Why aren't I moving? What's going on? And that's when I notice the blood dripping from my arm.copyright protection14PENANALkciUDoFA9

I stared at the gash in part horror, part excitement. I haven't bled in a long time. The river flows down my arm trickling across my veins. I'm bleeding. I am bleeding!copyright protection14PENANAHoBmpfSzFM

'' Ow... Bay! Bay!'' I hear the patter of his feet and the rush of the excitement raced through me.copyright protection14PENANAecMDL8UTFT

'' What's wrong? Oh...'' He stares at the blood in horror. '' What have you done to do that?'' I shake my head.copyright protection14PENANApreBK9f8OQ

'' Nothing.'' I don't remember a tingly feeling or pain. I don't remember if there was any pain or wetness. Did I cause that? Or one of the tributes? Or perhaps Finnick when he walked away back to the lift? '' I don't remember anything.''copyright protection14PENANAhwfTTE9MeP

'' Hmm seems like a cut from something really sharp.''copyright protection14PENANAyt1l6Mt1F9

'' Well that's obvious Bay.'' I rolled my eyes. I just want to get to the Snare section to improve them.copyright protection14PENANAU5B9HliWu6

'' I know that! I mean it's from a dagger. Not too deep though so it's treatable. Whoever did this is not that good with weapons.'' He ushered me into the lift again and pressed the 4th button.copyright protection14PENANAMMD1GwGPjV

'' Who did this Bay?'' I whispered silently into the darkness. It seemed louder than a whisper.copyright protection14PENANAFRoGdvtHw9

'' I don't know. But if it's a tribute, I think that's a warning.'' The lift clinked and the door flew open. Valora gazed at the lift in horror.copyright protection14PENANARresAVOSSi

'' What's happened? Why is Rain's arm bleeding?''copyright protection14PENANAZF4DHKanAt

'' She needs medicine. Who's medically trained?'' Valora stood up.copyright protection14PENANAjflIWydpfK

She shouted. '' Finnick! Finnick! Rain's bleeding!'' I heard a bang and some running. Finnick ran to the lift and scooped me in his arms.copyright protection14PENANAy6bNzMInFB

'' Finnick what are you doing?'' I ask. I don't need a hug; I need medicine.copyright protection14PENANAGEgLiYvsm6

'' Taking you- to- the medic.'' He paused every few words like he was gasping.copyright protection14PENANAVFmgniOAI4

'' And where is that exactly?'' I run to his speed aware of the blood dripping across my arm. copyright protection14PENANAlgbw3KjM8Y

'' Here.'' We come to a stop by a white door labelled 'medic' on there.copyright protection14PENANAoODFzVD5nZ

'' That's ironic.'' I sniggered. Finnick sighed and knocked on the door. '' Finnick it's just a cut. I've had millions before.'' Not true but I'm not caring in this situation.copyright protection14PENANAbiEyz1QoCy

'' Rain. I've seen this cut before. It's from a needle. And that needs to be treated.'' The door opened and out came a female with blonde hair. That is also stereo-typical.copyright protection14PENANAsYPDuToOFw

'' Can I- oh dear. Come in girl. I have just the medicine for you.'' I reluctantly walked in, all my confidence disappeared. copyright protection14PENANAM4lpJVkm0I

'' It's OK. I have the medicine here.'' She has some cream. '' Now this cream can work like magic! Isn't that wonderful! It will be gone in an hour.'' She gently rubbed the cream across my arm. I felt relief as the cold swept across my veins.copyright protection14PENANAlc00KA2BYF

'' There all pain gone!'' She clapped her hands excitedly.copyright protection14PENANA9qDY48RtWx

'' I had no pain to begin with, miss.'' She blinked confused. She suddenly realized.copyright protection14PENANA0IBl8kgsHh

'' Aaah you must be one of them people who don't feel pain at all. Unless it's a broken or fractured bone or something like that.''copyright protection14PENANAa2ub3fL5QJ

I nodded but I don't think so. I've cut myself on the rocks before back in 4 and that hurt a lot. So why didn't I feel the pain here? It's weird.copyright protection14PENANAK0anYevQIr

'' You can go now. Bye-bye!'' She ushered me out of the room and shut the door. Weird.copyright protection14PENANAoIa03ilkL2

I walked back to the lift and explained to Valora and Finnick that I'm fine.copyright protection14PENANACW5678lTdb

'' But are you sure-''copyright protection14PENANADXbNla2Q1K

'' I'm fine.'' I sighed. Valora is so protective.copyright protection14PENANAiqtsqwLLRw

'' Really you should-''copyright protection14PENANAOtsTzA1Vuf

'' It's just a cut.''copyright protection14PENANA77cjVyuYpv

'' No tribute of mine-''copyright protection14PENANAJHWcamJW8A

'' I'm fine.''copyright protection14PENANAsW4VPEwRz0

'' I should walk you back to the Training.'' Finnick interrupted.copyright protection14PENANA6G8jZ4Rt3g

I'm shocked by this. They are treating me like I've just been struck with a disease. '' Look I can go on my own. Bay's gone back down by himself-''copyright protection14PENANAZNYV09iJ5q

