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Writer Capt. leon
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Arrival at La Paz
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!sGh1S9W9hw6EzTQdWUEfposted on PENANA

DEATH NOTE X―FILEScopyright protection4PENANABQtaMtKVXx

Chapter 3: Arrival at La Pazcopyright protection4PENANAiqeAr6Jog1

Agent Dana Scully was reviewing on the plane the forensic report on the two marines killed in Bolivia just last week. Nothing made sense in the report, there was no trace of toxicity or whatever caused the death of the two soldiers.copyright protection4PENANAUnFthwHdrl

“I would have liked to have carried out the necropsy of the corpses," said the agent, defeated and frustrated by the refusal of the relatives of the two deceased because of their extremist Christian beliefs.copyright protection4PENANAt2bWcYqXUn

“I don't think you would have discovered much," Fox Mulder encouraged her. “But cheer up, in Bolivia there seem to be several cases just like the one you have in the report, you will surely be able to perform the autopsies you want.”copyright protection4PENANAvcNJNfQxD7

Dana looked frowned at her companion in the face, but she had to admit that he was right, she only hoped that the mortuary in La Paz would be well equipped to carry out autopsies or necropsies professionally.copyright protection4PENANAyyue1LLIZc

Arriving at the airport in the city of El Alto, which adjoined the headquarters of the La Paz government, they saw a woman in an office suit. It had a healthy cinnamon skin tone and a pleasant face despite its very aquiline nose, although in fact this gave her a certain strange beauty.copyright protection4PENANA4sfgpreQp8

“Agent Fox Mulder, Agent Dana Scully, my name is Sofía Bustamante, and I was hired by Ambassador Golberg to serve as your translator and interpreter.”copyright protection4PENANAdUl1E8huFU

"I am very sorry for the absence of embassy staff but I have just been called to say that they have unforeseen setbacks.”copyright protection4PENANACet6tuSfdR

The agents greeted the interpreter and left the airport, several people were clothed in the cold Alteño weather, except Mulder and Scully, who had experienced so many extremely harsh winters throughout their lives that the icy Alteño climate seemed springtime to them, yet they felt the effect of what is known as "altitude sickness" within a few steps.copyright protection4PENANAsikHyK9NAy

“Scully, stop it. This is not a race," he said, gasping for breath as he bent in two, resting the palm of his hands on his knees.copyright protection4PENANAWOshP7q6C6

“Please Mulder, we're barely on the front sidewalk. Don't exaggerate.” the woman reproached him although she admitted that her partner was right.copyright protection4PENANA1elulPZd4d

Sofia had brought a taxi and the three of them embarked for La Paz.copyright protection4PENANA5wvpe4anRK

“I think it would be best if you had an infusion of coca leaves," suggested Sofia. “It's the best thing for altitude sickness.”copyright protection4PENANAVNzo5ovwv7

“Yes, I think it would be best," said Mulder, who was very pale.copyright protection4PENANACxmY2HN2VS

“Mulder, there is no scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of coca leaves in mitigating the symptoms we have. I'd rather go to a hospital and get a prescription from a certified doctor.”copyright protection4PENANAg0oLqCQAZH

“Scully, you forget that before Coca-Cola used pure cocaine in its original recipe, the original drink was not a soda but an energetic restorative that relieved various ailments and was sold even in pharmacies.”copyright protection4PENANAlVuUkAjP6P

“Mulder, that was more than a hundred years ago, when pharmaceutical science was not developed and besides...”copyright protection4PENANAXJmkHp1urX

Sofia turned around, somewhat surprised by the behavior of the two agents who were apparently as incompatible as water and oil.copyright protection4PENANAmHXLtookZo

.copyright protection4PENANA1kjwfD6ztc

.copyright protection4PENANAorVLMDaO8C

Leaving school for girls, Clara walked with her two friends: Matilda and Epiphany.copyright protection4PENANALukJgO7E86

Matilda was a very tall coppery girl, so much so that she always stood out everywhere, not athletic but ungainly, she was very useless in any physical activity so she couldn't make the basketball or volleyball team at school. Epifania, on the other hand, was of tiny stature and very pink skin, she was not pretty at all because she had a very "ratty" face.copyright protection4PENANA2armGH0Ngu

