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Writer Capt. leon
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Attack on the DS-9
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
8 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!WJfbrmGFakX1oDcpAbOcposted on PENANA


Chapter 3: Attack on the DS-9copyright protection4PENANAew2uHuRna1

8Please respect copyright.PENANAxGMrFuVh9h
               On DS-9 the days went by without a hitch, but Chief O' Brien informed Sisko of the arrival of a Federation fleet.copyright protection4PENANAI836Lgwmrk

               “Sir, a Federation fleet is approaching about 2,000 ships.”copyright protection4PENANAzy3iYT9v8J

               “Open communications," said Sisko, who was surprised at the deployment of so many ships.copyright protection4PENANAOnfRRXmIlw

               “Hello Sisko, long time no see you.”copyright protection4PENANAK3EN9q4GNv

               “Captain Le Blanc, to which I owe the honor.”copyright protection4PENANA0m33E2XOx5

               “Admiral, I am now Admiral, it would be convenient for you to square yourself properly Sisko.”copyright protection4PENANAymtNdkLz36

               “Congratulations Admiral," said Sisko frowned, "you could tell me the reason for your presence.”copyright protection4PENANA6NaLBjbF0Z

               “Vasquez was forced to retire, the Federation President concluded that he needed another admiral, a more reliable one.”copyright protection4PENANAa0le40g2OO

               “Pardon?”copyright protection4PENANA8maBanVWXZ

               “Sisko, you bit more than you could swallow. Did you think the betrayal of Vasquez and yours would go unpunished?”copyright protection4PENANA24MdPox13x

               “But what are you talking about, Admiral? Neither Admiral Vasquez nor myself would ever attempt to conspire against the Federation.”copyright protection4PENANA0eymtCmKFb

               “I believe you Sisko, I believe you, and if you behave well I will consider, perhaps not asking the President to consider transferring you to another station, maybe even if I feel magnanimous I advocate for you not to follow the same path that Vasquez did.”copyright protection4PENANAyNyIoJ6kF3

               Communication was severed and Sisko clenched his fists against his sides.copyright protection4PENANAjI86VXusZy

               “Sisko?” Dax saidcopyright protection4PENANAZ0NxmhaJ1P

               “Fucking dog.”copyright protection4PENANAUzCth0colR

               “Sir?” Kira saidcopyright protection4PENANArEzzKuxfWx

               “The dog, was what we used to call Le Blanc at the academy, because he was always ready to lick other's butts for profit," said Sisko in a bitter tone, as the Federation's fleet staked out alongside DS-9.copyright protection4PENANAOWxBtUSDDU

.copyright protection4PENANAtyt51L6d9r

.copyright protection4PENANA5B6EbR9J66

               In Bayor, Ishtar didn't suspect what was happening at the space station.copyright protection4PENANAgV2OwvIp9m

               “Then, please visit Betazed whenever you want, Lady Ishtar," Diana Troi, the Enterprise's advisor, told him with a smile.copyright protection4PENANAjCUNHWzOaJ

               “I would love to, and please call me Ishtar," said the emulator. Both women met during a gala dinner Bayor had offered to the Marduk and engaged in a friendly conversation.copyright protection4PENANAffklUwc3fj

               Ishtar learned that the inhabitants of the planet Betazed were dissatisfied with the Federation's actions. In the war against the Dominion, they did not defend the planet as it was supposed to and this was conquered in a matter of hours, the Dominion demanded many compensations in latinium to cover the costs of the war as well as the looting of various things of the planet, even after the end of the war recently Betazed recovered its independence because the Dominion, already a force decimated and defeated, decided to withdraw, but the Romul Empire occupied the planetcopyright protection4PENANA9veckLH2bR

               The humiliation and helplessness of Counsellor Troi's planet was overwhelming. Fortunately, Romulus left Betazed after an astronomical bribe.copyright protection4PENANAovtjjbgSZq

               “I would have to speak with the Supreme Lord Feff and the other lords about your government's invitation Diana.”copyright protection4PENANABfGWAAsNEI

               “I understand, I know that the Federation can find you a habitable planet, but I would prefer that you stay in Betazed, the planet is huge and not very populated and my people would gladly receive you.”copyright protection4PENANA7Oem0y8IAj

               “I am sure of that, since from the dimension we came, zentrans and meltrans lived in peace with humans, I do not see why we Marduk could not do the same with betazeds.”copyright protection4PENANAzZP3j8ez1d

