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Writer Capt. leon
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Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
8 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!Bke5yK7yA7k5gE64Cm03posted on PENANA

This is a non-profit fanfic that does not intend to infringe the rights of those who own the franchisees: X-Files; and Death Note. Translation done with DeepL and myself, forgive grammar and punctuation errors.copyright protection4PENANA8qNOp3MTfl

DEATH NOTE X-FILEScopyright protection4PENANAdQGsWfd4NO

Capítulo 1: Voldorcopyright protection4PENANAb8TsM0wpnw

1993, Czechoslovakia ceased to exist and separated into two countries: Czech Republic and Slovakia. The people in the streets were celebrating the event that took place not through arms, but through mutual understanding and agreement.copyright protection4PENANAswXgkmj7fy

Over the dark clouds a figure saw the humans in drowsiness.copyright protection4PENANAttp9Vmp8qc

“How boring this is," said a strange feline creature. "I'd better go somewhere else.”copyright protection4PENANAWClQ47QBxd

Flying at an unimaginable speed, the enigmatic entity reached what appeared to be a city nestled in a ravine.copyright protection4PENANA80J5g4rAcG

"Strange place for a city," the creature thought, and then set his sights on a majestic snow-capped mountain with three pronounced peaks. "Just like Pompeii. Yeah, this place is interesting."copyright protection4PENANA9FazP6Vefm

The four long tails of the strange feline waggled and held what appeared to be a black leather-bound manuscript that materialized out of nowhere.copyright protection4PENANArcZM24UTFr

The creature threw the manuscript away as it purred with expectation.copyright protection4PENANA7NsRTIWkj8

.copyright protection4PENANA1sOc2DiYSx

.copyright protection4PENANAkkJk6Mo1G3

At the Maria de las Santas Cruzadas de Felipe II school, classes were over. The students (it was a school for women only) came out of class to go home while their white scrubs were shaken by the cold wind that foretold a short drizzle.copyright protection4PENANAtNRVFLEC5X

One of the girls didn't have a light or coppery complexion like the rest of her classmates. Her skin was coloured with ebony, which matched her sparkling, lively eyes.copyright protection4PENANAK7qzjsdCq5

Taking a bus that took her to her street, she arrived at her home where her mother was waiting for her. A sturdy woman in a tanned, slappy skirt who was busy making lunch.copyright protection4PENANA9LpT5wFuym

“Mommy, I'm home now.”copyright protection4PENANAy1apWPaBrg

“Good morning, my little girl, how was school?”copyright protection4PENANAzcoZMIsZlS

“Sister Griselda gave us a lot of philosophy homework and Sister Josefina told us that the Biology exam is going to be the day after tomorrow.”copyright protection4PENANA5uEvoK13ez

“You're going to study hard, my little girl. Sister Josefina is so mean.”copyright protection4PENANAqMBAcypn9R

The girl nodded, knowing how much fun the nun had when she failed the students and blamed them for their lack of discipline.copyright protection4PENANADI42IQLbQ6

The girl's house was very narrow but very long. With a single entrance door that served as a bread and soft drink store for Coca-Cola and other brands. Behind the tent was the kitchen and behind it a long but narrow yard of dirt that got very muddy every time it rained. At the end of the courtyard was a three-storey room made of cement plastered adobe and painted green, and it was on the top floor that the only child lived.copyright protection4PENANA3VBIqZss3G

The room didn't come out of the ordinary and looked very clean (her mother made the bed and swept the floor and dusted it off).copyright protection4PENANA2ttD3Fbt2k

"Dust brings bad luck," she remembered, as her mother always told her.copyright protection4PENANAkG3pIMguX6

A colorful TV was right in front of her bed and she turned it on. A cartoon that premiered a couple of years ago had just arrived in Bolivia: Beetlejuice.copyright protection4PENANAA12bJsacVe

Based on a movie, it was a cartoon in which a Gothic girl named Lydia Deetz met a macabre but comical ghost named Beetlejuice, and they lived through a lot of funny situations.copyright protection4PENANATXHmAK1Le4

"I wonder what it would be like to meet a ghost like the one Lydia meets in real life," she thought as she heard a loud noise from the calamine that startled her.copyright protection4PENANA6zKaYtWfXU

Opening the window, she saw what appeared to be an old black notebook peeking out of the edge of the calamine roof.copyright protection4PENANAlxVnJFQUSL

"How did that thing fall on the ceiling?" she thought as she was stretching her body to grab the old notebook.copyright protection4PENANA8LIP8iAa4O

With a little effort the girl grabbed the strange notebook and felt a chill running down her back.copyright protection4PENANAeanZkmshBp

“Clarita, my little one, come and have lunch!”copyright protection4PENANAbXX7lGMcAF

“I'm coming, Mommy!" Clara replied, throwing the old notebook on her bed and going down to eat what her mother had prepared for her.copyright protection4PENANAXIqGyzZ8J3

“Good afternoon," said her father, a small, skinny man with a darker pigmentation than her daughter.copyright protection4PENANAXYelXzIpRj

“Good afternoon, Daddy.”copyright protection4PENANAP2hMaCsWP2

The dining room was located on the ground floor, which also served as a living room.copyright protection4PENANABML2tjCtsm

In the past only the construction of the back was present except that it was of one floor. The rest of the land was used as temporary storage for various goods that were sold in the dairy farm, then over time it was decided to put the kitchen and the store near the street.copyright protection4PENANAwqkLMiluHc

A good chairo from La Paz accompanied by a good meal was lunch. There was never a lack of food on the table as Clara's father worked as a cook at the American Embassy.copyright protection4PENANAOxe5joILlx

