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Writer Capt. leon
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Aggressive meetings
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!vx5z0sxvfKqMsOgjERzEposted on PENANA


Chapter2: Aggressive meetingscopyright protection5PENANApepvOpYlVd

               In the command room Sisko and his men were evaluating the situation.copyright protection5PENANA5lZy9gRO7r

               “Security Marduk is not a joke, those men are extremely disciplined," Odo reported.copyright protection5PENANAsW2BtYXr0G

               “We can see that they are warriors, and Commander Feff has the gaze of a warrior forged in several wars," Worf said.copyright protection5PENANAiqUHWJ7U42

               “I was surprised by the scientific officer," said Dr. Bashir.copyright protection5PENANA7ao7IxnAlv

               “I thought it was some kind of Borg," said Dax.copyright protection5PENANA1Os4qV3nm3

               “I was surprised too," Sisko admitted. “Odo, Worf, I congratulate you on the election of your men, they all remained calm, if anyone had pointed their feisers at the scientific officer...”copyright protection5PENANA4FuZmqIulM

               “Is there anything else to report?” Kira asked.copyright protection5PENANAwsWUAFsXfO

               “Only a small incident with Quark, apparently he wanted to invite himself to the rooms of our guests, sure to propose an absurd business to them. My men stopped him and I had a "calm" conversation with him," Odo reported.copyright protection5PENANAshCUl3Qprd

               “The Marduk ships did not move at all," Worf reported.copyright protection5PENANAtvSXufodJJ

               “There was no communication from them either," said Chief O' Brien.copyright protection5PENANAZgcWbMBDJQ

.copyright protection5PENANAsc747t8XSz

.copyright protection5PENANAbl43jziHM2

               Already in the elegant but at the same time severe officers' strategy room, Sisko and his crew met with the Marduks. Sisko at Feff's request, explained what the United Federation of Planets was. Feff and his scientific officer named Niarb exchanged whispers.copyright protection5PENANArMiDItpj79

               “Is there something wrong, Commander Feff?” Sisko asked.copyright protection5PENANAazmhEtLMrE

               “Apparently my fleet moved to a parallel universe, about 300 years into the future.”copyright protection5PENANAmCZqGi0Z0M

               All those of the federation looked surprised, then Niarb, explained to them the scientific peculiarities of a mismatch in the transposition of an entire fleet, however, the factors causing this mismatch were conveniently omitted.copyright protection5PENANA1ryk5gOvAW

               “What is transposition?” Kira asked. The Marduks looked uncomfortable.copyright protection5PENANAEKv12avOWW

               “It is an operation that allows a ship to go from point A to point B, without the need for a line or any connection line between the two points," Niarb reported.copyright protection5PENANAsizrJfKJfL

               Dax could not conceal and opened her eyes like plates, at the same time as her jaw fell off, if what Niarb said was (mistrusively) true, it meant a superior technology, at least as far as space travel was concerned.copyright protection5PENANAwgc5BilqNW

               “I understand," said Sisko, looking very clearly at Dax. He and his crew shouldn't ask any more questions about it.copyright protection5PENANAmsHStK2YyZ

               “Do you have any way to return to your dimension and time?” Sisko asked, Feff looked at Niarb, but he did not answer.copyright protection5PENANAV0ivs1LdL0

               “Commander, I don't think the DS-9 will be able to handle the requirements of my entire fleet, and the proximity to the wormhole is uncomfortable for you. What's the nearest planet to the station?” Feff asked. Kira was nervous, looked at Sisko with a pleading glance, but Sisko returned another one indicating that he had no choice.copyright protection5PENANAYihbnStJig

               “The nearest planet to the station is Bayor.”copyright protection5PENANAFFJnxd7zbF

               “Does it belong to the Federation?” Feff asked again.copyright protection5PENANAy7GRC8TnlE

               “Yes, it belongs to the Federation.”copyright protection5PENANAokXFvkyY3R

               “Then we'll be going to that place soon," Feff said. To Kira the word soon caused indigestion.copyright protection5PENANAfJwY63bdDn

               “The Bayor planet must be very beautiful," Ishtar said.copyright protection5PENANATcvz38IWw4

               “Yes, it is," Kira said.copyright protection5PENANABUoyAUT8SW

               “I'd like to go there, however, I think the DS-9 space station offers a more multicultural environment, I'd like to stay here longer and see how you've made it possible for different races and cultures to live together in harmony," Ishtar told Kira with a smile.copyright protection5PENANAZ8Gv7Nzj1c

               Kira thanked her for the gesture and ended the meeting. Bayor had two weeks until the Marduk fleet landed on the planet, while Bayor's government would prepare everything necessary to receive the Marduk.copyright protection5PENANAGUpcusldpR

               “Are you sure about this, Ishtar?” Feff said to herm once they returned to their ship.copyright protection5PENANAh1MGzmAtut

