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Writer Capt. leon
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Periodic Table
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!J46iNiPzcfi7cM2SqAs2posted on PENANA

DEATH NOTE X―FILEScopyright protection3PENANAWwz2phtX7m

Chapter 6: Periodic Tablecopyright protection3PENANAURq19ejYOv

Clara's parents had gone to a "Preste", which is the name given to a popular festival in Bolivia, so the girl decided to go very late at night to the Pura Pura forest through which the old road that connected the city of La Paz with the city of El Alto passed. In case her parents came early, they wouldn't bother Clara and would go straight to sleep.copyright protection3PENANAd6DqTFikgL

The young woman was carrying her school bag from school, inside which she was carrying the Death Note. Voldor was next to her and this time he decided not to levitate but to walk with his four huge cat-like paws.copyright protection3PENANAmdhVgGdKEl

“Wake up, Scully, the girl is out," said Mulder from the inside of a rented car.copyright protection3PENANA6ycxzlLTkA

Dana Scully was very upset about Mulder's obsession with the Afro-descendant girl, but she considered accompanying her partner to give him one last sense of usefulness, since the deadline given to them by the American ambassador had passed and they would have to return to Washington DC in a couple of days, so Mulder's work would go to waste with him.copyright protection3PENANApxG2YzIhUY

Clara had taken a bus and got off in the middle of the road, the driver didn't mind as sometimes people got off to smuggle stolen goods or for clandestine meetings of lovers.copyright protection3PENANA2gcjcs0qcE

As there was no parking space, Mulder put the rental car on the sidewalk, then he and Dana went after Clara's trail.copyright protection3PENANALjdYQNjCGD

Clara found a place where there was no retaining wall and went into the small forest that looked terrifying at that time.copyright protection3PENANAc5bT8atRrn

“Don't worry," said Voldor, who had read the look of fear on his young friend's face. “The most dangerous thing we can find would be, well, me.”copyright protection3PENANAPuE2NRuOhH

This encouraged the girl a little and after a while she found the perfect place: a couple of trees leaning one in front of the other and forming the letter "X".copyright protection3PENANAt31G2Rtmua

Clara carried a small pillory in her backpack, nothing effective in digging a deep hole, but the shovel she had in her house was too big and heavy to carry in the grove to arouse any suspicion.copyright protection3PENANA0HgbBom4fO

At first she thought of asking her shinigami friend for help because her large paws were more than suitable for the task she performed sloppily, but she felt that the destruction of the Death Note was a task she had to perform in person.copyright protection3PENANAs5i686YDUg

Voldor was about to offer his help when suddenly his cat ears became alert and rotated in the direction where a soft sound of cautious steps came from.copyright protection3PENANAknkl4mdyII

The shinigami decided to deal with any danger himself. The laws of the shinigami world forbade helping human users of the Death Note, but they did not forbid "hunting" humans at random, so he decided not to say anything to Clara and vanished as if by magic.copyright protection3PENANAIIqZU1og6E

“Mulder, do you think the girl took this route?" asked Dana Scully, who, as efficient as she was at her job as an FBI agent, was not a boy scout at all.copyright protection3PENANA4yKnFStDvn

“I think she came this way, I bet you wish you were at home right now chasing UFOs instead of a girl who uses witchcraft or paranormal powers to kill her victims," Mulder joked with his partner like he always did.copyright protection3PENANAUQLecPAqoj

"So they like UFOs and strange events," Volvor thought as he gave a smile destined never to be seen because of the perpetual shadow that covered his face.copyright protection3PENANA862z6WAudG

Voldor's body could not make contact with the things of the human world unless he wanted to, the problem was that it could not be visible in front of those who did not grab the notebook of death, so he came up with a very funny plan.copyright protection3PENANA8ifSFUL8yg

Mulder was not a boy scout either, and although he had more experience in the countryside than his partner, he was still lost despite the small size of the grove that came out of a horror film with its black trees with thin, almost leafless trunks.copyright protection3PENANAws6iHj7hJw

An undefined figure that seemed to be made up of several dry, putrid leaves was heading towards them.copyright protection3PENANABSCDrJz1dN

“Mulder, look out!”copyright protection3PENANAIl5XeLSZTr

“It's coming at us, Dana, get out of the way!”copyright protection3PENANAgqUnIBGQTp