'' Bay's 18. You're merely 13.'' I nodded. Of course.copyright protection14PENANAkxnotc2Z4C

'' Fine take me down.'' I gestured for his arm. He took it and we went to the lift leaving Valora alone.copyright protection14PENANA0ai8tidlMg

Eating lunch in the Training Room is weird. I usually go back up to eat lunch with Finnick and Laurette unfortunately. But today they told me to eat with the rest of the tributes.copyright protection14PENANACM3AH3KZNP

So here I'm sat with Gauis and Bay. And there is silence. Apart from the clinking of knives and forks against plates. Apparently this is not what Carter meant by making allies.copyright protection14PENANAq8nNwQ0zQ4

Bay cleared his throat. '' Um so to clear this silence, shall we go to meet some of these feisty tributes?'' Obviously Bay is the one to clear the silence. He did that at home.copyright protection14PENANAbQetZIMc4y

Gauis nodded '' OK. I've only made Rain as an ally. Let's go meet some more.'' I nodded and walked to 3. They seemed so smart they would be good allies.copyright protection14PENANAsGkwh2A12o

I awkwardly stand there while they finish their conversation.copyright protection14PENANAQtweg34hCV

'' No it's much better to be in trees not on the ground.'' He shakes his head.copyright protection14PENANAlNLAhKj4Wn

'' No they're better on the ground not in trees.'' She rolls her eyes then notices me standing there. She punches her partners arm and both look terrified to see me.copyright protection14PENANADp3XWk0xm3

'' Uh hi.'' The girls wolf eyes stare at me like I'm the hunter. I shiver slightly. The boy pushes his glasses up. '' My lets say escort wanted me to make allies. Can I be part of your alliance?''copyright protection14PENANAVcwrrNvw47

The girl relaxes. '' Yeah sure. We need them. We thought you were gonna tease us.''copyright protection14PENANArqVc0cXjhU

'' Why would I tease you?'' The boy relaxes and sighs.copyright protection14PENANAHUkKRg5SOs

'' Because we're smart-asses. We don't speak or stick up for ourselves.''copyright protection14PENANAVJFsb6fGCj

The girl reached out a hand to mine. '' Name's Tressa.'' I shook the hand.copyright protection14PENANAO3JJgKWe4d

'' Rain.''copyright protection14PENANA8L7twZKCRy

'' Like the weather, rain?'' The boy asks.copyright protection14PENANA4NhJftPvar

'' Just like it.'' I smile.copyright protection14PENANAPYvzHMjD0n

'' My name is Venture. Yeah it's a stupid name I know." He rolled his eyes and gestures his hand. I boldly shook it and smiled. copyright protection14PENANAQ99XCFWmhO

Gauis coughed. " I'm Gauis." He clapped Venture's back and shook Tressa's hand. copyright protection14PENANAVlBc5RGUmQ

" Pleasure to meet you." We stood there for a minute taking in the obviously awkward silence. I look over at Bay and see that he made friends with the District 7 girl. Yeesh! copyright protection14PENANAmbORLvD49E

" Well let's get cracking. Last day of Training you know." Do you know that girl who is popular but with the high-key cherry disposition? This is Tressa but she's not popular. To be honest it's a dealt annoying voice.copyright protection14PENANAsZNBWqhTNy

" Yeah last day of Training." I nodded nervously. I just realised how long left till I go into the Games. I shudder at the thought. We all well over for the Weapons section. I hesitate a little. I'm not supposed to be here; Finnick told me not to go here. I glace awkwardly at Gauis. He is twisting a speed in his hand like it's a normal pencil and not a dangerous weapon. copyright protection14PENANAHIUjVZaBUx

I stand there watching Venture eagerly looking at the arrows laying untouched. Tressa confidently unsheathes a sword and poised it. She chopped the head off two and struck the sword in the heart of a mannequin. Well she can use a weapon.copyright protection14PENANAsgJg7uMLyV

Gauis spins a spear in his hands with ease. Well, I have picked great allies. I don't go anywhere near them and shuffle on m feet instead.copyright protection14PENANAp1VdCSDULq

'' Scared of a weapon?'' Tressa aims the arrow and shoots flawlessly in the slap bang middle. I purse my lips considering the thought.copyright protection14PENANAtt9nM4nXGh

'' Yeah I'm only 13 you know.'' I half shrug. Her eyes widen.copyright protection14PENANAu8ydpFIcrg

'' Really?! I thought you were 15! Wow... I'm terrible at ages though.'' She shot another arrow and it pierced the first.copyright protection14PENANA8Qi34VVHPH

'' You're amazing at shooting. I wish I can shoot...''copyright protection14PENANA8iahGWm4T2

'' Thanks. I would teach you but I can't exactly explain well.'' She shrugged and set down the weapon. She picked up the sword again.18Please respect copyright.PENANA1j4ibABXys
I glance over at Gauis and of course he is laughing. '' Scaredy-cat Rain.'' I punch him lightly on the shoulder and swiftly trip him up.copyright protection14PENANAmnbUBBzjN1

'' Well, your a sly minx.'' He pushed himself up. I envelop in laughs and really forgot about everything...copyright protection14PENANAAVRSZVOVDD

