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Unreal *a Finnick Odair story*
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Writer emogirl99
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Unreal *a Finnick Odair story*
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Training: Day 2 (Rain)
Jul 23, 2017
14 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!pvMP69kT3gDiT2fQOnZIposted on PENANA

I woke up with the first thought of Finnick. How he stormed off without a care. At least he said good bye to me.21Please respect copyright.PENANAsbbe1inmbr
Training again. Great.21Please respect copyright.PENANACOKwQZnFnm
I'll spend another day sitting on the Snare section. Maybe Knot-tying section.21Please respect copyright.PENANAoF5gNXCgBp
I start heading down to breakfast after I got dressed thinking about knot-tying and walked straight into Finnick.21Please respect copyright.PENANAW3A7hCqFYB
'' Woah sorry Rain didn't see you there.'' He folded his hands around his torso.21Please respect copyright.PENANA7BqR7hRuWe
'' No it was my fault sorry I was too busy thinking about knot-tying.'' Finnick laughed.21Please respect copyright.PENANARlUWBHTdXu
'' Weird thing to think about.'' He smiled a crooked smile and a flip of nervousness spreaded throughout my body.21Please respect copyright.PENANADTxe1PQrvP
'' I am weird.'' I replied with a shaky laugh.21Please respect copyright.PENANA2CqsuxJl2G
'' Listen. About last night-''21Please respect copyright.PENANAzT1tQDaJQ8
'' Don't worry about it.'' I knew he was going to apologize. I just somehow don't want him too.21Please respect copyright.PENANAeu1MI3Cyu7
'' Look I am sorry. I had a lot on my mind. I-I couldn't think straight-''21Please respect copyright.PENANAnxKO0elKzo
'' It's fine don't worry about it.'' We got to the Dining Room and sat down while Valora talked about how today is a finer day.21Please respect copyright.PENANAq9isC85NSW
'' I feel as though today is a happy day.''21Please respect copyright.PENANAV6qXT80vHv
'' Too much wine.'' Finnick whispered by me. I sniggered into my toast.21Please respect copyright.PENANAC52nT2BeMa
'' Now today is your second day of Training,'' Began Carter. '' we need to get some allies on the run. You two are supposed to be Careers but no doubt about it, you won't make them allies.''21Please respect copyright.PENANADdkVFW4LKW
'' I don't want to make allies.'''' You have to. If your gonna live.''21Please respect copyright.PENANAHG38EXhFsY
'' May I interrupt you Carter?'' Finnick inclined his head.21Please respect copyright.PENANAa53csWf3b2
'' Well you already have.'' He sat back in his chair looking grim.21Please respect copyright.PENANAePfyKVvPGg
'' Well in the Quarter Quell, Haymitch Abernathy didn't have any allies and he won the Games. Unless you count Maysilee but I don't because he didn't need her as a ally.'' Finnick crossed his leg and sat back looking smug.21Please respect copyright.PENANALoXPxBMOge
'' Okay fair point but the Career's usually win the Games. You may as well partner up with them-''21Please respect copyright.PENANAMqkQDNNTRZ
'' Another to be made.'' Finnick sat back up and starting doing hand gestures. '' I won my Games without any allies.''21Please respect copyright.PENANAV5OaEz5aoM
'' But your a fighter.''21Please respect copyright.PENANAraboZIZLwf
'' Then we'll make sure they are too.''21Please respect copyright.PENANA0jGl9k8XdZ
We sat in silence. Valora sighed and crossed her arms. Laurette stood up.21Please respect copyright.PENANAW85LjJkpUI
'' Just stop arguing. Your both right. People can win without allies. But many die without any allies.'' She sat back down and started eating again.21Please respect copyright.PENANAblSnJS5IEC
A smirk formed on her face as everyone started staring at her.21Please respect copyright.PENANAYEVFZ5Z73c
'' As I was saying...'' Carter looked at Laurette anxiously. '' You need allies. Make them.''21Please respect copyright.PENANA7ZkcLDV52Q
