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From Popular to Freak
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The Dance
Sep 13, 2017
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!J3UB7hc01J4hEvRpx6FYposted on PENANA

Nirvana's song, "Lithium," blared as I navigated through the dance floor crowded with teens. The music mixed with laughter and the overpowering scent of "Love's Baby Soft."copyright protection32PENANAdz7CO88C2w

I was confident in my walk. Some kids nodded at me as I passed. The boys gave me admiring glances, but some of the girls' looks weren't as friendly.copyright protection32PENANAlMAgnHyzIz

I tucked my brunette hair behind one ear, and felt a surge of pride. I knew I looked stunning in my black satin and lace Vera Wang gown. The dress wasn't low cut. It was classy.copyright protection32PENANAjMQXhImPP1

People often seem to think that popular girls are easy. I'm far from easy.copyright protection32PENANAO2BVFp3N26

As I looked around, I noticed that some kids wore the totally wrong clothes. I'm not a mean person, but I felt like they needed to watch that television show, "What Not to Wear."copyright protection32PENANAkoSUEgCcQk

For instance, Alexander Chavez, the star basketball player, was wearing plaid slacks and a polka dotted tie. Seriously? Oh,Alex. And his girlfriend, Amanda Stevens, wore a dress with a thigh high slit. She also kept tugging up her strapless bodice.copyright protection32PENANAL97C6pktf9

Fashion Tape, Fashion Tape, I wanted to shout at her. Fashion Tape was double sided tape that was a Godsend for nearly everything. A few of its magical powers were holding dresses up and keeping bra straps hidden or in place. I made a mental note to let Amanda in on this secret when I had a chance.copyright protection32PENANAv3c7YRx2Fz

I noticed my best friend Maddie standing at the refreshment stand and walked over to her. She looked gorgeous in her shimmering red dress that was striking with her blonde hair.copyright protection32PENANA8ZY1TChwP7

As we each grabbed a can of soda, we saw Principal Jensen trying to lecture Chantal on her sleazy dance moves. We watched as he made her sit out this dance.copyright protection32PENANAQAhYdonxRC

"Oh, my God," whispered Maddie after she took a sip of soda. She was glaring at Chantal. "She deserves it. Trying to twerk and all."copyright protection32PENANAHnFUuEL1Gq

"Yeah, ha-ha. Hey, remember the sleepovers we had? We never missed her show "Hannah Montana."copyright protection32PENANABOpAPjc7P1

Maddie nodded. "That was when she was cute. I really miss the non-twerking Hannah."copyright protection32PENANAfGCwEQU2nM

"I know you loved her, but Hollywood can completely ruin you. It's one reason why I'm going to be a psychologist. It's a very stable career," I said and set down my can of soda.copyright protection32PENANAE59kZEYLGE

"Come on, makeup check." That was my phrase for time to go to the Ladies' Room.copyright protection32PENANAbhtBSjV4rL

As we walked, Madonna's song "Vogue," started playing."I love this song," Maddie said.copyright protection32PENANA6GsJc7z69X

"Do you think she'll still be around years from now? Her music seems kind of like a fad," I nonchalantly said.copyright protection32PENANATO3283H6On

"Of course! She'll be an icon by then. I just know it. Wait and see."copyright protection32PENANAL0FfCxzxC0

"Maybe," I said as I pushed open the double doors to the restroom.copyright protection32PENANAjJGLsSS2Z1

"The guys should be here soon. Brandon better not be late. I don't know how he can be late to things more than I am," Maddie laughed.copyright protection32PENANA0SP3VY7D4W

"Luke texted me a few minutes ago," I told her. "He said they're on their way."copyright protection32PENANA0QWG5zeE6Q

A stall door opened and I recognized the girl that exited.She was from my art class. She was pretty but would have turned heads if she wore a little makeup and ditched the huge glasses that hid her blue eyes.copyright protection32PENANAEqzlb2d35d

"I love those beautiful sculptures that you made in art class," I said to her.copyright protection32PENANA556V92TgFY

"Thanks," she said and blushed.copyright protection32PENANAcGO9nUIByP

She looked at me with with a sort of awe as if I were a movie star, which I kind of was. The movie star of "Lakeland High." I smiled at the girl.copyright protection32PENANAsdf2yq4Mu9

"Hi there," Maddie said to her. "I think I know you. Your name's Nicole, right?"copyright protection32PENANAZAf6vo8pEO

"Yes."copyright protection32PENANAnRuc0S6JtE

"I almost forgot," Nicole said. "Julianne, would you possibly have time to come to a committee meeting or two? I mean, both of you are invited."copyright protection32PENANAyVSNYqe2cJ

"Which one?" I said.copyright protection32PENANAcckriQQrfv

"The one where we spread awareness about drugs and teen addiction. Next week, we have that trip planned to go to the grade schools in our district and give a talk about drug use. It would be awesome if you could talk to the kids and explain how you've handled high school and life in general without depending on drugs. You're a huge role model, you know." copyright protection32PENANAfDmKPnCV66

I felt like a traitor as I remembered when I'd thought about joining the committee. It had been right before I had started taking my anti-anxiety pills. copyright protection32PENANAAE2ss0SH35

"Oh sure, right. We can meet sometime and can go over the details."copyright protection32PENANArfhLHABy1R

"We'd love to help," Maddie said.copyright protection32PENANA3guq1kNEfU

"Thank you so much, guys. I really appreciate it." Nicole replied.copyright protection32PENANAKQzNi1NbJQ

Suddenly, I felt the familiar panicky feeling. I leaned my hands on the sink and took some deep breaths.copyright protection32PENANAga6xWO8ym9

Comments ( 5 )

Rosemary Dawson - People who have pills to cover up their disorders are considered very lucky. I have no medication for my disorders. 
4 months agoreply

Jennifer - Hello.

I don't know if medication solves the problem exactly, I suppose it just depends on the person. For example, I was once given anti-anxiety medication but it didn't do anything at all to help relieve it.

Thanks for the comment and hang in there. Hugs.

4 months agoreply

Rosemary Dawson - @Jennifer, Thank you!
4 months agoreply

Jennifer - @Rosemary Dawson, You are so welcome. I am going to catch up on your story in a bit.
4 months agoreply

Rosemary Dawson - @Jennifer, Sure, anytime! 
4 months agoreply