.copyright protection4PENANAZCsGz3h1RW

.copyright protection4PENANAKYKYlLwtu7

               At the DS-9 space station, Sisko and his men had to swallow the high-handed deal of Le Blanc and his men, when suddenly Chief O' Brien informed Sisko of the arrival of a Romulan fleet.copyright protection4PENANAM47C7qKlZL

               “Sir, there are about four thousand ships approaching in battle formation.”copyright protection4PENANAzZo2FX6WZX

               “That's more than a third of the Romulan army," Sisko said.copyright protection4PENANASJWDIhpfKU

               “What the hell is going on, Sisko!” cried Le Blanc. Sisko informed him of the situation.copyright protection4PENANAmxYu95UUrT

               “Damn Romulins, they have spies everywhere," said Le Blanc. “Sisko, I want your station ready to repel the attack, me and my ships will go out to face the Romulinos.... No, I don't need any support from the ships Vasquez sent me.” said the Admiral, seeing that Sisko was about to suggest that the five ships of the former Admiral accompany him.copyright protection4PENANAF0T43y19v1

               “As you say, sir, the five ships will be left guarding DS-9.”copyright protection4PENANA7oL32tlsI6

               When the Romulan fleet arrived, they didn't even bother to communicate with Sisko or Le Blanc, they attacked and took them by surprise. Sisko hated Le Blanc, but he had to admit that he had climbed stairs not only because of his flattery, he was also a capable commander, at least when his own neck was at stake.copyright protection4PENANAn5DlzNrtHT

               The battle was fierce but in the end even though they were outnumbered in number Le Blanc won the battle, although he lost 1,900 of his ships. The Romulines, on the other hand, were not so fortunate, of four thousand ships, 3991 had been destroyed and the rest were floating adrift.copyright protection4PENANAnnUhrXPt6l

               “Sisko... communicate to the Federation what happened, we must attack the Romulin Empire now that they have lost a third...” The communication was cut off when Le Blanc's ship exploded due to the surprise attack of a new Romulin fleet.copyright protection4PENANAueKfhNJDfr

               “Admiral Le Blanc, Admiral Le Blanc. Chief O' Brien” Sisko stared at O' Briencopyright protection4PENANAJCxmY6apAR

               “Communication's down, sir. I'm picking up new ships approaching. They're Romulan ships, sir! Another six thousand.”copyright protection4PENANAjYfdfGa5ah

               “Six thousand ships," Worf exclaimed, "impossible, perhaps they left Romulus unprotected.”copyright protection4PENANArEvbUNYDqe

               “Surely they were gathering all these ships for an eventual war against the Federation, the losses against the Dominion were really nothing for them.”copyright protection4PENANA59RCwPIGfj

               “Sir, another fleet of ships is approaching three thousand... It's the Klingons.”copyright protection4PENANAyyhNMwuWCE

               “Open communications," said Sisko.copyright protection4PENANAe3jKedxdRY

               “Greetings Commander Sisko, I am General Qwort, supreme leader of this fleet.” copyright protection4PENANAsW8jyF9hlp

               Sisko had a cold sweat run down his back, he knew that Qwort was one of the most warmongering Klingon generals in the Empire and his love for the Federation was not much, if the Klingons attacked...copyright protection4PENANAAUXRIJodG1

               “Sisko,” Qwort interrupted the commander's thoughts, “the Federation displeased me, you displeased me. The Klingon council could say that you left us no choice but to start the war, we could say that to our young people... But we would know!, the entire Klingon high council would know! Sisko, tomorrow we will surely be enemies, but now let us respect the treaty between the Federation and the Empire... It is a good day to die for both of us!”copyright protection4PENANARU4bEjpcxg

               The Klingon fleet advanced forward to protect the DS-9 from the Romulan attack.copyright protection4PENANAaZciiLYs2j

               The Romulans had not only amassed this new fleet, but their commanders seemed capable as well, and although Worf told Sisko that a Klingon was worth ten times more in combat than a Romulin, the scales leaned in favor of the traitors.copyright protection4PENANARDePvXzUaf

               The remaining five Federation ships were destroyed and nearly three thousand Klingon ships shared the same fate, the Romulans destroyed the other ships that were unfit to fight and only ten remained to protect the station, General Qwort had died. The Romulins kept about 2,000 ships and began their attack on the station.copyright protection4PENANAV2aZdPjC2Q

               “The Romulans were intelligent, they fought outside the range of the station's torpedoes, but now they have no way out, they will have to face the station," Sisko said.copyright protection4PENANAScP5v8RtAT

               The remaining ten Klingon ships decided to stick to the station and provide protection as it turned out to be deadly to face in open space as Qwort did. The station prepared its torpedoes and the battle began.copyright protection4PENANANsx2h2ZQW9