'' But-'' I started.21Please respect copyright.PENANAOebHBVzHEd
'' No buts.'' I finished eating the toast and got changed into the uniform in my room.21Please respect copyright.PENANAjCSfiRlhZo
Knock, knock. 21Please respect copyright.PENANAt6oOj9refu
Great if that's Valora or Carter they can go piss themselves.21Please respect copyright.PENANA53JhLlck2R
'' Come in,'' I said agitatedly. The door opened and Laurette was standing there. 21Please respect copyright.PENANAymuqCMiX3i
'' What do you want?''21Please respect copyright.PENANAmwoLkHUMWa
'' It's 10 we need to go.'' She looked like she had been crying. 21Please respect copyright.PENANAh2e0jZlwjo
'' Alright.'' I went out the door knocking Laurette out of the way. She glared at me and followed.21Please respect copyright.PENANAnRKRimEAkH
I have a feeling that she knows that I am secretly training with Finnick. She does not look at all happy.Maybe yesterday was a joke. A trap. I'm gonna be a bit more warier now when I am with her. She looks like she can bite my head off now. 21Please respect copyright.PENANASHdhsyZnlW
I followed her, ten steps behind, to the Training Centre. That's when I notice Finnick is not there. 21Please respect copyright.PENANAxCYLCiKYO4
" Where's Finnick?" I asked politely turning my head around trying to find him. 21Please respect copyright.PENANAmcW74euIOP
" Oh he's-" 21Please respect copyright.PENANAqHwEYYcYlx
" Right here." I jumped as he put a hand on my shoulder. I relaxed as his warmth melted through me. 21Please respect copyright.PENANAUT9TFMbpK0
Laurette glared at him and scoffed. 21Please respect copyright.PENANAu7dqfhFJ0u
" Come on then, we'll be late." Laurette scowled. She jumped into the lift and ignored us for the rest of the time.21Please respect copyright.PENANAyqb5493h8p
I stared at her in the lift. What was she thinking now? Perhaps trying to persuade the Gamemakers to kill me. Well she's not popular so.... plan fail.21Please respect copyright.PENANAP2jZVYM7ow
I smirked to myself as I made my way to the Training Room. I hear, as I enter the doorway, two Tributes arguing.21Please respect copyright.PENANA7SEljTDYDD
'' Hey what are you doing with my knife?!'' District 2 male.21Please respect copyright.PENANAsc4Dh9NkrV
'' No this is my knife.''  District 1 male. He is quite cute I guess. But not Finnick.21Please respect copyright.PENANAKgY3gU121p
The District 2 male shoves 1. '' Liar I just put it down there-''21Please respect copyright.PENANAz9iduB78zK
'' Relax,'' Cute boy interrupts. '' we are fellow careers.''21Please respect copyright.PENANAL2WQFd0tyr
'' I don't care. Give me my knife.'' 1 moves away but 2 caught up with him. They start fighting until one of the people grab hold of 2 and pull him away leaving Cute Boy with a scratched lip. 1 smirked at 2. But that made 2 struggle out op the Capitol man's arms. 2 failed as the man was stronger than he looked. 2 growled and 1 growled back.21Please respect copyright.PENANApiInmYho0j
Boys, seriously.21Please respect copyright.PENANAOzs6MXIU5i
I head over to the knot-tying section again.21Please respect copyright.PENANAERkBI0OIun
No Instructor. That's weird.I start tying the knot on the screen using harsh movements.21Please respect copyright.PENANAaTGSh2QzrQ
I wish I can go on the fighting section. This can show that I am not weak. Like the District 7 girl. But it shows that I can actually do fight and that meant that Finnick and Laurette were lying to District 2. I don't want one of them in trouble. I smirked at the thought of revenge on Laurette.21Please respect copyright.PENANASfqlldi47o
I over think this as the rope scrapes my skin leaving a field of red on the pink skin.21Please respect copyright.PENANAmMgGnYGcGa
'' Aaargh'' I stare at the red patch. I rub it gently shocked at what the rope had done. I started to well up with tears as a familiar person runs to my side. He checks the wound with delicate fingers.21Please respect copyright.PENANAzQ4gJljzUK
