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Writer Capt. leon
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Mulder's accusation
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!FB1cuwNVxqJjWprH2mD6posted on PENANA

DEATH NOTE X―FILEScopyright protection4PENANAPjXKRWj23R

Chapter 4: Mulder's accusationcopyright protection4PENANAWIsYVXvJS3

Clara was having dinner with her parents, the three of them commented on the news from time to time, especially the news about the mysterious deaths of several rapists around the country, of course when this news was commented on, the young woman was silent and her parents understood it as not wanting to address an issue that she had unfortunately had to deal with.copyright protection4PENANA9Cm51ON3bq

“Don't you want more my pumpking?” Her mother asked her a little worried.copyright protection4PENANAa1K7LC45E7

“It's okay, Mommy, I don't want more. I'm gonna take these apples to my room.”copyright protection4PENANAWBQpAMm5vf

“It's good that you're eating fruit, Clarita," his father congratulated her. “Tomorrow your mother and I will go to the market to buy more.”copyright protection4PENANA9ERwKSlxWw

“Or do you want another fruit, sweet?”copyright protection4PENANAY7yJfkljq0

“No, the apples will be fine. I'm going up to my room. See you tomorrow, Mom. See you tomorrow, Dad.”copyright protection4PENANArmChMc49iz

“Until tomorrow, Clarita, may you sleep well, little daughter,” the loving parents bid farewell while they returned to their attention on the nightly news.copyright protection4PENANAoregYZ9jx5

The first thing Clara saw when she opened the door of her room was Voldor who, instead of behaving like a shinigami, was frolicking on the bed like a kitten.copyright protection4PENANAQvdoesJAL9

"I know it looks creepy, but it's really very lazy," thought the girl as she smiled, revealing her pearly smile.copyright protection4PENANAAcwduipzrI

With disguise she sat at the edge of the bed and began to caress Voldor like a cat. The shinigami purred with pleasure but stood stiff when Clara stuck her face very close to his.copyright protection4PENANA8Q9n67mgrT

“That shadow on your face doesn't let me see your face at all, it looks very mysterious, can't you do something about it?”copyright protection4PENANAmhpzGE1peN

“Impossible, I was always like this... Did you bring me apples?”copyright protection4PENANAzP052vos4Q

“Yeah, here's your sweet tooth.”copyright protection4PENANAacGkANsW3T

Voldor gave a meow of pleasure and neither slow nor lazy, he began to taste the sweet fruits. It was a tender scene, even though it had a ghoulish hint, and neither of them even suspected that two people were already on their trail.copyright protection4PENANAQpafZQT0g8

.copyright protection4PENANANPXNU0ijsn

.copyright protection4PENANA9CzQWaDo6H

Dana Scully was doing the autopsies in a private hospital as she was horrified by the poor state of the city's morgue. It was half past four o'clock in the morning, and she had not yet been able to find any indication of the causes of the deaths of the mans on the dissecting tables.copyright protection4PENANAiW7sb6j56A

Not only was she frustrated, Mulder was also overwhelmed and disgusted with all the reports he had to read at police headquarters. Apart from the fact that all the dead were rapists, there were no other parameters that would indicate any connection or clues to finding the culprit(s) in the mysterious deaths.copyright protection4PENANAdUpbIkb1ED

"How the hell does he do it? Assuming it's just one person," Mulder thought as he wore his knuckles to his eyelids and rubbed them hard.copyright protection4PENANAoNgYDd8hCf

Mulder had no choice, he had to focus on what looked like the first case involving "La Santita".copyright protection4PENANAYUc5nocHtj

.copyright protection4PENANAhHeHSW23YG

.copyright protection4PENANAHmtXl7auoM

The next morning the two agents went to speak with those who took the case of the first victim of La santita, and so did the relatives and acquaintances of the deceased. In the end, they interviewed the victims of the rapist who had been murdered in strange circumstances so that they would not get anything concrete at the end of the day.copyright protection4PENANAJmHVs4jFLN

“Mulder this is useless," complained Scully, in the hotel room, as she removed her women's shoes and rubbed her sore heels.copyright protection4PENANAY3ucKm9Nq7

“Don't tell me you want to go back to America, because this whole case seems absurd to you.”copyright protection4PENANAt8uX5Q4gkt

“I didn't say that. Of all the cases we've had, this is the one I can't find head and foot under any known scientific concept.”copyright protection4PENANA34QK0jPkYB

“I see, it's all the other cases that are laughable. Were you going to tell Skiner that before we came to Bolivia?”copyright protection4PENANA7XEC9oZjcq

“That's not fair, Mulder, I always defended you and the X-files.”copyright protection4PENANAqFyVDELIV6

“Excuse me, I'm sorry...”copyright protection4PENANAbYa1Jakzvj

“Don't worry, we're both tired and apparently we've reached a dead end.”copyright protection4PENANAaCgOfqdeJp

“True, it is best that we rest. Maybe tomorrow we'll come up with something.”copyright protection4PENANAE95c5IQQqL