               “My Klingon comrades! The Empire has died on this day, so let's make sure to take the Romulan Empire with us," cried a captain of a Klingon ship.copyright protection4PENANA6SchRp7b19

               “Sir, the shields in sectors b-48, a-52, g-3 and v-2 are severely damaged," O' Brien reported, as strong shocks rocked the entire station.copyright protection4PENANA1UmQ0RZRlz

               “Kira, tell the Klingons to position themselves by covering each of these points with their ships," Sisko commanded.copyright protection4PENANAL92ibjlbai

               “I will do so, sir," the Bayoran replied when a loud explosion was felt at the scene, a Klingon ship had been destroyed.copyright protection4PENANAlhaxy2XFdZ

               “Damn Romulins," Worf said, "torpedoes will not be enough against so many ships.”copyright protection4PENANAOeTb5U24Lo

               “Then make every shot count, Mr. Worf," said Sisko when another heavy blast sent several crew members off their posts.copyright protection4PENANAExyGPK0bVa

               “Mr. O' Brien report," said Sisko. Mr. O' Brien....copyright protection4PENANAthrEP0GMFU

               Dax approached O' Brien and took a pulse to his neck.copyright protection4PENANALu8FFezIil

               “Sisko, he's dead...”copyright protection4PENANA7XSFDIpDTl

               “No damn it! Do they want to destroy the station?”copyright protection4PENANAOnCf1sfHeV

               “Sisko, the Romulans are not yet communicating with us, they don't demand surrender or anything," Kira said worried.copyright protection4PENANAB0qKF5YfOh

               “Then this is how it ends, Romulus takes over this quadrant and then will direct his attack to the federation...” another explosion shakes the place, another Klingon ship falls prey to the enemies and then another and another and another.copyright protection4PENANAAVetBSb1v5

               “Sir, this is madness I have several dead and wounded, you must surrender immediately," Dr. Bashir begged Sisko, from his console in the station infirmary.copyright protection4PENANAmjsZztrPbG

               “Dr. Bashir, please hold on, help is on the way," Sisko lied. The Romulins cut off all communication with the Starfleet, they were alone. Nor could he order the station to evacuate, since the Romulans would shoot at the escape pods, no matter how many innocent civilians there were.copyright protection4PENANAKMGaxmgvC5

               “Sisko, all the shields are at only twenty percent of their capacity," Kira reported, and another explosion rocked the station. Sparks and metal splinters flew all over the DS-9 control room.copyright protection4PENANANd11GCTSDp

               “Are you all right?” Sisko asked, walking bent over the many shrapnel discharges that were still taking place in the control room when he found Worf unconscious on the floor.copyright protection4PENANAX0Jp0iSr74

               “Dax, Dax, help me move Worf... Dax.”copyright protection4PENANA8SRO2objUN

               “Sisko," Kira told her commander as she put her hand on his shoulder. “Dax died...”copyright protection4PENANAoH0pIG2CyG

               “No, no, no, no... Why dammit...? What will happen now?”copyright protection4PENANA1wGKVG3O8b

               “Kira, Kira!” Odo shouted and came to the woman and held her tightly.copyright protection4PENANASg3J568gp2

               “Bashir is wounded...”copyright protection4PENANA4OJ4esLg4k

               “I think it's the end.”copyright protection4PENANAW6QDRMjUAs

               “So it seems," said the station's security chief and held the woman tighter in his arms.copyright protection4PENANA6tI9dNgl4G

               Several parts of the station were falling apart. At the bar, Quark was mourning his brother's death.copyright protection4PENANAn8u6dJzYZE

               “You were the most awkward and unfit Ferengi for the business that there could be... But as a brother, well, you were also a disappointment... But I'm still going to miss you, but not for long, I'll soon put up with your clumsiness in heaven, dear brother.”copyright protection4PENANAiWK9zBVTww

               The last of the Klingon ships exploded along with the last torpedo machine on the space station and the Romulans were still firing.copyright protection4PENANAlDZ3NcR3xW

               “They keep attacking, someone help us... Please," Sisko said with tears of helplessness.copyright protection4PENANAKU4f1hYBgX

               Four Romulan ships appeared on the DS-9's flawed screen when all of them suddenly exploded, apparently hit by heavy projectiles of some kind.copyright protection4PENANAfzUZItBEm8

               “Finally.... they appeared...," said Worf, who had just regained consciousness.copyright protection4PENANAaHL9LylDCT

TO BE CONTINUE...copyright protection4PENANAzmOEBPWzrc

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