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The Cage of Twileigh
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Co-Writer IceChateau777*
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The Cage of Twileigh
No Plagiarism!31YgIlWjrMEdMXieFHS5posted on PENANA
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Earth is in shambles. 
NASA discovered the planet of Aegis, a Dystopian planet under an unfair dictatorship. Until about 2445 AD, (or 105 D.E. "Devil Eons"), the Magicks Royal Knights, Shifters, Paladins, and the Gunners got along in harmony. Then, the Royal Republic received a complaint of increased violence. The Magicks attacked a region of the Gunners city (Zephyr). The first dictator, Marcellus Winifred Agamemnon, asked them to cease fire. While the Shifters intervened, the others got caught in the toxic whirlwind. When the first ruler gave up his seat, one sly fellow slit the dictator's throat. 
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The next dictator in line, Pyrrhus Archibald Mandrake II, banished the use of magic, guns, and witchcraft. By 129 D. E., everyone gave up their weapons and spell books. Only the nobility of Aegis waved their weapons around the Aegis Citadel (the Royal Parliament). 
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On April 2, 153 D. E., Sir Mandrake got so angry that his Magick seal (i.e. Aerie "air") unsealed itself. In an act of desperation, the young man committed suicide. This prompted Belladonna Mandrake, his daughter, to run for Ruler. The Gunners thought her role would desensitize the tensions between the Magicks. Under her reign, she created Hibiscus - a land of flowers - and Ebonmere -the largest Fighter Capitol - to ease the tensions.  She had the courage to lift the gun and magic ban. When she tried doing that in 170 D. E., the Aegis government rejected her request. As a Magick herself, overruling her father's rules could mean death.
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On May 23, 177 D.E., a family of Terra
Magicks lived in Ebonmere. This put Pyrrhus' rules to the test when the Magick's daughter, Primrose Briarwood - Fischer, grew a batch of plants. While she tried hiding her magic, the townspeople grew suspicious. Every plant she created had an ethereal charm... something that made them multiply. Lady Primrose didn't know, but her heavenly green thumb grew too much. One day, a group of guards destroyed her creations. When she found out, she sat and mourned for her creations. Each teardrop made her plants grow... and grow... and grow... until she screamed in anger. 
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Her sudden outburst triggered a wave of What she didn't understand was the imoact of her crime. He despair that destroyed half of the town. Her suicidal ideation gave life to her plants, destroying them limb by limb. 

"No..." She'd call, knowing that attacking isn't her intent. Poor Primrose would short from the Heavens. copyright protection132PENANAVyvmjbTfpY

"Please... Please..." She tried to command her wayward plants, but they never stood still. Now, in order to stave off her sanity, it's up to eight adventurers to save Ebonmere.copyright protection132PENANA7sZ6JHsF1U

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