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From Popular to Freak
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The Pills
Sep 13, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!5pxBD2aEPI3B3UF3jcaOposted on PENANA

"Are you alright?" Maddie asked.copyright protection8PENANA6xN5pNbkD7

"Just cramps. That time of the month. I'll be out in a minute," I replied and headed into one of the bathroom stalls.copyright protection8PENANALJxjkbmuQb

"See you in class, Nicole."copyright protection8PENANAcTNgNsk7Fu

"Yeah, see you guys. I hope you feel better Julianne,"copyright protection8PENANAVL2JRsx2Nb

Nicole said as she left the bathroom.copyright protection8PENANAayUISfTeJK

"Thanks," I called from behind the bathroom stall door.copyright protection8PENANAqWDdcqGxxl

"Hey, Julianne, I have some Pamprin if you want," Maddie offered.copyright protection8PENANA2t74cZwK2k

"Oh, I have some too. Thank you, though."copyright protection8PENANAVcTPVL4O0O

"Sure," Maddie said.copyright protection8PENANAyqKcEXDlua

I hung my purse on the hook on back of the door and unzipped my purse. I fished out a bottle of pills. I held it in my hand and stared at the label for a moment.Prescribed to Julianne Steele. Take one tablet twice a day for anxiety. No one except my parents knew that I had severe anxiety. I hadn't even told Luke, and I had known him for almost a year and a half.copyright protection8PENANAHwEOBRO8BQ

I took out the tiny bottle of Evian from the bottom of my purse and swallowed two pills. Two wouldn't hurt. It wasn't like I was addicted or anything. I stuffed the pill bottle back into my purse, underneath my brush, makeup, and phone. I took a deep breath, flushed the toilet and came out of the stall.copyright protection8PENANAsw3lmY7qN7

"Sorry I took so long. Let me just wash my hands." I soaped and rinsed my hands then wiped them with a rough paper towel.copyright protection8PENANAfmy0ycXbys

As we walked out of the restroom, and to the area that encircled the dance floor, a girl bumped into me and I dropped my purse. I had forgotten to zip it and now everything lay scattered on the ground. As I knelt on the hard floor and started to pick up the mess, the girl apologized and she and Maddie started to help me gather up everything. Small, white pills dotted the ground.copyright protection8PENANAmfZ14ASSIt

When I looked up, I saw Luke and Brandon headed our way. I felt cold horror as I glanced back down and watched the pill bottle roll too far away for me to grab it.copyright protection8PENANAIb0LwmKDNx

What would people think of me now? Would my reputation be ruined? What if no one understood that I had severe anxiety? Would they just assume I was a druggie? Would they think I was a fake? A liar? copyright protection8PENANAK2Uj2sv0E3

No!  I wasn't a druggie. I tried to block out the thought of being judged.copyright protection8PENANAs1jr2n2VfK

I thought back to this morning at the pharmacy. I always dreaded picking up my refill and there was always a line. Usually, my mother picked it up or I used the drive-through window. copyright protection8PENANAoYWpKsLu6y

This morning I was home alone without a car, so I walked the four blocks to the drugstore. I took my place in line behind an older lady. I watched her feet shuffle up to the counter. She was wearing pink bunny slippers. Who wears slippers in public?copyright protection8PENANA2RBWaDpGE4

I tried to imagine myself thirty years from now, going out in public and looking odd. My hair was in a sloppy ponytail and I wore strange clothes. copyright protection8PENANAK653y8qA3F

This version of myself pushed her shopping basket down the aisles, tossing in frozen dinners, soda, and maybe wine. Oh, and bread. The good bread, the still warm bread wrapped in paper, not the kind wrapped in plastic that sits on the shelf.copyright protection8PENANAlsDhRoKCSQ

As I pushed my basket into a checkout line, a fashionable teenage girl was looking at my feet.copyright protection8PENANAbUHNRSrgy5

I looked down and saw my fuzzy, polar bear slippers.copyright protection8PENANAlibqlKzMkC

Stop staring at me. I'm not a freak,  I thought.copyright protection8PENANArG45XWtHzm

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