               “I am Feff, we Marduk are supposed to be now looking for a new society, enjoy a new way of life and no longer be the pawns of destruction that the Emperor Ingues wanted us to be.”copyright protection5PENANAquB6ZITz2U

               “ am concerned about all this Ishtar, that war against the Dominion of which Commander Sisko spoke to us.... It seems the beings of this universe are very good at that betrayal thing. That's why the Marduk honor war, Ishtar, there's nothing purer than it is, you and your enemy in front, nothing more than that, nothing but duty and glory.”copyright protection5PENANAMJPbVjEgx3

               “Feff, don't say that, there can't be anything more horrible than war, and don't ask me to distrust everyone.”copyright protection5PENANA8P4UvEh67L

               “But you must do it Ishtar! Remember that you are no longer a simple emulator, not only a Priestess Emulator, now you are the Supreme Priestess of the Nova Alus, you no longer only owe yourself, but everyone, you must be strong Ishtar, you must be Marduk.”copyright protection5PENANAzxfbEfUxOW

               “I know Feff, but I'm sure Commander Sisko and his crew are to be trusted.”copyright protection5PENANAsBFhMBBqS8

               “But Sisko is only a commander. What about his superiors in the Starfleet? What about politicians in the Federation of United Planets?”copyright protection5PENANAu0XzVtdczl

               “You said it well Feff, we are Marduk, we must be strong... And we will not be, sinking into conspiracies, nor fearing for these.”copyright protection5PENANAY9Telxug4j

               The Marduk fleet was positioned at coordinates assigned by Sisko; close enough to the DS-9, but far enough away from the wormhole not to make anyone nervous.copyright protection5PENANAcwUSOHup8m

.copyright protection5PENANAxCnvbiYpvy

.copyright protection5PENANALuHEJ3bdjg

               Ishtar returned to the DS-9 to experience the cultural variety of the station, always accompanied by two Marduk security soldiers. The emulator had conversations with Dax, which informed her about cultural aspects of the federation, and with Kira she was informed about Bayor and the planets on this side of the universe far from the federation.copyright protection5PENANAxwNspB9T0h

               Niarb also went to the DS-9, but for Chief O' Brien's frustration, he only wanted to learn about the technology the federation had to offer the Marduk, and Niarb gave nothing in return.copyright protection5PENANAgyUD36W1vs

               “Chief O' Brien, please understand that the Marduk are a species that has always avoided contact with other species, it is natural that they are distrustful," Sisko told him in his control cabin which was attached to the DS-9 control room.copyright protection5PENANAzhXhVGl7UE

               “I know, sir, but I'd be interested to know about his technology and the damned Borg won't let go.”copyright protection5PENANAnrbaTAM3uM

               “I remind you, Mr. O' Brien, that the scientific officer is not a Borg, and if we give him time he will surely open up more cooperatively towards you," Sisko suggested with a frown. “Tell me Chief O' Brien, what did Niarb think of our facilities?”copyright protection5PENANAkKkfoolkqR

               “He was very impressed sir, it seems to me that only his transposition technology is more advanced than ours. He showed particular interest in how we generated our force fields, since apparently their ships can't do such a thing, he also almost fell backwards when I showed him how the ship's food processor works, and needless to say our technology of transporting personnel from one ship to another instantaneously.”copyright protection5PENANAN08Kh3qDbl

               “I imagined it, the Marduk were only used by this... Emperor Ingues, for military purposes, ship protection technology and the like were not a priority for him. That's why their transposition systems and I suppose weaponry is the only technology that could offer anything to the Federation. Chief O' Brien, it is imperative that you give all the information to Niarb, hopefully he will offer us to study his ships, I would not ask Ishtar to intercede for us, I know Feff would not like that.”copyright protection5PENANAhyMtJG3vKx

.copyright protection5PENANAi5hDkF1F0r

.copyright protection5PENANAxNrFyJJYmU

               Sisko's suggestions paid off, Niarb after two weeks shared information on Marduk technology.copyright protection5PENANAkEt77cNaIy

               Chief O' Brien and Dax were fascinated, they had discovered a new source of energy that promised to revolutionize everything until now, a source that propelled the Marduk fleet and made it possible to transpose ships from one point of the galaxy to another almost instantaneously, they called it protoculture.copyright protection5PENANAI0D0EXGFDH

               Worf and Kira were also impressed by the weaponry of the ships; each of the largest seemed to have a firepower greater than the DS-9 with its 5,000 torpedoes or the Dominion's planetary protective strongholds, with the advantage that the power source feeding these monsters was not on any moon, but inside each ship.copyright protection5PENANA7avyP3hz2E

               However, the battle pods and power armor zentran and meltran, as well as the power armor of the Marduk lords remained secret by order of Feff.copyright protection5PENANAtmiWtq9hBS

