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Writer Capt. leon
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Power of Marduk
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!jhx8H3AEgDmZICxIwKkkposted on PENANA


Chapter 4: Power of Mardukcopyright protection6PENANAzep6n7aXMr

10Please respect copyright.PENANAG57tDByewE
               The Marduk fleet of fifteen battleships, one command ship, ten destroyers, one flag ship and three Marduk scouts had arrived at the battle, but... Would these thirty ships be enough against a thousand?copyright protection6PENANAA8qiLY0hIl

               The Romulins taken by surprise left their fleet immobile for a couple of seconds, fatal mistake because 17 reflex cannons had already been fired at them, destroying some 283 ships in an instant, and if this were not enough, all the ships launched their heavy rays and their anti-bulk missiles and torpedoes later, charging 84 other ships.copyright protection6PENANAC46bmI6Xe1

               The Romulans could not believe it, but their captains, seeing that the fate of the empire was in this battle, decided to engage in a close struggle against the Marduk. However, the absurd number of cannons, turrets, missile launchers and torpedoes in each ship proved to the Romulans that both a nearby and a distant battle was not feasible, and more than 300 Romulin ships were destroyed in close combat.copyright protection6PENANA5NfvUCD5Ap

               The Romulins tried to take advantage of the superior mobility of their ships, but the absurd number of propellers of the Marduk ships deceived them.copyright protection6PENANAwayXtjVuBE

               Despite the gigantic sizes of the Marduk ships, they moved very fast, so the Romulans decided to attack with their transport ships, which because of their size were faster than the Marduk, but suddenly, large numbers of pods and power armors left the ships, which with their devilish speed and manoeuvres destroyed these Romuline ships. Ishtar motivated her troops with her singing, which was heard by both Romulans and DS-9 residents.copyright protection6PENANAPeJWq6Ew4T

               “Sir, all enemy ships were destroyed," an officer told Feff.copyright protection6PENANAxaHNFBqjH0

               “There were many ships, but we took full advantage of the surprise factor," Feff said.copyright protection6PENANAJdbhaEB68d

               “Fortunately, the enemy did not have any pods or combat mechs," said another Marduk officer.copyright protection6PENANAKYrtVRAzoE

               “Their rays and torpedoes were more advanced than our weapons, but they didn't have enough of them, and no matter how many of them had shields, no shield lasts forever, especially if it is subjected to Marduk fire," Feff concluded.copyright protection6PENANAtWOaJtMaNt

               “It was an easy battle, Lady Ishtar's intervention was not necessary at the end," an officer said.copyright protection6PENANAbwHmOR0qX9

               “The song was necessary, otherwise we would have lost zentran and meltran soldiers," said Ishtar, who had just entered the bridge. “Remember that now the zentran and meltran are no more objects than we can dispose of at will, they are people like us and we must treat them as equals.”copyright protection6PENANADI75c2XMCl

               “It's a pity that our medical technology is so inferior to theirs, but we'll do what we can.”copyright protection6PENANAq5ieg1I3cv

               The DS-9, though battered, had survived.copyright protection6PENANAxn1eJP5Kf3

.copyright protection6PENANATTL0ZX3WKF

.copyright protection6PENANAiaLAo1C64O

               In Bayor, the funerals of several of the station's crewmen, whether they were Bayoran or from other planets of the Federation, took place, since the fallen had expressed their desire to be buried on the planet for which they had fought so much before and during the war against the Dominion.copyright protection6PENANACBbDPVtVGJ

               Dax and Chief O' Brien's funerals were painful for Sisko, as Dax was his mentor and the commander felt guilty about O' Brien's wife and children.copyright protection6PENANAZzDKACIDys

               “At least they had a beautiful funeral," Kira tried to console him. Sisko knew that several Bayoran belonging to the resistance against the Kardasians did not have that luxury.copyright protection6PENANAjQD4r1538a

               “We will remember them as the heroes who were," Worf said solemnly.copyright protection6PENANARKM3oCZSyF

               “I will remember them as my friends," answered the commander.copyright protection6PENANACxffiPS1tq

               Due to the incident with the fleets belonging to the United Federation of Planets, the Klingon and Romulin Empires; in the end the Marduk decided to accept the invitation offered by the Betazed planet and settle there. The DS-9 and the wormhole was a "hot spot" that would always attract conflicts of any kind.copyright protection6PENANAtMh7QJ8WMh

.copyright protection6PENANA7E1THqwHi4

.copyright protection6PENANAmUBBaTr2VU

               Several weeks later, Commander Sisko was getting ready for a ceremony in Betazed.copyright protection6PENANAtpHLwyuEuh

               “It is fortunate that the wedding doesn't follow the customs of Betazed," Sisko said with a smile, "I don't want to have to walk around naked all the time.”copyright protection6PENANAVCVXvDo1kG

               “The only one who wouldn't be affected by that would be Odo," Dr. Bashir said amusingly, "I heard that soon he and Kira would set a wedding date, I wonder what the Dominion's wedding ceremonies will be like?”copyright protection6PENANA6HBHjMBKPw

               “As long as I don't have to get undressed, I don't worry," said Worf, who looked uncomfortable in his gala costume.copyright protection6PENANAFiVn4sVy6q

               “You know, Lady Ishtar told me everything about how the dictator Ingues took the Marduk away their entire culture, I'm sure she and Feff will create a wonderful culture here in Betazed.”copyright protection6PENANAP22L0xoozI

