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The Cage of Twileigh
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Co-Writer IceChateau777*
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The Cage of Twileigh
Welcome to Aegis!
Nov 28, 2015
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!Dv0uJOXoJUr4AbN0sFysposted on PENANA
In the world of Aegis, Jorick, Hibiscus, Twyne, Algernon, Nettles, Verus, Trafalgar, Pyrus, and Clepperstone are all countries.
61Please respect copyright.PENANARN3ZZtQwpn
 Legër (Europe), Jafilwe (Africa) Neo Arctica (North Pole), Sub Arctica (South Pole), Quitan (Canada), Tannic (United States), Tiun (Asia), Vera (Russia), Sangria (South & Central America), and Willoughby (Oceania) are its continents. 
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Ebonmere, however, is like Washington DC, the capitol of Pyrus, in Legër. It's super supportive of guns and magic.
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The Aegis Citadel is the name of the building of political affairs, while the Royal Republic is the name of the council within its walls. 

The nobility follows Mandrake's rule, too. Every noble in the Aegis Citadel finds those things useless (since it's been a bit since Mandrake II enforced said law). They still get higher grade swords, newer powers, electronics, etc. They are allowed to use a power cannon (which is like a bazooka and a cannon had a baby) to kill violators. Also, the closest they can get to a gun is a rifle or an old pistol- and that's the Nobles of the Royal Republic. Pistols, guns (of any type), bazookas, and even stun guns (tasers) are prohibited to everyone - even the Nobles. The same applies to using witchcraft and magic. 61Please respect copyright.PENANAKVkOVkhMQG
61Please respect copyright.PENANA9DhEQnqQ8E
61Please respect copyright.PENANAqj3TX40it4
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There are sealed Magicks loving within noble territory, but unsealed Magicks have to move to Magick havens (Ebonmere, Pyrus, Legër -LR-) in order to elude capture. 61Please respect copyright.PENANAZQYgvPEVFN
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The Nobles have their own weapon approval system. For example, while the Nobles can use rifles, scepters, and pistols (circa. 1923), the people below them are barred from these weapons. The Nobles also have a limited magazine, too (say, twenty rounds a month). Once they use up their limit, they have to resort to other weapons. Because it's a steampunk world, it goes without saying that there are viable loopholes to the ban, such as making laser rays, laser guns, electric gloves or automatic crossbows (it's close to a gun, but it's allowed to all).61Please respect copyright.PENANAsvLz9LESL1
copyright protection57PENANAeIucjxhfB6

Why Did Pyrrhus Commit Suicide?copyright protection57PENANAHeBIIkwFJf

Pyrrhus committed suicide for unspecified reasons (I know, sounds kooky). However, the government suggested that he found out he was a Magick AND used his magic in the parliament building. Yeah, showing your Magick in the tower is a no no. Chances are if his daughter is a Magick (I.e. an Aerie "air" Magick) , he's one, too. Sealed Nobles have to live in their own settlements. They are not allowed to live in government paid castles. Unsealed Nobles cannot serve in the parliament at ALL.copyright protection57PENANAzakal7aOMJ

What About Sealed People?copyright protection57PENANAh1rLeKjvZU

Continental drift's how the countries moved.copyright protection57PENANABH8cpRwVwg

 Seals can come off via a spell only Elite Magicks understand. It's one of those weird, Latin chants along the lines of "Chain me to your boulder of silence. Let me live in the world of segregation. Let me be free of horror." copyright protection57PENANAb6qvhMDrBq

Characters to come next.copyright protection57PENANAbSsCDGmXcm

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