'' Soooo.'' Valora spoke as we eat our stew. '' How was Training?'' She glances at me probably hoping I made some good allies.copyright protection14PENANACLWM3CIqGC

'' OK.'' Bay answered.copyright protection14PENANAs20EWCfwV3

Carter glanced away from the paperwork he has. '' What I'm wondering is if Rain has made better allies than before?'' I think about Tressa and Venture.copyright protection14PENANAxwZppYldTZ

'' Before you judge anything, they are amazing with weapons. I have made allies with District 3.'' Carter blinked in contentment.copyright protection14PENANARwLNiOq1e7

'' They're ok, they're smart. You need smart people to survive. The thick always die.''copyright protection14PENANAEHaEm7gBDc

I blinked confused. '' Right...'' I gaze dreamily at Finnick with his bulging muscles. His sea-green eyes glace up and stare at me mysteriously. I smirked and hesitantly forced my eyes upon Laurette. She's looking down at her food, hair draped over her shoulder.copyright protection14PENANAFbJEB9DXmx

'' What do you think Finnick, Laurette?'' Valora greedily asks.copyright protection14PENANAWe3H2lvsnK

Finnick coughed and straightened his already perfect posture. '' I think it's great Rain has some allies.''copyright protection14PENANAz1sJFOQWqu

Laurette chuckled and leaned back. '' Well to me with 12 and 3 on her side, I think she will lose.'' She glared hard at me and softly to Bay. '' At least he has Careers.''copyright protection14PENANA95GSKh1neo

'' That's not the point Laurette.'' Carter sighed and went back to the paperwork. Today he is wearing pink skinny jeans, a black ordinary top with a yellow scarf and rose hat. This is quite normal for him. Yesterday he was wearing a suit covered in stars!copyright protection14PENANAUaCXSEjo7H

'' Well I don't see the point then.'' She answered briskly. The table sat in silence until Finnick nodded to me. I stood up and announced my leaving. I grabbed Finnick's arm and tugged gently, walking off to my room.copyright protection14PENANA8GIBqophkP

I waited by my door until Finnick clinked his plates together and his chair scraping across the floor. '' I am very tired, I wish to go to bed.'' He strides across the linoleum.copyright protection14PENANALtVrmFJn3Y

'' All set?'' I ask quietly. He nodded and held a finger to his lips. He went to his door, beckoned to follow me quietly and enter his room. I close the door and Finnick collapses on the bed.copyright protection14PENANAMX9oV13fpa

'' I got to tell you something.'' Finnick groaned so perfectly, it made me kiss him. He smiled.copyright protection14PENANAWyRE9h3yyn

'' What's wrong?'' I sat on the edge of the bed preparing for anything.copyright protection14PENANAokRkMd0vB3

'' Aaah how am I gonna say this? Um, I can't support you in the Games.'' He hopelessly looked at me. It was painful to look at. copyright protection14PENANAtn1CMXEPc3

'' Why? If it's Laurette-''copyright protection14PENANA09BROK9RjI

'' It is.'' He looked down and tightened his grip to the bed. '' She made a deal. If I support Bay, she will stop me being the Capitol Prince. It's ridiculous of me to believe, but I think she can.'' copyright protection14PENANAfI262Ok3kV

'' Finnick she can't. She won't make Bay win. He'd be heartbroken that I've died and he lived. He would just shut himself down and won't speak. She will destroy him. You'll be destroyed too. You don't want me to die, do you?''copyright protection14PENANA6Oi7r555Uh

'' Of course not! I would never wish that!''copyright protection14PENANA8VrJNguW7O

'' So why believe her?'' I look at him helplessly. I can't believe him.copyright protection14PENANAEmwHtzvNCQ

He shook his floppy hair. '' Maybe it's because I'm fed up of the attention. Fed up of Snow... poison. He's exactly like a poisonous snake. Feeding me to the Capitol. I hate him. I want to kill him. Kill him and Laurette. Kill my past.'' I felt a head fall on my shoulder.copyright protection14PENANAIJE1Q56Vb1

'' Look, Finnick. Arausio won't give you that. She will just suck up your soul so she can have Bay.'' I rubbed his hair caressing the roots.copyright protection14PENANAdjWF3JVyG3

'' You're right. I hate her. But I agreed to the deal.'' He shook his head.copyright protection14PENANAmlpT2TsyG5

My eyes widened. '' I just thought of something! Laurette can't have Bay.''copyright protection14PENANAopO3qF9wAk

'' Of course she can. She is manipulative.''copyright protection14PENANAyOEuuIepgV

'' No she cant; he's gay.'' I smiled wickedly.copyright protection14PENANAsDgSwiLYRs

Finnick's smile etched into a boyish-geeky grin. He started laughing inside his pillow. '' Good riddance! The stupid bitch got her revenge!''copyright protection14PENANA3gRSjhxtO8

I smiled. '' Come on then. Let's go to the Training Room. Get me to win.'' He nodded and we ran all the way to the room. I faintly see a scar on my arm now. I smile; it's a raindrop.copyright protection14PENANANmXsRra6Qr

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