               “They will certainly succeed, not only as the top leaders of the Marduk, but as future marriage partners.”copyright protection6PENANA5GpHnJtZti

               “I would have liked the ceremony to have taken place in space, I heard that there will be a formation of ships and mechs during this, and they will also fire several rails from their ships, a spectacle worth seeing in person and not by a monitor," said Worf who continued to accommodate his suit.copyright protection6PENANAw9BswFUre1

               “Thousands of Marduk ships came to this sector after the battle on the DS-9, I never believed there were so many ships in the universe and all of them Marduk," said Bashir, who helped Worf with his suit.copyright protection6PENANAS34UO5sdt1

               “They didn't even need to use the wormhole, they transposed directly over Bayor," Sisko said.copyright protection6PENANAVzHlg54K5y

               “I almost did it in my pants," said Bashir, "but surely that's what convinced the Federation to leave the Marduk alone, well, hundreds of thousands of warships make that effect... Worf, stay still and stop making that face because you only wore the suit for a couple of hours!”copyright protection6PENANA3CHE4ekZGy

.copyright protection6PENANA1yC5sraUEE

.copyright protection6PENANAWAeEVvJ0fP

CONTINUING MONOGRAPHIC WORK.copyright protection6PENANAyjrgXwuhwb


FINAL POST :copyright protection6PENANAt27HG3cq3s

               Before the war against the Dominion, both the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon and Romulin Empires, each had an average of 10,000 ships against the 30,000 that had the domain.copyright protection6PENANAfCLHTJeo1K

               The war weakened the three powers mentioned above and the Dominion and its allies saw their military power destroyed forever. But the worst would come later with the Marduk arrival.copyright protection6PENANAzRhikVueJA

               I would like to say that the Federation of Planets, which always declared inter-species understanding as a priority, acted with honor, but that was not the case.copyright protection6PENANALcDTUjX7K1

               Klingon with its depleted fleet had to surrender 90% of its territory to the Federation due to military pressures from the Starfleet and economic pressures from the Federation.copyright protection6PENANAA0EmHx5VV7

               Romulus, for his part, delivered 90% and after 80 years was absorbed by other local powers as well as Klingon. Both empires disappeared to no longer emerge.copyright protection6PENANAFuZXNjSixC

               Bayor was never able to regain his independence from the United Federation of Planets, due to its importance as the Federation's satellite planet.copyright protection6PENANASjOwdIQbQA

               It was ironic that the extension the Federation achieved after the Federation's battle with the Klingon-Romulus-Marduk on the DS-9 led to the collapse of the Starfleet throughout.copyright protection6PENANAcqAQMinSdj

               The fact of having to control such vast territories meant that many ships were lost in conflicts of diverse nature, and this, coupled with the fact that the ships were declared obsolete due to the power of the Marduk ships, caused the spacecraft yards to stop producing any kind of prearrival Marduk ships.copyright protection6PENANAZTOYRBiJTQ

               The Federation, although it exists today, no longer represents the union of political and military power that it once possessed, without the star fleet, it was the Marduk fleets that took over and these have total independence from the Federation, obeying only the existing council in Betazed, made up of betazeds, marduks, emulators and also zentrans and meltrans, the latter two of which enjoy all the rights and obligations of all the citizens from the planet.copyright protection6PENANAmMaaioT8zJ

               The Marduk fleets currently represent a kind of galactic police that resolves conflicts of various nature upon request (not to order) from the Federation of United Planets.copyright protection6PENANAJLajCWBZOP

END OF THE ENTRANCE.copyright protection6PENANAjOJ7NAI5kC


.copyright protection6PENANAuAQETsBvsp

               ,"Well, I'm almost done.” Said a lovely young girl in front of a holographic monitor.copyright protection6PENANAlMd4T0EC6Z

               “Diana, are you ready?” asked a tall young man who was entering the room.copyright protection6PENANAe3FDaxlGic

               “Yes, I'll finish it tomorrow. What about you, Feral?”copyright protection6PENANALMMCrG53cy

               “Ready for the ceremony, I still can't believe that the grandparents abdicated and now I will be the supreme leader of the Marduk lords.”copyright protection6PENANAtxkGCdHhPO

               “And I am the Supreme Priestess of the emulators. Well, the grandparents deserved a break after working so hard, now that they enjoy their lives.”copyright protection6PENANAg4SWH3t3JL

               “We better leave or dad and mom would release the sermon," said the boy, and the girl before leaving the room gave it a last look at the painting of her grandparents, a couple in full bloom of their youth. They wore wedding gowns and next to them were a couple of terrestrials, a Klingon, a Bayoran and a shape-shifter who seemed to be fighting with a Ferengi trying to get into the picture... Everyone looked so happy, happy for the promise of a union that would bring peace to every corner of the galaxy, a union that would keep everyone together and in harmony.copyright protection6PENANAgvy370Kc3W

THE ENDcopyright protection6PENANAKwu4d6iVn7

.copyright protection6PENANAKEbCATF4Xp

.copyright protection6PENANAQeUph2p1ft

This fanfic was translated from Spanish into English using the DeepL program, and my knowledge of English. Forgive any grammatical and punctuation errors.copyright protection6PENANAY00s5eynaW

.copyright protection6PENANAvUAHxaBdfy

.copyright protection6PENANAC5Mxu4AU6Q

Star Trek vs Macross/Robotechcopyright protection6PENANAo4QowWD5jN

Original tittle: Deep Space Nine despues de la Guerra contra el Dominocopyright protection6PENANA1PIBwfM8s1

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