A beast the size of a small horse struck at the same time as the officers, who, due to the darkness of the place and the shaking of their hands carrying the lanterns, could not see very well what kind of animal it was.copyright protection3PENANAmuhZ7JIHLW

“What the hell was that! Dana, I think it was the chupacabra! I was sure there were aliens involved!”copyright protection3PENANAutizrwlkwe

“Mulder, calm down, it was probably a wild boar or a wild pig. In the wild a pig can reach disproportionate sizes.”copyright protection3PENANALMFG9nhPea

“I don't think there are wild boars or wild pigs in this city, and as for the wild pig, it was so big that its weight should not have allowed it to move so fast...”copyright protection3PENANAfBExAMgjt1

“Watch out Fox, here he comes again!”copyright protection3PENANAfXvxxW3Shz

The mass of dark, decaying leaves attacked them, except that this time the two agents shot him with their weapons, making sure he was hit hard.copyright protection3PENANA73mNJva1lp

Human weapons cannot cause the slightest harm to a shinigami, as Voldor knew, who, covered in leaves and amused as he had not in a long time, repeated the process of charging humans until he heard with his fine feline ears, the sizzle of fire consuming the notebook of death.copyright protection3PENANAbB0Q8BCpU6

Voldor returned to Clara and told her what happened with, so the young woman hastened to burn the Death Note and cover the charred remains of it with soil.copyright protection3PENANAq93WGBTKta

The two friends took a detour not to meet the FBI agents who were getting closer and closer.copyright protection3PENANAkBdHoXczYy

When Mulder and Scully arrived at the pair of trees that formed an X, the night sky was illuminated with a powerful white light: Voldor's last trick as a farewell.copyright protection3PENANAYa9Z1hAEGu

“I told you they were aliens!”copyright protection3PENANAK7EN3kpX5S

“Jesus, Mulder, shut up!”copyright protection3PENANA7qul7Sjkrh

.copyright protection3PENANASqs1ptj080

.copyright protection3PENANAuS78Gbt59z

The next day, Clara was very relieved to get rid of the death notebook, when suddenly, the director came and sent for her to her office. At that place the FBI agents were waiting for her.copyright protection3PENANAYg0sC7lVrN

Through the interpreter, the agents told Clara how they had followed her and discovered a group of ashes buried botched in the grove.copyright protection3PENANAdjeGlE9EEi

“It was my diary... I thought that if I burned my diary in which I wrote about my rape, I could go on.”copyright protection3PENANAE9aMiRYMW7

Mulder looked somewhat skeptical, but no one else seemed to doubt the young woman's statement. So the case was closed.copyright protection3PENANAlVoln0tJWU

.copyright protection3PENANAwaeKQAo0e2

.copyright protection3PENANAiTcsGukFgg

Mulder returned to Washington DC, sure to be fired from his job, and indeed, his new office had been cleaned.copyright protection3PENANAMCbbXzcri8

A passing agent informed Mulder that his presence was required in the basement where his old office was located.copyright protection3PENANAlPiAz8aY8p

In that place Fox Mulder almost fell backwards, the basement had been refurbished to house his old office again, even his UFO poster: "I want to believe" was on the wall.copyright protection3PENANA1ridUZHeEY

“Well, Mulder, it looks like you'll still be in the old basement taking care of the X-files," said Dana, who was entering the place.copyright protection3PENANAvrAHCygPZz

"You must thank our trip to Bolivia for everything," continued the agent, seeing her partner open his mouth but not saying a word. “The ashes we found could not be identified by any analysis in the laboratory, in fact, they form new elements of the periodic table. Since you were the one who discovered the ashes, in addition to driving this whole case, it is up to you to name the new elements.”copyright protection3PENANAYkpgVZp5Xy

.copyright protection3PENANAuZ0NcUMU8r

.copyright protection3PENANASDSskv0BkZ

A year later.copyright protection3PENANAbikAzfzZkx

Clara was upset, Voldor wanted to play but the chemistry test was coming and she had to memorize the new elements in the periodic table, at least the new elements had easy names to remember: Bolivia, Altura, Coca, Español and... Santita.copyright protection3PENANAyPwyCIspDA

FINcopyright protection3PENANAQveIXzeYaz

Everyone who read this far, thank you. See you in another story.copyright protection3PENANAYlRiWrywqT

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