Scully put her shoes back on and said goodbye to her partner, begging inside to find at least one clue.copyright protection4PENANAXCK7DuiY3N

.copyright protection4PENANAidqy1FYfTH

.copyright protection4PENANAEyRJLWsBNS

The next morning was more fruitful, gathering all the information they had and most importantly: Scully taking a more open stance, they both came to the conclusion that they should take cases from before the first in the series they were investigating so far.copyright protection4PENANAnKv8S9Ca7G

“We must investigate the cases of rape that did not appear in the television, print or radio media.”copyright protection4PENANAYpToYV4WaY

“Not to mention those who did not go to trial because of the agreement between the parties or lack of evidence," added Mulder. “I don't think we should review very old cases, just the previous ones in a year.”copyright protection4PENANAEOwvyhs0Tf

.copyright protection4PENANATh0ppSy23G

.copyright protection4PENANAI25Br4xv0H

The inquiries gave more information than they had originally expected as many rape cases were dismissed.copyright protection4PENANAtEw0a5hC6b

“Any suggestions, Scully?”copyright protection4PENANAS0sSpSLXUP

“Looking at the hours of death of the victims, I would say that we are dealing with an elementary or secondary student, that should shorten the list or it should.”copyright protection4PENANADCRJeiNMOO

“Well, not much of the truth. I'm afraid we're going to have to do a lot of interviews.”copyright protection4PENANAuis0iD6Afc

.copyright protection4PENANAL7de0C6Lz1

.copyright protection4PENANAAdDrWSKKEy

Religion classes were running smoothly when the principal entered the classroom and asked for Clara's presence.copyright protection4PENANAy8Q199EgJT

Clara, surprised, took her things and went after the director who, due to her vinegary character, did not let go of the questions that the student asked her about the reason for going where no girl wanted to go of her own accord: the director's office.copyright protection4PENANAtv1GJ1iQMS

As soon as she entered the office she saw three strange people: a tall man and two small women, who were dressed in formal clothes.copyright protection4PENANARn6vP2ozN2

“Clara, I know this can be a little difficult," the director said. “But the people here want to ask you some questions about.... the unfortunate event you had to suffer.”copyright protection4PENANA8lbZml80CS

Clara's heart beat fast with nervousness when a woman named Sofia Bustamante introduced her to the FBI agents, who asked her several questions and she was very nervous, stuttering.copyright protection4PENANAU5nVL7W4XJ

“Excuse her," excused the director, "girls in the western part of the country are often very shy.”copyright protection4PENANAXP63kV6IvT

Both Scully and Bustamante smiled at Clara to encourage her, but Mulder's instinct told her that the girl was the key to deciphering the mystery of "La Santita".copyright protection4PENANALDeXCBjLCV

“Ex... excuse me, but could you please... tell me, why are you asking me about my case? The one who... already... already died.”copyright protection4PENANADw01rM8oQ6

“We are trying to gather more data to investigate the strange deaths of rapists that have occurred," Scully explained through Bustamante. “A couple of American citizens were the victims of whatever affected the other deceased.”copyright protection4PENANA7OWeRgaXZF

“And we think maybe you could be the saintly girl," Mulder said suddenly, to see the young woman's reaction. However, before the interpreter translated the officer's words, Dana had already interrupted him and started criticizing her partner.copyright protection4PENANARLj5JWH2Hj

Clara regretted that she had not improved in her English classes as she did not understand a word of the discussion of the two adults, but no translation was necessary when the man pointed his finger at her and uttered a word that made her almost faint right there.copyright protection4PENANAYlPZmhMuGD

"Santita."copyright protection4PENANABOrx2iOcgO

After another brief discussion, the two FBI agents and the interpreter retired and Clara returned to school, although she spent the rest of the day so scared that she could barely answer the questions her friends asked her, which meant that her friend's condition was due to the trauma of remembering the humiliation she suffered.copyright protection4PENANAS7zbdj7UmO

.copyright protection4PENANAek93kvl601

.copyright protection4PENANAJCPaaStY4K

Clara couldn't wait for the end of the school day to finish, so she asked to leave before the end of the day. The first thing she did when she got home and hurriedly greeted her mother was to go to her room where she told Voldor about the FBI agents.copyright protection4PENANANWRn85GfZ2

“And what's the problem? Write in the death notebook the names of that guy Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, along with that Sofia Bustamante. You can even write the name of your director, that woman is a pain in the ass," said Voldor, who was grooming his paw like a cat.copyright protection4PENANA4endiHJDOK

“I'm not going to do that! They didn't do anything wrong.”copyright protection4PENANAFymvIxncvs

“Those FBI humans look smarter than the ordinary police, unless you write their names in the death notebook they're going to find out sooner or later.”copyright protection4PENANAWipOGxTmMT

Clara weighed up her "friend's" words and took a pen and went to look for the Death Note.copyright protection4PENANApQ7M4puO3i

CONTINUARÁ…copyright protection4PENANAyIQVdzsBMY

Oh fuck! Quick! Vote and comment so nothing bad happens to Mulder and Scully!copyright protection4PENANA3JhsxXZqjM

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