The salary was very good and the man could take home several canned food for free, as long as them were one day before the expiration date.copyright protection4PENANAOXkz0OTChl

After lunch her father went to the store with her mother and Clara went up to her room, which she saw when she entered made her scream, which none of her parents could hear in the distance.copyright protection4PENANAYOMjzyBU2j

It looked something like a cat but the size of a small horse. Bluish-gray in color, he had a kind of shadow that did not show his face except for a pair of eyes that glowed pale blue. At his sides he wore what appeared to be two pairs of very long horns in which he wore gold threads, metal that was also found on his neck in what was the adornment of a necklace and resembled a clover. Four very long, hairless tails were shaken and seemed to exude blood.copyright protection4PENANA6QQlW9KEU6

“What a girl, apparently you're the one who found the Death Note.”copyright protection4PENANAcJ3wi4lbGC

To stop Clara from screaming or running away from the place, the shinigami used his "aura of calm" with the young girl and then introduced himself.copyright protection4PENANAxFqkY0SzUV

“My name is Voldor and I am a shinigami.”copyright protection4PENANAT1MJnIT7nO

“A shinigami, what's that?”copyright protection4PENANAdzxh6Plr11

“I am, how should I put it?.... A god of death.”copyright protection4PENANA4zHuUFuMfp

“Are you coming to kill me?”copyright protection4PENANAI8quROcKVA

“No, I don't mean to kill you or your parents. See the black notebook on your bed? That's the Death Note.”copyright protection4PENANAy996qgWMIY

“Death Note?”copyright protection4PENANANMxugsaLep

“Yes, we shinigamis write the name of the human we want to kill, and when he dies, his years of life become to add ours. It is a very valuable object, but because of events beyond my control, I lost it in the human world. You found it, and by touching it now you own the death note.”copyright protection4PENANAaXxBrppEal

“The... the owner?”copyright protection4PENANAeIuoPVELHn

“If you write the name of the human you want to die, then he will die of a heart attack within forty seconds of writing the name. However, the years of those you kill with the notebook of death will not swell yours, but mine, as if I had been the one who wrote in the Death Note at the beginning.”copyright protection4PENANAJv9h0qJabX

“I would never do such a thing.”copyright protection4PENANAzmV7Ymwo0G

“You are not obliged to write any name, but I cannot remain in the human world forever, if in eighty-five days you do not use the notebook of death, I will have to kill you... Do not look at me like that, I did not make the rules, in fact nobody did, that is how things work.”copyright protection4PENANAJfpeDe9iZQ

“Baby, I'm going to work now!” said her father at the door.copyright protection4PENANAFJlO0lfJwr

“All... ok dad. Have a good day.”copyright protection4PENANAH6OCdMYJbZ

Clara was breathing agitated despite Voldor's "aura of tranquility".copyright protection4PENANAqUeQ9R4i94

“Don't worry, only you and no one else can see or hear me. I am like a ghost, unless I want to, my body cannot alter anything physical in the human world.”copyright protection4PENANA9POuEOQTxn

Clara saw Voldor's side horns and long four-tailed tails collide with various things in her room, yet they did not cause any damage as the shinigami's body seemed to go through everything. Even the blood that oozed from their tails and fell to the floor, after a couple of seconds, disappeared without a trace.copyright protection4PENANAket8RGVPq6

“Please take the notebook of death and leave me alone," Clara begged him, who got down on her knees and began to cry.copyright protection4PENANAPR13HaVMs5

“Impossible. Besides, wouldn't you like to purge the world of those who shouldn't be here because of their sins?”copyright protection4PENANARBUF6ytXs1

“No, I told you I would never do something like that!”copyright protection4PENANAkMgOV7uRXV

“Do not be hasty, after all, how could any human know that you use the notebook of death? No one in this world believes in the existence of magic or the supernatural.”copyright protection4PENANAYMMZPu9LhC

Voldor jumped back and became invisible to Clara as her last words echoed through the young girl's brain as if they were some sort of supernatural echo.copyright protection4PENANAQ8eKOljhjL

.copyright protection4PENANAjDyzsuHXlE

.copyright protection4PENANASjrFjhas2r

At FBI headquarters in Washington DC, Agent Fox Mulder snorted in frustration at the denial that his "investigation department" would receive more resources.copyright protection4PENANA5SzjDnFXFY

Located in the basement, his " department " and its objectives were considered a joke by the rest of the FBI agents. He had received only one grant, which consisted of the assignment of an agent to "help" him in his cases. That help consisted of Special Agent Dana Scully, who admitted that she was appointed by a special committee to discredit his work with the secret X files.copyright protection4PENANAIZChz4Lg17

Mulder thanked the woman for her brutal display of truthfulness, as Scully also assured him that despite the intentions of her superiors, she would only evaluate his work in the most scientific and impartial way possible. After a couple of assignments he saw that Scully had fallen from the sky because she was very competent, yet she was the type of person who would never have an open mind.copyright protection4PENANAVUqmzJEKcG

"I'm making Scully impatient," Mulder thought as he looked at his UFO sign. "I better find something she can't explain scientifically or else she'll recommend closing the X-Files."copyright protection4PENANAbizLBd8haO

"I may need to widen the search for cases and see if there are reports of UFOs in places other than the United States."copyright protection4PENANAfTORanWVEY

CONTINUARÁ…copyright protection4PENANA2zStWsdBcq

Thanks for Reading, don’t forget to vote and comment pretty please.copyright protection4PENANAhnIR8k5hBg

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