'' Only a graze. No major harm.''21Please respect copyright.PENANAqNZQ8l4rpb
'' Thanks Bay.'' I stare at him a while before I carry on finishing a knot.21Please respect copyright.PENANAPLX5sk49xK
'' Hey Rain have you made allies?''21Please respect copyright.PENANAk6BomkKFUF
'' No and I don't intend to. Why?'' I bet he has gone and made himself an ally.21Please respect copyright.PENANAqlspcBLg2b
'' Well... I made an ally.'' He looks worried.21Please respect copyright.PENANArSXpXpJ1zg
'' Well... go on.''21Please respect copyright.PENANAMTnoiKJ3qE
'' It's umm... how can i say this...umm...'' He rubs his hair. '' It's District 2.''21Please respect copyright.PENANAIQZbgcM2sP
'' Oh god. You're going to get Finnick and Laurette into trouble! I-''21Please respect copyright.PENANAdUHajFA3Ha
'' Rain I'm gay.'' He looks at me in discomfort.21Please respect copyright.PENANAku4HSmsCqT
'' What?'' I am confused.21Please respect copyright.PENANAg9Jgk0s72V
'' I'm...umm... going out with someone.''21Please respect copyright.PENANAWgPDr9j2c0
'' Let me guess.''21Please respect copyright.PENANAcwugemDGZ4
'' District 2.'' We both finished. I sighed.21Please respect copyright.PENANAzfdjvykYFn
'' Bay I don't care if you're gay but all I care about is what if he dies-''21Please respect copyright.PENANATBEIf5Ry84
'' Sssh!''21Please respect copyright.PENANAzlA3CPqfvp
'' No Bay I mean it and your heart breaks. Can you trust him?''21Please respect copyright.PENANAk5Expa5K8L
'' Yes.'' He is turning red.21Please respect copyright.PENANA71nMKCSCb0
'' Prove it.''21Please respect copyright.PENANAGKlhNX6edC
'' Well.... his name's Victor Bedford. And he uses swords, bows and spears.''21Please respect copyright.PENANADxIi58saSB
'' But can you trust him?'' I looked deep into his eyes. Fear.21Please respect copyright.PENANAW0DjMnWE07
'' Yes. Don't worry about it.'' He is getting aggravated.21Please respect copyright.PENANAFHS0ZGY6Uc
'' Okay fine I'll get some allies.'' He smiled a bit then.21Please respect copyright.PENANAIyJrQOAiZt
'' Good.'' He swiftly walked away. What?! Do I really want to get allies? I mean what if they go behind my back and just like poison my food? Or what if they just keep double-timing and plan to kill me with the other tributes? It's scary to know that could happen.Or I could use that strategy to kill them off...21Please respect copyright.PENANATWtwfgUbVV
'' Hello.'' I turn around to look at the District 12 boy.21Please respect copyright.PENANAjBCbBBSAIN
'' Hi.'' I answer and turn back to knotting. But this is a hard one and I gave myself a rope-burn. '' Ouch!'' I squeal and let go of the rope again.21Please respect copyright.PENANAMrlwSbltul
'' Here let me help you with that.'' He has soft hands. He gently showed me how to tie that knot without hurting myself. I copied his movements and successfully made the knot.21Please respect copyright.PENANAWohqVwHPIC
'' You do know your knot skills don't you?'' I look at his hands again.21Please respect copyright.PENANAL1dndPZ5qH
'' That's because I work in a bakery but go hunting every night to get food for my family. I made loads of snares.''21Please respect copyright.PENANATc8eJ1p4uT
'' Aaah.'' I turn my back away from him. '' Who are you?'' I ask softly.21Please respect copyright.PENANApqiGRdcy2U
'' Gauis Mellark. And you are?'' I turn towards him my grey eyes glinting on the screen.21Please respect copyright.PENANAaOWob9ebfF
'' Rain Wolfe, District 4.'' I hold my hand out to shake. He looks deciding to accept. He looks back up at me. What will he do? Decline? Accept? He nods and gently shakes hands.21Please respect copyright.PENANAT8S2nB4MFy
'' Pleasure to meet you Miss Wolfe.''21Please respect copyright.PENANAG4ZYKQbXoe