.copyright protection5PENANAPjSskxp0c3

.copyright protection5PENANAHjdcS2gaBi

               After the deadline of two weeks, the Marduk fleet descended to the Bayor planet where they were received by the planetary government, assigning them a sector of the planet far from the civilian population. They were trying to prevent the Marduks from making themselves known to everyone by orders of the United Federation of Planets, which had already sent five ships to the DS-9 to assess the situation and keep it as secret as possible, as this was not just another new species, transposition technology promised a lot.copyright protection5PENANAO5F728xcp9

               However, both Romulans and Klingons already knew about the existence of the Marduk because of the spies they had both in Bayor and the DS-9.copyright protection5PENANA4ftXHNu7OH

.copyright protection5PENANAaw0oJSrZ22

.copyright protection5PENANAiR8XYb5wnv

               Admiral Vasquez of the star fleet was in the office of Xilos, President of the Federation.copyright protection5PENANAFsL8ptWUBK

               “I am intrigued Admiral Vasquez, about the proceeding of the star fleet. Why it was not communicated to my person the existence of these Marduk?”copyright protection5PENANABMgBa0uBZx

               “Mr. President, due to intelligence reports we suspect that both Romulans and Klingons could have agents inside...”copyright protection5PENANAEhoMenXkTl

               “I know that Admiral, however, I assure you that I would never think of going straight to the Romulans or Klingons to share this information, or do you insinuate that my loyalty is compromised? Loyalty to my role as President of the United Federation of Planets.”copyright protection5PENANAQzNBId4E7F

               “No sir, but you must understand that...”copyright protection5PENANApIsGkCGPdG

               “Then you will be referring to my subordinates, subordinates that I named myself, but of course Admiral, how could I be so stupid as to fall into a Romulan or Klingon deception. Maybe I should resign my position and give the position to you, after all you assume decisions without my consent.”copyright protection5PENANAmRXKEc7Cx1

               “Sir, the decision I made was in the best interest of the Federation and your person, if you require my resignation...”copyright protection5PENANAYnALZjZ4X6

               “Put it on my desk first thing tomorrow morning, Vasquez.”copyright protection5PENANAKnPc39OJZ2

.copyright protection5PENANAplUn6yAeb7

.copyright protection5PENANAf9vQVv9Uz7

               At the Klingon council, a heated discussion took place.copyright protection5PENANA0kuQxxZlhY

               “We must send a fleet now, Kurgas!” General Kron cried and spat.copyright protection5PENANAoHki4qRFE2

               “We can't send any! You don't understand that we lost two-thirds of our fleets to the Dominion," explained Kurgas, the Klingon's chief warlord.copyright protection5PENANAMUciK7OU2o

               “They will attack us, they will attack us if that alien technology falls into their hands!” General Grol shouted.copyright protection5PENANA12IvSf3SBk

               “I wouldn't be surprised if they are already applying it for their ships!” General Tolgar shouted.copyright protection5PENANARZ2bi6CaMh

               “The Empire and the Federation have a peace treaty," said Kurgas.copyright protection5PENANAczbpRWxGRz

               “If we have a peace treaty. Why are they withholding information from us like this!” General Brolok shouted.copyright protection5PENANA4SBMou2rnE

               “With this kind of technology they can attack us whenever and at the gates of the capital!” General Sardul shouted.copyright protection5PENANAMfEOrWV36H

               “You know Kurgas...," said General Kron, "we can tell everyone that the Federation left us no choice, it will be their word against yours...”copyright protection5PENANAljgxJ8tgOl

.copyright protection5PENANAPSdrFBVI3j

.copyright protection5PENANAmPy0EZXz34

               Meanwhile, in the Romulus Senate, senators were arguing about the course of action to take.copyright protection5PENANAhooyV7Gpnv

               “The bet is very big, but the prize is worth it," said Senator Victorus.copyright protection5PENANAKcoYD4AzMD

               “Do you think the Klingons will attack the federation?” Senator Marcus said.copyright protection5PENANAT9tra7r7Hu

               “It would be madness, they would leave the empire exposed to our attacks," said Senator Lotus.copyright protection5PENANAcYSAwOHde4

               “And if we go, we would leave the empire's border unprotected," said Senator Tiberius.copyright protection5PENANAIYh7WVbxuY

               “We will be able to face the losses Marcus, our reserve fleets are much more numerous," said Senator Julius.copyright protection5PENANAan7DPhLgos

               “Let's vote then," said Tiberius.copyright protection5PENANAKBqDbXrSaG

               “Is it necessary?” Marcus laughed and everyone imitated him.copyright protection5PENANAXTEf1Bac8F

               “It's legal," Victorus said.copyright protection5PENANAaj2hXRzI8Y

TO BE CONTINUE...copyright protection5PENANAbSzCwKzYDK

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