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From Popular to Freak
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Self Acceptance is Hard
Sep 15, 2017
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!6ib0gFY2IUATLqCTjrLmposted on PENANA

She looked at me sadly and led Brandon away to dance.copyright protection22PENANAyDy7ldrU0k

"Let's go outside and get some air," Luke said. He gently put his hand on my back and guided me through the crowd.copyright protection22PENANAm6Dx7Tc5WU

Outside the gym, there were a few other couples talking and getting into their cars.copyright protection22PENANA0wOMXrGhSr

Luke and I walked over to an empty bench and sat down. The cool, night air felt good after the stuffiness of the gym.copyright protection22PENANADr4cyqq0kq

"Are you cold?" Luke asked.copyright protection22PENANAlGxYeESrKO

"No, I'm fine."copyright protection22PENANAmLlbyiCezv

"Sure."copyright protection22PENANAFdWJpvaQvv

We sat there on the bench for a few minutes until I broke the silence.copyright protection22PENANAhQcPPqtHSe

"I'm so sorry, Luke."copyright protection22PENANAwe0Rpy92MJ

"For what?"copyright protection22PENANAxrWtbmYlcu

"For keeping this secret from you."copyright protection22PENANARul3jatNSm

Luke said, "Look at me."copyright protection22PENANA1oA2f0Ap3n

I felt so ashamed and wanted to look away but I couldn't. Then I started crying like a dork.copyright protection22PENANA8AO440q3mD

"Hey, don't cry."copyright protection22PENANAxd7Sgq3KeV

"Aren't you mad at me?"copyright protection22PENANA6gkHizHTZK

"No. But I'm a little hurt that you kept this from me. You need to understand that you can tell me anything. You need to trust me. Also, you worry too much about what others think, Julianne. You focus on the outside when you need to look inside."copyright protection22PENANAg7l5cp5Dsr

"I know." I looked down.copyright protection22PENANAg0EoTVPXF3

Just then, some guy and his pals walked by snickering. They looked our way and one of them said, "Hi, Freak Girl."copyright protection22PENANASLjcsCMavL

Another guy yelled, "Julianne Steele, the druggie! No wonder you're the most popular girl in school. You're probably a dealer to the stoner crowd."copyright protection22PENANAVLTgR5GWI9

Luke jumped up, got in the guy's face and told him off. Luke is one of the sweetest people, it was so weird seeing him so protective and defending me, but I liked it. When he sat back down he apologized for losing his temper and took my hand in his.copyright protection22PENANAoZ92n3Xd0D

"I know it must have been lonely keeping such a secret. I know you sometimes worry I'll dump you but you need to stop thinking that. I really like you, Julianne. I like what's on the inside. I've seen you put on this 'cool' front and you strive to make everyone like you, but you don't have to try so hard. Just be yourself."copyright protection22PENANAgToA6RcT1H

After hearing him say that, it made the tears fall again. Luke handed me his handkerchief. I dabbed at my eyes.copyright protection22PENANAEWtydkDThm

"I like you too. A lot."copyright protection22PENANA2FlbIJfGWf

"You want to back inside?"copyright protection22PENANAjd9HNfz08B

"No. I can't face Maddie or anyone else. Anyways, my best friend is so ticked off at me. I think she hates me."copyright protection22PENANAHNxblLvZEN

"If she's a true best friend, and I think that she is, she'll come around. Just give her some time. C'mere."copyright protection22PENANAlGsGSaq7Qn

Luke hugged me close and kissed my forehead. We held hands and sat in silence for a little longer until a voice interrupted us.copyright protection22PENANAn9AwRoMroU

Maddie stood there. "Julianne, can we talk?"copyright protection22PENANA25IAh3lN2Z

"I'd like that," I said.copyright protection22PENANAAoG25ydvG3

Luke said he would go hang out with Brandon for a while.copyright protection22PENANAS3dtA5Rmwf

"Thanks," I smiled up at Luke. "Thanks for everything." He smiled back and walked into the gym.copyright protection22PENANAhyl08C3up6

Maddie sat down next to me and sighed. "I'm not angry anymore. I was just so mad that you didn't  feel you could count on me enough to be able to talk to me."copyright protection22PENANAu0ua2AIf5p

"I'm really sorry I kept such a secret from you, Maddie.copyright protection22PENANAjYsxr3Ciq8

Truly."copyright protection22PENANAyHHTHQwLkV

"I know. I forgive you. I just wish you would have talked me. I want you to know you can talk to me about anything. At any time."copyright protection22PENANASOVnYYXHe3

"I was worried about what you would think of me just...sometimes I feel like I can't live up to anyone's expectations and I feel like I must hold everything together."copyright protection22PENANA6y1z5tDHL3

"Julianne Steele, I'm your best friend and we might not always agree, but I would never think badly of you, or judge you. Do you get that now?"copyright protection22PENANAQkLxdtnJfI

I half smiled. "Yeah, I get it."copyright protection22PENANAF7wBvvAtdO

"You are the strongest person I know but you worry too much about being popular. If someone doesn't like you, it's their loss. Also, your moment of fame or infamy is being stolen by Chantal." She grinned.copyright protection22PENANAwknyUs1xaN

"What happened?"copyright protection22PENANAB07mxlPV54

"She was caught with a tiny bottle of liquor in her dress. When she started doing her crazy dance moves again, it fell and broke. You should have seen Principal Jensen."copyright protection22PENANADKcamIFXbS

I laughed. "Poor Chantal."copyright protection22PENANALHd9f7BgEL

Maddie said, "Let's go back in and see what we missed."copyright protection22PENANA4gLbCjwseB

As we were about to open the gym doors, Maddie gave me a quick hug.copyright protection22PENANAxSmJ2JsIGD

"You're my best friend and you're like a sister to me, Julianne. Don't you ever forget it.copyright protection22PENANABskOBzVdQA

"I never will."copyright protection22PENANAYUQK6t3DVi

Comments ( 3 )

Rosemary Dawson - Just, one word:


I love Maddie and Julianne's friendship. <3
1 month agoreply

Jennifer - Best friends are awesome! :)
1 month agoreply

Rosemary Dawson - @Jennifer, They sure are! :D
1 month agoreply

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