'' Pleasure to meet you Mr Mellark, and you can call me Rain.'' Hmmm maybe allies aren't that bad after all.21Please respect copyright.PENANASz2OYeYdqe
'' Call me Gauis.'' I laughed.21Please respect copyright.PENANATjmLmJmqw1
'' What's so funny?'' He asked enquiringly. I stifled my chuckle.21Please respect copyright.PENANAZd6YcRPoOe
'' I don't know. I hardly ever laugh.'' I pouted and he laughed.21Please respect copyright.PENANADGOGvNUt1l
'' Well I'm honored to make you laugh.'' He did a slight bow and walked off. Maybe allies are the key to surviving...21Please respect copyright.PENANAHUF4F1O2rl
I carry back on with the knots and completed every tutorial.21Please respect copyright.PENANA4qyapL2e9Q
'' You know, everyone laughs at least twice a day.'' He leaned in my ear and whispered gently, his breath cold. I smile warily. Cold breath. Not good. He strolled away skipping slightly. I smile wickedly. Jerk.21Please respect copyright.PENANAtMxis35nw6
_______________________________________________________________________________21Please respect copyright.PENANAIe0ojGp7IQ
'' So how was training today?'' Finnick asked while we were at the table eating bread rolls shaped like flowers with so many delicacies thronging in the middle of them.21Please respect copyright.PENANAsNh1XGMZVW
Time to make my announcement, '' I have eeer.... listened to Carter's advice and made an ally.'' As soon as I said it Finnick looked shocked but happy, Arausio looks like she's about to vomit and Valora was clapping. The others were in mild approval.21Please respect copyright.PENANAQpIoHbrMzY
Carter leaned back in his seat and placed his foot on the table. Valora shrieked. '' You do know that's mahogany!'' She placed here hand on her chest in repulsion.21Please respect copyright.PENANATicUGvA5Dj
'' Yes I do know it's mahogany.'' He tuts gently. '' What District? Hopefully a Career District , I will be merely disappointed if it's 12...''21Please respect copyright.PENANAW66d84TU4P
'' It's District 12 male. Gauis Mellark.'' I said with wild confidence that I shouldn't have done.21Please respect copyright.PENANARUezjVLKHk
'' Hmmm. That name is familiar to me. Can't think where though...'' Valora shook her head.21Please respect copyright.PENANAJBCWvis5n5
'' Well...''' Finnick said finally. '' That's very interesting.'' He rubbed his perfect jawline questioningly.21Please respect copyright.PENANApkbvxjzreD
'' I think it's abominable.'' Laurette finally spoke. She glared at me. '' If she needed to make allies, which she didn't at all, she should make Career Allies because she would survive longer with them around.'' She picked at her nail. '' Anyway she might not survive long anyway, she's only 13 and all and-'' I just stood up and pinned her wrists to the table.21Please respect copyright.PENANAg5yvFRqqC8
'' Don't you dare say that I might not survive. I will. And Bay will be standing right by me.'' I whispered me a little quietly.21Please respect copyright.PENANALlJnheGJk4
Valora screamed and Laurette just gave me a dirty look.21Please respect copyright.PENANAPJo1eWlOnz
'' Relax Edenthaw. It was a test to see if she would actually kill someone. I think she would.'' She smiled a little wickedly. '' Wolfe just a little more surprise on the attack and a little more power.'' I flitted my eyes accusingly at her.21Please respect copyright.PENANAsEF09lSzMv
'' I shall try that next time Arausio.'' I laughed silently.21Please respect copyright.PENANAIxRrV9GCT0
'' Can I have my wrists back? I would very much like to finish my dinner?'' I stared at the wrists I trapped under my grasp. My hands are turning white from the force. I reluctantly let go of them.21Please respect copyright.PENANAGIK5JZ15No
She coiled and uncoiled them and started eating again. I stare at her confusingly. Just why....? A question that will never be answered.21Please respect copyright.PENANAFg2kgbG9Ls
Finnick looked at me and nodded. I smirked. We discussed this last night.21Please respect copyright.PENANAFtZwVUFBwy
