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Unreal *a Finnick Odair story*
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Writer emogirl99
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Unreal *a Finnick Odair story*
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Finnick again
Jul 23, 2017
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!1O8MBQfVp2oNA8glLCq8posted on PENANA

That was the best feeling I ever had, sharing that kiss with Rain.17Please respect copyright.PENANAX9W6VyWbum
It seems so silly calling it a kiss. It's much more than that in my mind.17Please respect copyright.PENANAdSaO0q9M3z
17Please respect copyright.PENANAUEgE6X1MZ8
When she kissed me back, I knew it was over. The Games were finished, she won them along with Bay and the Capitol were overthrown. Sparks were zinged together and swept around us. At first the kiss was small. But then it grew more intense. Probably the most intense kiss I ever had. Well I only had one. Never wanting it to end, I pulled Rain onto my lap. She interlocked her legs round my hips. I remembered she pushed a little too hard and made me escape a groan. I fell gently onto the Training Area and she started laughing. Her laugh is so irresistible I couldn't help but laugh along with her. I felt both laughs reverberated through us as if it was electric volts shooting throughout our bodies, molding into each other. It was as if we were, somehow, related together but not blood. We were soul-mates. Our weeping souls were written on our thump-thumping hearts. I enveloped my arms onto her slender hips but she stopped laughing.17Please respect copyright.PENANAVXhS3dq0oV
I could see why: Laurette was there staring at us. Rain however didn't notice Laurette and was more interested in the time.17Please respect copyright.PENANAnCNxqOYzB2
I enclasped my arms onto Rain's shoulders, feigning that Laurette wasn't there looking broken or split in half. I closed my eyes as the reverberating buzz of the past week flicker in my eyes. The Games aren't over, Rain has not won the Games, Laurette is still fighting for me... I am still the Capitol Prince.17Please respect copyright.PENANA9wGqaNobAn
I remembered I said that I couldn't lose Rain. I might already have... Just not to the Games. No, no. I know an even bigger competitor that Rain will be up against. Not the Capitol.17Please respect copyright.PENANAkvlBnpPOpd
The feisty Laurette with her natural instinct of revenge. And I am in the middle of it all...17Please respect copyright.PENANAJNQxlgmjQX
'' Don't worry. You won't lose me: I'll make sure of it.'' I gasp at the phrase. It was like she read my mind. Can she mind read? Or see the look of worry across my face more like.As we walk back to our bedrooms, a shadowed figure steps into view. I heard Rain gasp as soon as I covered her mouth.17Please respect copyright.PENANAl0t2rEPPQp
'' Wha's wron'?'' She asks under my hand. I stare at the figure. It stopped for a second, startled but gradually moved on.17Please respect copyright.PENANAdaVyMjXB8n
'' Someone was there. They've gone now; must have thought we were avoxes.''17Please respect copyright.PENANAPSaGpvXLPN
She breathed a sigh of relief and cat walked into her room.17Please respect copyright.PENANAJbOddfR35H
'' Goodnight Finnick.'' She disappeared.17Please respect copyright.PENANAtiSpQFIOhQ
'' Goodnight Rain.'' I whisper quietly. I gaze at the vacant door ahead of me. Of what like seems hours past, I sigh and slump into my door. But someone was blocking it...17Please respect copyright.PENANAb6ImN8SKTH
'' Why hello Shadow Boy!'' I gaze up to see the long slender figure of Laurette blocking my way inside the room.17Please respect copyright.PENANAyDTmQ6CHaH
copyright protection13PENANAAGJsGmF278

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