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    Rosemary Dawson
    Rosemary Dawson
    Hello! I am Rosemary Dawson. Part of my real name is Audrey Hor. I have been doing writing as a hobby ever since I was 8. I started this strange hobby with one of my best friend (Sadly she had been living outstation but we still keep in touch!), we called it strange because we've been making stories out of our own school's essay sheets. And our essay sheets are more expensive than usual ones, but we didn't care anyways. (I still have the drafts) It really isn't a good draft (because of the unusual plot and the weird grammar) anyways but I still want to keep it and remember my times with her, my best friend. You could say that I started this account ever since I found Penana. During that time, I was (and still) depressed, having anxiety that caused my lack of sleep every night. So I used those sleepless nights to start and write my stories on Penana. And even though I do not have sleepless nights anymore, I still wanted to continue writing while saving money and Mother Nature. You can say my depression and anxiety was caused by my friends (only the ones who back stabbed me) and my family. My mom thought me things ever since I was 2, like how to perfect my grammar and do mathematical questions. She thought me everything except emotions. And those emotionless made me grow up as a silent girl. My older brother (we had a 4-age difference) has been bullying me, even now. My parents wanting me to have the perfect grades, my mom's side of the family blaming my existence because my mom conceived me at a really hard time. My dad's grandfather that I really respect (because he was a headmaster at a school, he teaches me world history [which I like history, btw] and his quirky humor) that left me due to Lung Cancer (Carcinoma) in early June 2017 (just a few days before my 13th birthday). My friends that used and manipulated me, abandoning me at the end. I always tell myself I am fine, but I still cry in the dark at the late night even to this day. Penana has helped me a lot because I've been using my time more productive now, instead of crying. I pour out my whole-heartedly feelings into each and every story. And I hope you can read each and every one of them, a new follower is always appreciated. Even though I am only 14 (as of 2018), a freshly new teenager that is going through the second year of high-school, I am still pretty mature (and also phiscally mature) comparing to other people in my age. You could say that I'm an early bloomer but I am just really a normal human that has gone through a lot of life experience. I know a few people who are also depressed (you know who you are), and to them and to anyone out there who feel/felt the same, you can get through this. No matter how hard it is, just live life healthily. Thanks for reading my introduction even though I know it is long, but I just really want to let my readers know what I am doing before actually judging me. No hate, just love. ~R.D~
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