'' I'm going to go to my room now.'' I stood up and left and felt all of them stare at my bare back.21Please respect copyright.PENANACdgmi0lk59
'' I am also going to go to my room.'' I waited by the door silently. I flattened my back against the wall to show I have gone. I closed my eyes and fell to the floor. I felt someone sneak a hand around my shoulders.21Please respect copyright.PENANAILpL5GXMPJ
'' Time to train.'' I opened my eyes and he smirked.21Please respect copyright.PENANAevcd178GJF
'' Okay. You distract Laurette.'' I patted his head gently.21Please respect copyright.PENANAflTwIbw3vC
'' Okay just get dressed in your training uniform and meet me in the dining room.'' I nodded and walked to my room. I wonder what we'll be doing tonight. Weopans, climbing, kissing... Whatever. It will be fun as I'm with Finnick.21Please respect copyright.PENANAcenC0tiYf8
'' Hello Odair. What are you doing outside Rainfall's room?'' Why the hell does she use the extension of my name for? I love Rainfall. It's calm and surreal. Maybe she thinks I hate it. I chuckled silently.21Please respect copyright.PENANAHuDTHE1QlL
'' Hey Arausio, I'm walking to my room you just bumped into me walking past Rain's room.'' I heard him smile.21Please respect copyright.PENANAvA6o6OADS6
'' Well you're taking forever to get to your room.'' I heard her walk up closer.21Please respect copyright.PENANAg5lEHm8Zko
'' Well I was thinking and that makes me a slower walker.'' He answers effectively.21Please respect copyright.PENANA81SLVAqXqM
'' Thinking about....what?'' I heard her breathe heavier. She must be close to my door.21Please respect copyright.PENANAIWnOkuDV8w
'' I was thinking about how this year's tributes will do in their private session with the Gamemakers.''21Please respect copyright.PENANA1oBn3iJci3
'' Bay will obviously use his strength. Rain will do a stupid thing most likely getting a 4. I heard the District 7 Female, Chipper, is strong. She's get a worthy 9. I don't know about the others.'' I heard Finnick gulp. Maybe Laurette placed her hand on his muscles or something. I'm gonna kill her.21Please respect copyright.PENANAAr5sd03DXt
'' Highly believable of you to say Rain will get a low score.'' Finnick says with determination.21Please respect copyright.PENANAqFpNuKi8Fq
'' Well, we do both hate each other.'' She sighs after an electric device beeped '' Bay just called for me. I'd better go see what he wants. Goodbye Odair.''21Please respect copyright.PENANAEHPf4SyO4R
'' Bye-bye Arausio.'' I heard her storm off angrily. Finnick knocked on my door. I let him come in.21Please respect copyright.PENANARFiW8vXb9U
'' You ready?'' He asks showing his cute dimples.21Please respect copyright.PENANAEzA4n4OFdu
'' Yeah. What are we doing?'' He leans against the wall.21Please respect copyright.PENANA5RbU7gNF4S
'' Aah. That's a secret till we get there.'' He grabbed my arm and we ran across the floor till we got to the lift.21Please respect copyright.PENANAxWxPTFlQQv
'' Well we escaped the clutches of Valora.'' Finnick laughed.21Please respect copyright.PENANAKu5lyspn8C
'' For now.'' He pressed the button for the Training Area and we were silence for a bit.21Please respect copyright.PENANAReu39BjWgo
'' What did Arausio do before? I heard you gulp?'' He scratched his neck.21Please respect copyright.PENANAONkmDd1Z3R
'' Oh she just nearly kissed me.'' I froze and cracked my fingers. Finnick repulsed in shock. '' I moved my head away in time.''21Please respect copyright.PENANAuOmz9V2zia
'' I know. You hate her.'' He nodded and we were at the bottom. 21Please respect copyright.PENANAcaoGdxhxuy
'' Here we are.'' We stepped into the Room and I first went to the Weapons. I picked up a bow and 4 arrows. He laughed.21Please respect copyright.PENANAVjmfF0tHZx