Clara was not very popular but got along well with the rest of her classmates, especially her two current companions. There was no bullying at school, no "Heaters" girls like the ones in the film with Winona Ryder, the only thing that led to the girls' animosity was whether they were "team" Christian Slater or Jhonny Depp fans.copyright protection4PENANA0EWWqIzBwH

The three of them took a bus that passed by their route, but they had to stand up because all the seats were occupied and to top it off the bus filled up soon and they had to be as tight as sardines in a can. It's a good thing you didn't hear on the buses about such things as dirty touching by perverts, no, that was reserved for the street when you walked past some pervert.copyright protection4PENANAdicy1sm87v

The driver changed the radio station and tuned in to the news, in which It commented on the recent victims of "La santita" (saintly girl).copyright protection4PENANAfaFHxmox9E

No one spoke inside the long motorized one, however, one could guess that everyone was attentive to the words coming out of the radio.copyright protection4PENANA29jY5JHEle

“It's horrible, I can't believe someone is killing all those people with witchcraft," Matilda whispered to her friends as she bent down to be heard better.copyright protection4PENANAmywy7y1uG8

“The sisters tell us that there is no such thing as witchcraft, that all of this is a trickery, and those who believe in it are pagans," replied Epifania in a whisper.copyright protection4PENANAZWjFDQ12oa

“And how do you explain how they all die?" Matilda asked her, so the two of them got into an argument at such a low volume that it wouldn't bother the other passengers.copyright protection4PENANAGqj0ppK735

“And what do you think of Clara?” Suddenly ask her an angry Epifania, and she was stepped on by her high companion. The whole school knew Clara had been sexually abused.copyright protection4PENANAlpESYLqZg7

“It is not certain that it is a woman, it can also be several people. Besides, I think all those perverts deserved it. Whoever they are, I hope the police won't catch them," Clara whispered back to them, her ebony face taking on a hardness that her friends had rarely seen.copyright protection4PENANA8f3rUHiVJG

Both Matilda and Epifania embraced her friend and Clara opened her eyes and felt the warmth and love of her friends return her mind and heart to the state it was in before when she used the Death Note.copyright protection4PENANA6p7qqwPaDT

The young girl wiped away the tears and then said goodbye to her friends, she had to push her way through as usual on these occasions when the bus was full, taking care not to stumble.copyright protection4PENANAgZjURhGhhW

As she left, she said goodbye to her friends with a wave on her arm, even though she knew they could not see her, and then she went home.copyright protection4PENANAopcsR7993S

.copyright protection4PENANAP9iWzItpT7

.copyright protection4PENANAi96B4YTLfa

FBI agents were going down the international highway and were surprised by the sight that seemed to come out of a postcard.copyright protection4PENANAHEAU6r1gA4

“It looks like the capital of Iran," said Mulder, "Did you know that in the Iranian desert a UFO crashed in the 1970s and was the trigger for the King's expulsion?”copyright protection4PENANA8pdrmN9Qc3

“A UFO?” asked Sofia, turning around, but Scully waved her a hand gesture that made her understand not to pay too much attention to what her co-worker said.copyright protection4PENANAXud46h202i

The taxi arrived at Plaza Abaroa, where the American Embassy was located. To Mulder's disappointment at the embassy, they didn't serve the famous coca tea, but the one who was most upset was Scully who had to wait a long time for Ambassador Golberg to attend to them, something that was very common if you worked on the secret X files.copyright protection4PENANAbKXLE4dFkN

After a couple of hours, they were received by the ambassador, a man of affable character in front of the cameras, but arrogant when none of them focused on him. The man, without much tact, did not give any credibility to any supernatural or similar cause that Mulder put forward as the cause of the death of the Marines. In short: they were alone as always in their investigative work.copyright protection4PENANAJsdXTAK3qX

CONTINUARÁ…copyright protection4PENANA7osksyCvzF

Stupid politicians, vote and comment if you hate them.copyright protection4PENANAOKpLw4PJK9

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