'' Yes I did promise you we would be doing archery. Now hold the bow like this...'' He positioned the bow and my position for me to shoot in. '' Grab the arrow and pull the string back. Aim where you want the weapon to hit. The trick is with the bow, you have to imagine you're the weapon. The way you aim, the way you get to kill. You are the weapon.'' I aimed at the heart. I exhaled and let go. Just under the bullseye.21Please respect copyright.PENANAyulV3vQ549
'' Nice first try. I didn't even hit the target first time I tried.'' I repositioned the next arrow and aimed again. Exhale, shoot. BULLSEYE!21Please respect copyright.PENANAfgjEXxcf4H
'' CONGRATULATIONS! That was amazing Rain!'' Finnick started clapping.21Please respect copyright.PENANAOZ0afGbInb
'' It looks like I am a natural. Now what is it that you wanted me to try?''21Please respect copyright.PENANAgWFBSI7IOb
'' I wanted to test your speed first.'' I nodded slowly. Okay a challenge.21Please respect copyright.PENANAS4scIpJVFO
He got his stopwatch out from his pocket and reset the timer. '' Run from the spot your on to the end of the camouflage section with all the speed you can muster.'' I set my legs up correctly and waited for the timer to start.21Please respect copyright.PENANACtODE3kPMI
'' 3..2..1.. GO!'' I started with incredible speed and remembered when I tested my running skills with Ocean. We always broke the record. She's not here with me now21Please respect copyright.PENANA12FGExpLgd
I touched the wall and took a break from running. I walked back to Finnick carefully trying to not get stitch.21Please respect copyright.PENANAX8hpl0P5Wu
'' That was... impressive. Very fast. 13 seconds. Did you run back at 4?'' I nod.21Please respect copyright.PENANATyXHcCLwsx
'' With Ocean.'' He placed the stopwatch down on the table.21Please respect copyright.PENANAftAU9fry1H
'' Your sister.'' I nodded and sat on the floor. He came to sit with me. I placed my head inside his lap and he started stroking my head.21Please respect copyright.PENANAMYQ4nc4ch0
'' I miss her and it's only been a few days. How is that possible?'' I stare at Finnick's beautiful chiseled face. His cheeks are sticking out more than before. It looks like he's getting ill. 21Please respect copyright.PENANAHbzFTLhFiJ
'' It's possible because you love her.'' 21Please respect copyright.PENANAdxcNrm3TV4
I stare up at Finnick to see that he is crying. Why is he crying? '' What's wrong Finnick?'' 21Please respect copyright.PENANAAH2rLpDQCV
He turned to me slowly and all I saw was pain. '' My mentor, Mags, she was 90 years old when she died after I won the Games. I told her that I would win for her as I had no family. She was the only person I actually classed as family.'' I stare at Finnick horrified. Everyone saw him as the Capitol Prince and there he is acctually in pain more than anyone else.And then he did something I wasn't expecting. He cupped my face in his hands and kissed my lips. Shocked, I tensed up first but gradually synced in with his passionate force. He pulled me further onto his lap and I slowly straddled my legs round his hips. He let himself fall onto the floor with me on top of him. I laughed and he gently squeezed my hips. I stopped kissing him and stared at his face. He looks confused for some reason21Please respect copyright.PENANARk7rZ0chFv
He sighed gently and murmured underneath me; '' Now I have to make sure you win. I can't lose you too.'' He stood up and lifted me gingerly off his lap.21Please respect copyright.PENANA0T3dGvzJou
'' It's 10'oclock.'' He gazed at the clock above our heads.21Please respect copyright.PENANAOZcQqXg4OT
We started walking to the lift with me wrapped round his shoulders. We got onto the lift in silence.21Please respect copyright.PENANA0Fd76d8juO
'' Don't worry. You won't lose me; I'll make sure of it.''21Please respect copyright.PENANAPvHSIonh8L
copyright protection17PENANAiIR7RmsEMG

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